Gary T.

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Intro: Experienced camper of over 35 yrs Getting into more calm settings as I get older Hipcamp fits the bill Peace and quiet is now my goal

Past trips

Peaceful Flow

in Shite Foot Farms, Massachusetts
Gary T.
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October 8th, 2018

Believe all the rave reviews you read here!
This place is a gem just like the host Jae.
We were thrilled to be able to camp here! It's amazing this place is tucked away like it is
It's secluded, peaceful and just plain awesome. Plenty of stress free privacy yet Jae was completely acessible too. It's also just a few minute walk to a great ice cream shop or package/convenience store. Her dog Foxy is the cutest sweetest visitor that popped by to say hello a couple times....and the foxhounds are super friendly. We set up our coleman 4 person instant tent (8×7) on the largest of the 3 platforms and it fit perfectly. Saw alot of birds (blue heron uses the river like a highway every am) frogs, turtles, chipmunks, and squirrels. If your tired of crowded campgrounds. running and screaming thru your campsite at 6:30 am....and are looking for a peaceful place to destress and camp....this is it!! Highly recommend this place. doubt I'll return

Skinny Kat Sunset Cabin

in Skinny Kat Farm, New Hampshire
Gary T.
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(Dispersed site)
May 28th, 2018

Here's the good:
Luigi and his father were helpful
Luigi helped get our gear up the big hill on his dirtbike to the site
His dad cut wood for the large fire pit
The farm with small friendly goats geese and chickens were enjoyable...really liked it with my grandsons
Here's the points to consider:
The cabin was not habitable as rented....storm door had the upper window missing (bears, bugs and anything else could come in
Bee and hornets nest in there too
The whole area was overgrown with weeds.. tons of ticks. Even got bit by a brown recluse on my finger while setting up the tents. . Luckily I brought a spare. .. couldn't use cabin and felt way safer in the tents
It's a huge trek to get to the cabin and tent site
Have to lug all your gear a long way and up a really steep hill. ...cause you can't drive up there. .. huge mess near the pond pictured because of beavers
It's a long exhausting haul.
No drinkable water although water was brought up to us in a jug by the father...but only for cleaning....kinda wondered why they just wouldn't bring up drinkable water from the house after going thru all the trouble to bring it up there....bring yiur
Outhouse is far away and just loaded with ticks because via all the brush. . 100 % deet doesn't keep them off
But it was clean and usable

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