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Little Red Cabin by Mt. Rainier

in Graham's Get-Away, Washington
Kaelyn M.
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November 8th, 2018

We had a wonderful and relaxing stay at the Little Red Cabin. The cabin is cozy and clean with all the amenities you may ever need. It was lovely to hear the water rushing of the Big Skate Creek behind the property. We had a rejuvenating weekend and would absolutely come back for another stay. GPS and directions from the host accurately guided us to the cabin.

Peggy is a great host and very communicative. She wants to make sure you are having a great stay in the cabin. The wood we had a hard time catching fire, so Peggy was kind enough to drop by a hatchet for us to borrow. Firewood is available to buy in Ashford.

The Little Red cabin is a great location as hiking trails are close by at the Big Creek campground and the cabin is about 10-15 minutes away from the Paradise entrance of Mt Rainier National Park.

Little Red Cabin by Mt. RainierLittle Red Cabin by Mt. RainierLittle Red Cabin by Mt. RainierLittle Red Cabin by Mt. Rainier

Cedar Shack at Klickitat Treehouse

in Blackberry Tree Farm, Washington
Kaelyn M.
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October 11th, 2018

I loved my stay in Colin and Taryn's Cedar Shack! Their land is absolutely beautiful. The fall colors were really showing out there.

GPS and the hosts' directions accurately guided me to the property. You do drive a ways through the woods until you can see the tiny house up a hill and to the right. I did not meet the hosts, but they were communicative through texts. I suggest providing a guidebook for details and amenities of the shack, just to make sure us campers respect the property.

The Cedar Shack is aesthetically designed and spacious for a tiny house. It looked like someone put great thought and care into building the shack. I loved the the mini wood fired stove with wood provided. The stove kept the shack perfectly warm. I did not cook with the propane powered stove/oven inside, but it's great to have the option! Another bonus is the shack being dog friendly for those adventurous pups.

Electricity is not hooked up to the shack. A lantern is provided, but it may be good to bring extra lighting. The bed was very comfortable, though I do suggest some one sleeping there to have strong upper body strength to pull themselves up to the bed. It's high up and didn't have a ladder available. A couple of bars are there to hold on to, but I feel a ladder would be a better option to the bed.

I really enjoyed staying at the Cedar Shack and I would love to come back again. There is plenty of room outside the Cedar Shack to have a group camp as well.

Protip: While in White Salmon, stop in to Everybody's Brewing! Also, I had a delicious smoothie and biscuits and gravy at the North Shore Cafe. I highly recommend checking them out.

On a clear day, Mt Adams can be seen in the distance.PeacefulWalk down the path to see amazing views!Cedar Shack at Klickitat Treehouse

Cozy, Quiet, Fun Fall Glamping

in My Tiny Bird House - Too Cute!, Oregon
Kaelyn M.
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September 25th, 2018

I had a wonderful stay at the My Tiny Bird House. It's 48 square feet of cute, tiny space with all the amenities you may ever need. It was very peaceful among the tall noble fir trees that was once a Christmas tree farm. There is another neighboring tiny house, but the trees give you enough privacy to feel secluded from the world.

The host let me know she was out of town and had a friend give me a tour of the tiny house. She was very welcoming and accommodating. There is a guidebook explaining everything of the house and local attractions. Although I did not meet Michelle, I could see her passion in tiny living and attention to detail. Living in a tiny home herself on the property, she is very knowledgeable of the lifestyle.

GPS and the host's directions accurately guided me to the land. When you arrive, look for the "My Tiny Perch" sign and keep on the path that veers to the right where you will see the tiny houses.

I would love to come back and stay at this property again. Staying in the My Tiny Bird House was the serenity that I needed. I'm curious to see her next tiny home project that's going to be added to the village.

Relax on the tiny house deck.Welcome to My Tiny Bird House!Tiny house nestled in the trees.Explore the land - be mindful of wandering wildlife.

Tranquil Acres

in Shawn K.’s Land, Washington
Kaelyn M.
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(Site 2)
September 21st, 2018

My friends and I loved our stay at Tranquil Acres. The land is about 7 acres with options of camping in the woods under the trees or along the Quilcene river. We decided to camp close to the river.

The host met us when we arrived and kindly loaded all of our belongings in her car to take them down to the campsite. My car is not equipped to handle the steep, unpaved hill that leads down to the campsites and river. It's about a half a mile down to the river, so be prepared to walk and travel light, or have a car that is 4wd. Even a car with 4wd may have a hard time coming back up the hill as it is very steep.

GPS directions guided us correctly to Shawn's property - just keep your eyes peeled for the small house number sign off of Highway 101.

Staying at Tranquil Acres was an awesome way to finish out the summer. We enjoyed sitting by the the fire pit, listening to the soothing sounds of the river, and watching the wildlife. Our stay was during the salmon's spawning season. It was incredible to watch the salmon fight to swim upstream - they are troopers! Fishermen were near the river periodically, but they are were all friendly and very respectful of our campsite. Otherwise our campsite was secluded.

Pro tip: I highly recommend checking out the great atmosphere and delicious cider of Finnriver Farm & Cidery before or after you stay. It's about 20 minutes away from Quilcene. We had a great brunch at the 101 Brewery at Twana Roadhouse just down the road from Tranquil Acres when we were on our way home.

Tranquil AcresTranquil AcresSo nice to be able to have your dogs camp off leash!Entry into Tranquil Acres. The hill going down to the campsites and river are on the the left and host's home is on the right.

Big Wagon

in Tracy Rice's 3 Tree Houses, Washington
Kaelyn M.
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August 23rd, 2018

I loved my stay in Tracy's Big Wagon! Her property is an elemental dream where the fairies dwell. The two wagons are right at the entrance of the property with the three tree houses and communal fire pit nestled in the trees. I was able to park my car next to the big wagon. The host greeted me as I arrived and showed me around the property. She let me know to ask her if there is anything else I may need.

The property was easy to find, but do not follow GPS directions when you are close to the property as it will tell you to turn left into the first driveway that takes you to the wrong residence. Keep driving until you reach the 3rd driveway to the left into the Mountain View B&B property.

The Big Wagon was very cozy. There are two beds to sleep in with linens included. I suggest the wagon for those that are of shorter stature. I am 5'4" and slept comfortably. Anyone a bit taller than that may want a bed where they can stretch out further. The wagon has electricity with a lamp provided as well. There is a heater inside, which gives you the opportunity to keep camping well into the colder months.

The wagons are closest to the clean honey bucket, water spigot, and outdoor shower. This area is well lit at night with a big sensory flood light to find your way to bathroom in the middle of the night.

Sultan River Park is about 5 minutes away for river beach access. Many people were fishing, kayaking and relaxing on the rocky beach. Check out Timber Monster Brewery near by. They have a crowler machine, tasty food, and a drive up coffee shop.

I had a wonderful time staying in the big wagon. This is place great for solo travelers like myself, as it was completely safe with plenty of amenities. I got to know the other campers staying on the property and they were kind enough to let me check out their tree houses, which were all amazing!

Picnic tables included with the wagons. Welcome to the cozy Big Wagon!Big WagonThere are two dogs. Poncho is a friendly boy that likes to hang out outside the wagons.

Mt. Adams View-drive in, short walk

in TreeBird Farm & Ranch, Washington
Kaelyn M.
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July 16th, 2018

We had a wonderful time camping at Treebird farm. Gorgeous views of Mt Adams and Mt Hood and incredible starry nights. The site was private and the hosts were accommodating. This was a great location to stay for white water rafting as it is about a half hour from White Salmon.

I highly recommend checking out Everybody’s Brewing and booking a rafting trip with River Drifters during your stay.

Bridget, the farm dog, came for a visit to our campsite.“I woke up like this.”
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