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Tent Camping or RV - Mendocino

in RINC Ranch, California
Veronika C.
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August 2nd, 2017

We enjoyed our stay for an overnight, convenient and a deal in Mendocino! You are in a neighborhood near the road, and hear a small amount of traffic but it is not bothersome. You don't see other houses so much and feel like you are in the woods. The host took the time to meet us, making us feel welcome, and showed us around. As promised, the port-a-potty was spotless and clean and had a hand washing station. The campground was clean as well. We shared with two other parties, but there was plenty of space and it didn't feel crowded. You are very close to the town of Mendocino and the site is easy to get to. We would love to stay again! Check out Pacific Star Winery and enjoy the whale watching there at the same time.

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