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Intro: Product designer during the week, outdoor guide and adventure filmmaker on the weekends. I love exploring the little unknown places in Cali.

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Walnut Grove Camp

in Capay Valley Cache Creek, California
Kristina F.
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June 7th, 2016

This is such a gem! Camilla is such a great host and our campsite was so perfect! We had a little running waterfall near our campsite to fall asleep to, a great picnic table that turns into benches, a fire pit equipped with a grill, and Camilla even supplied us with a dishwashing tub for our camp dishes and also a mister connected to the hose to cool off in the hot weather! The common areas on the main floor are available for use and so is the amazing wrap around porch with many rocking chairs and patio tables for use. We had access to the half bath on the main floor (no shower, but I know she is working on fixing this). Also, be sure to pay extra and get the breakfast! Camilla is a fabulous chef and baker! We started our breakfast out with homemade biscuits with homemade rose jam from roses from her garden. She also has a chicken coup so our eggs came fresh from there! The panna cotta with strawberries soaked in cognac was so delicious and refreshing on a hot morning too! Also there's a hot tub to soak in once the sun goes down and you can stargaze. Capay Valley is such a great place, as we went white water rafting with Cache Canyon River trips only 1 mile away and Camilla told us about some secret swimming holes! We visited a local lavender farm and got a tour from the owner (Charlie) and he suggested an amazing place to eat, Guinda Commons where we also met the owners from Portland. They have over 75 beers to choose from and some of the best East Tennessee BBQ! I highly recommend a weekend up here!

Best spot to put your tent is under the walnut tree so you wake up in the shade!At the secret swimming hole! It was so refreshing!A gourmet feast from CampEats! Seriously, I'm still thinking about it! View of the campsite from the porch
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