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The Rainbow Studio

in The Little Blue Bungalow, California
Morgan W.
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May 28th, 2018

Needing to getaway from the LA city life? This is your spot.

Being just 30 minutes from Santa Monica a couple girlfriends and I booked the studio for a girls weekend. It couldn't have been more perfect. The sound of trickling water from the fountains and birds singing in the morning make this colorful spot that much more brighter. The garage door opens up to the patio with a wonderful view of the sunset over the mountains and the kitchen is fully stocked to cook up any dinner or make some mean mojitos. A short drive out of town, there are small local markets but make sure to stop at a larger grocery store before Topanga for more affordable and wider variety of options.

Topanga is a sweet little town with wonderful hikes surrounding and good farm to table food options. Just 15 minutes from the valley, you're not far from a busier civilization but the noise and the hubbub doesn't penetrate the Topanga bubble of beautiful greenery and the sound of nature.

I'd highly recommend The Rainbow Studio for anybody looking for a quiet, relaxing night.

Sycamore Arch

in 722 Acre Ranch Preserve, California
Morgan W.
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July 27th, 2017

River Ridge Ranch was a true delight. A perfect mixture of outdoorsy camping with everyday amenities (stove, refrigerator, toilet, sink, etc.) while also balancing a private and social element.

My friend and I stopped in for a couple nights and stayed at the campsite nearby the swimming hole.

We checked in late and made it in after dark. The campsite was easy to find and a short 50 yards from where you park your car to where you pitch your tent. Bathrooms, the kitchen area (sink, mini refrigerator and outdoor stove/oven) and the community fire pit is approx 150 yards away. These areas serve as common areas for our campsite, the other campsite on property and 1 AirBNB cabin. Gary cleans the common area daily and is available to recommend any nearby hikes, tell you about the outdoor shower, etc.

Though our campsite was private, it was good to have the common areas to go when we were looking to socialize. One night we ended around the firepit with the two AirBNB guests and the other night was one of the last Wednesday JAM nights of the season and a picture perfect experience. All the locals came out bearing picnic baskets and wine bottles as a open mic consisting of singers, guitar players, piano players, stand up comedian, etc. unfolded. It was a beautiful night engaging with a community in a beautiful place at a simpler pace.

The only big thing to note is that a fire is not allowed AT the campsite. You must walk the approx 150 yards to the common area to keep a fire in the large handmade pit. Wasn't a huge deterrence, just encouraged us to hangout more in the common area then return to our campsite when we were ready to turn in for the night.

I will 100% be returning to River Ridge Ranch and looking forward to bringing a bigger group. The hosts were wonderful, the setting relaxing and the land perfect for private camping.

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