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in Heron House, Illinois
Emily O.
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August 25th, 2017

My stay at Heron House was absolutely perfect. The hosts are so unbelievably kind and accommodating. They were so knowledgeable about the area and gave us great information about things to do and places to see during our stay. They have a large, beautiful, grassy backyard with many places to pitch a tent. Several trees offer morning and evening shade. They have a large fire pit to relax by or cook meals. Their property was so serene and peaceful. The Heron House is conveniently located near Kinkaid Lake, where you can boat, swim, cliff jump, etc., and the Kinkaid Spillway, a small waterfall/lake swimming hole. Shawnee National Forest is also nearby, which has many hiking trails and viewpoints of the southern Illinois landscape. This area invites adventure seekers and outdoor lovers. This is the best it gets in Illinois!

The drive to the Kinkaid spillway, a watering hole in the nearby areaSetting up the tent in the huge, beautiful backyardDelight yourself with a sunset tree swing!All set up and enjoying the evening sunlight
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