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Kirkland, Washington

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Whidbey Island Sheep Camp

in Glendale Shepherd Farm, Washington
Matt C.
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July 27th, 2017

Lynn and Stan's property is a wonderful homestead that provides a great weekend away camping experience. They both are fantastic people who love to share their property and life with others, they are inviting and very kind people...with amazing cheese.

The campsites are close to one another, and best used for a group. But, if you are okay being 50ft away from other tents, then it isn't a problem for you! It is really nice having your own table, running water, shower, and outhouse all close by. It's also great being close to Langley for a quick run to grab food or hang around town.

The absolute best part about this location is the beach. Not only is the hike down adventurous and beautiful, but we had the beach to ourselves for as far as you could see. That is nearly impossible to come by.

The pictures are accurate for the most part (it seemed like the photographer was more interested in taking pictures of his girlfriend than the property haha).

You should stay here, it was a great experience overall.

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