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Intro: Outdoor lifestyle, travel and food photographer based in Northern California.

Past trips

Creekside Cabin

in Oak Dreams, California
Jay K.
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November 15th, 2016

I had a great stay in Yael's cabin! It's beautifully decorated and makes an excellent cozy getaway. It's not too far from town, nicely hidden away and surrounded by lots of hills and near a small river. The cabin itself is just big and comfortable enough for two. The bed was super cozy with heavy blankets to keep warm. It's just a short walk down the hill from the main house. There's an outhouse near the cabin or you can walk back up the hill to the seperate outdoor kitchen/shower. Yael was an awesome host and very accommodating - thank you! I highly recommend giving the cabin a go if you're looking for a peaceful getaway to nature in the hills.

Cozy creekside cabin :)Main house.Corner dining table and morning light.The cozy cabin all lit up.

Mendo Oasis Tent Cabin

in Solar Living Center, California
Jay K.
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November 6th, 2016

I had a great time staying at SLI! Everyone at SLI was super friendly and helpful during my stay. The campsite is conveniently located in the front entrance. The tent sites are a little close to the road so you may hear cars whizz by during the night if you're a light sleeper. Just pack some ear plugs and you're good to go. The property itself is super interesting with lots of really cool things to explore. You can take a map and do a self guided tour as there are lots of signs with information to learn from. My favorite area on the property was probably by the pond where there are lots of picnic tables to have lunch on and relax. There are lots of art structures around the property like the giant metal dragon and decorated egg pieces. The property is very beautiful, well kept and is just fun to walk around and explore. It is also dog friendly so you can take your pup along as well. It's a very peaceful environment and would make a great getaway from the city. I would highly recommend visiting if you're in the area regardless if you're camping or not!

Inside.There was a monster in our tent. Liquid alarm clock a brewing.Coffee, a must.

Tall pines & hot tub in Tahoe

in Cute Back Yard Near Heavenly, Nevada
Jay K.
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October 30th, 2016

I had a great time camping at Kane and Jamah's home. It is super close to downtown South Lake Tahoe with lots of restaurants, shops, hiking trails and ski resorts nearby. I was fortunate to come right on time for the fall color change. Their yard was perfect to set up our tents as they had just laid down turf the week before. We loved that their home was dog friendly and were able to bring our dog. Their cute and spunky dog, Buddy, was stoked to have a friend to play with. They also let us use their hot tub which was a great way to end a long day. Besides dealing with chilly weather, I had a great stay and would highly recommend staying at their home if you're in the area.

Packing up. Incredible stars above the towering pines right above the tents.Tent hangout after dark .Your awesome host, Kane!

Enchanted Pond Campsite

in Shanti Permaculture Farm, California
Jay K.
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October 4th, 2016

I had an awesome stay at Shanti Permaculture Farm! I arrived right before sundown so it was really cool to see the whole area in its peak glow. The pong camp is right up the hill from the parking lot. It isn't a hard hike up the hill at all but Elizabeth, the host, kindly helped me take my things up with her truck. In the future, she'll be able to take guest up on a 4 wheeler if they a lot of things too. The pond camp is nestled next to the yurt but far enough to have privacy. The pond was dried out when I was there but was still pretty to be around. The sun through the redwoods really give the whole top of the hill an incredible glow. There are also lots of friendly free roaming farm animals. SPF also has a farm stand out front if you would like some fresh produce during your stay. I highly recommend staying at SPF for an awesome and peaceful getaway!

The pond camp isn't too wide but just enough to fit a solo or two person tent next these chairs. The pond camp also has a few chairs to lounge in. A view of the pond camp from yurt trail. While the pond may be dried out right now, it's beautiful later in the year!

Private Yurt In The Forrest

in Refresh & Renew, California
Jay K.
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September 4th, 2016

I had an awesome stay at ECR! The host, Anna Thea, was incredibly kind and welcoming. I had a great time chatting with her during my stay. She had a lot of great insight on topics I was interested in. The yurt is an amazing structure in the foot of the meadow in the back end of the property. It is far enough away from the main house to be private and has all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay. There are meditation pillows, yoga mats, a bed, kitchen supplies, drinking water and accessible running electricity. It's a very tranquil and peaceful environment to escape to on a weekend. It's not to far from town to grab supplies and is located in a very beautiful and serene community. There is lots to do if you're looking for short day trips like the hiking trails in Auburn or the numerous wineries and lakes in the nearby area. ECR has a great host, a great story and will be a great stay. I highly recommend giving ECR a shot! Thanks, Anna Thea!

The yurt lit up at dusk! Awesome hammock to relax on next to the yurt! Auburn-Foresthill Bridge. The reputed tallest bridge in California is located in Auburn and is only 45 minutes away if you're looking for a short day trip. Ta da - you've reached it!

Shasta View Meadow

in ShastaView, California
Jay K.
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September 4th, 2016

I had such a great stay at Shasta View! It's an awesome hidden gem that's far enough from town to be peaceful but close enough to get supplies or explore the nearby areas. It's only about 30 minutes from some of the best hiking trails as well as the base of Mr. Shasta in the area. The decks are great to set up your tent on and the tree house is even more amazing! There's a ravine that flows through the camp that is great to dip into and even clean enough to drink from.

I did have a little trouble getting there at first as the GPS directions had taken me to a closed street but after reaching Gary, he referred me to the original direction he had written on his page which eventually helped me get there. I recommend sticking to the directions he had given on the confirmation. The dirt road to the camp is little rocky so take it slow if you don't have a AWD/4WD. Also, when you pass the brown house on your left and think that is it, keep driving down the road until it becomes rocky then turn left on the next road and you'll eventually see the campsite on your left.

I would highly recommend giving Shasta View a go!

Waking up on the meadow view tent deck! Wow.Mt. Shasta in the early morning from the meadows.Path back to the tree house in the meadows. You can see Mt. Shasta in the background. Pano view of the meadow view deck in the early morning.

Otter Space Romantic Teepee

in Otter Space, California
Jay K.
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September 4th, 2016

I had an incredible stay. Otter Space is truly a hidden gem. I arrived much later than expected in the evening but Peter was kind enough to stay up and greet me. In the morning before he left, he even gave me a tour of the property on his quad! Otter Space isn't the typical stop through camp you would normally find. It's definitely more a destination spot that you would want to spend at least 2 or 3 days at. It's a very tranquil and peaceful environment to relax on and explore. During the summer, the river is dried out so you can walk along the stretch of the river. The water is also excellent to dip into! Also, ask about the waterfalls.

If you're planning to make Otter Space you getaway, I would HIGHLY recommend picking up food supplies before arriving and making sure you have at least a half tank of gas as it is pretty far away from any grocery stores or service stations. I would also recommend that you arrive at least a few hours before sunset as it is pretty hard to navigate through the roads at night to get to the camp.

They also offer workshops/classes (see descriptions) given by Joe and Wendy who also live on the property. Joe was kind enough to demonstrate flint knapping to me (also offered) as well.

Just a couple of notes:

When you're driving down Johnsons Road, be sure to look out for the white painted signs with the road name on it as the road is long and sometimes confusing.

Get your food supplies and gas beforehand. There are no shops or service stations near by.

An overnight trip really isn't enough time here! Plan for a full weekend getaway if possible.

It gets cold at night so bring some warm layers. But it also gets warm during the day, so bring some sunscreen :)

I had a great time and would highly recommend staying here if you're looking for a real tranquil and peaceful getaway. Otter Space is the place.

Structure.Wooden flat with mattress inside. Cool drum inside! Oil lamp inside the Tee Pee.

The Ridgetop Camp

in The Rusty Shovel Ranch, California
Jay K.
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(Site 2)
September 6th, 2016

I had a great stay at RSR! The ranch is located at the top of a small mountain and by a wonderful small mountain community. On the way up the hill, I passed by the local weekly market just outside the RSR where they local produce and art. Will and his dad were great hosts during my stay and made sure I was comfortable. There was an upcoming wedding being prepared for during my stay so I wasn’t able to see the the camping area how it usually is but the the space was creatively decorated and even had some wooden pallets for me to set up my tent on. The ranch as a handful of friendly animals that are not at all bothersome including lamas, pigs, a horse, chickens, turkeys and more. The property extends quite a bit but isn’t recommended to explore as there are some predators the further you go down the mountain. There are, however, smaller trails to wander. If you’re looking for a short day trip, the famous Chandelier Drive Thru tree is only 20 minutes away! I would highly recommend stopping by RSR for your getaway!

The area is normally clear but there were pallets (for an upcoming wedding the ranch is hosting) that I was able to set up my tent on.Breaky!Star gazing on top of a mountain? Yes, please.Tent lit up on top of the pallets.

Camp Midgard - Wine Country

in Odin Camp Wine Country, California
Jay K.
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(Site 3)
September 1st, 2016

I had an awesome stay at Odin Wines! I ended up arriving later then expected but was able to briefly meet Henrik to be shown the way to the camp. The hike up the hill to the camp was a challenge in the dark but in the morning was proven to be well worth it! The camp area is in up the hill in the meadows but still overlooks the surrounding Santa Rosa hills. The viewing patio is an awesome area to relax and have a meal while looking out to the hills and the farm across the street. You're surrounded by lush green everywhere. If you choose to stay in the safari tent, you'll be hooked up with all the tech to power your devices and keep you entertained. This would be a good option if you're looking for a work space in a quiet and tranquil outdoor environment. I wasn't abel to stick around for one of Henrik's wine tastings but I hear it's a blast! I highly recommend staying here if you're looking for a weekend getaway in wine country hills.

View from Camp Valhalla.View of the farm across the street.The view!Camp Valhalla from one of the upper meadow trails.

Vintage Shepard's Wagon

in Columbia Flat, California
Jay K.
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September 1st, 2016

I had an excellent stay on Angela and Jeff's property. I didn't get to meet Angela in person but Jeff was an awesome host and loves talking about the property. There is so many interesting and historical features about the area that Jeff was kind enough to lend my a book about the history of the area and their specific property. It's a beautiful drive to their place and is pretty much situated in between everything. Town isn't too far away and there are plenty outdoor activities to do as well as wineries near by. It's a great weekend getaway! I highly recommend staying on their property.

It's a small but absolutely beautiful space to stay in!Big and beautiful tree further down the trails.The wagon area is graveled and fenced in.The beautiful and refreshing American River in Coloma nearby where gold was first discovered! See where the original Sutter's Mill only 20 minutes away.

River Ranch Retreat

in Brunet River Ranch, California
Jay K.
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(Site 2)
August 15th, 2016

I ended up arriving a lot later than expected at the camp site as I had spent the whole day driving up from Southern California but Coral and her husband kindly greeted me when I arrived. I was given a quick tour of the property so I could get my tent up. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to properly meet the hosts as the next morning was a busy day that needed an early start. However, the property is stunning and well kept. The river that runs through their "backyard" is awesome to dip into in the morning - so refreshing and clean! The location is prime; further up elevation near the mountains and surrounded by wineries! I highly recommend staying here whether you're just stopping through, you need a little getaway or are on a winery hopping.

Lit up! Outdoor lounge area next to camp site. Further down the river. Deep enough for a dip!My little home for the night.

Mr. Joe's Farm Camping

in Mr. Joe's Farm, California
Jay K.
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(Dispersed site)
August 11th, 2016

Stacey and Joe were awesome hosts! Stacey took the time to give a full tour of the farm including letting me pet and be up close to the animals. It's a wonderful and large property that isn't too far from town but far enough to feel like you're out in the country! Here you'll find some rather rare animals that you might not see on the common farm. It's definitely a different but fun experience at the farm! I highly recommend staying here.

My site in the gated  picnic area. Finally noticed me!Goat gathering.Goats getting ready for a road trip.
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