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Shikha K.

Hipcamper since August 2017
San Francisco, California
Intro: I'm a California native who loves desserts, cooking/food, and traveling, in that order. I write about my experiences on my blog and hope to inspire others to live fiercely and eat everything.

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Tent Camping or RV - Mendocino

in RINC Ranch, California
Shikha K.
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September 13th, 2017

It was a lovely spot nestled in the back with the trees. Richard was super responsive and friendly and keeps everything in great shape, from the porto potty to the water spigot. The spot is also very close to town, so we could walk around during the day and explore. My only caveat was that there were quite a lot of mosquitoes during dawn and dusk and we got bitten up pretty badly, so bring bug spray.

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