Ashlee N.

Field Scout
Hipcamper since March 2016
Austin, Texas
Intro: Traveler. Photographer. Coffee drinker. Dreamer. 🌵 Full-time Airstreamin' @loveisintheairstream. 🌾 Austin, TX 📍 Location independent.

Past trips

Dos Rios Camping

in Dos Rios, Texas
Ashlee N.
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(Site 9)
April 2nd, 2017

I set up my tent in 2 different spots for the nights that I stayed here - and ended up not using the tent either night, pulling my sleeping pad and bag out of the tent to sleep under the brilliant stars. This place is magic, and we timed our trip perfectly during a new moon. The river is gorgeous, clear and cool, and the landscape is about as good as it gets in Texas. The drive out to Dos Rios is part of the experience, so be sure if you’re coming from Austin to stop in Luckenbach or visit Enchanted Rock along the way. And - unless you don’t eat meat, STOP AT COOPER’S BBQ in Mason.

Music Springs Camp Ground

in Music Springs, Texas
Ashlee N.
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(Dispersed site)
December 7th, 2016

Camping and hammocking in this pine forest is magic! It’s open, so pick your favorite spot, and enjoy the community kitchen/hangout area, the perfect lawn, and the amphitheater. This is also a great option for overflow from the other lodging options at Music Springs if you have a large group. There is an AMAZING outdoor shower, and men’s/women’s restrooms that the owners really went out of their way to make as unique as possible.

Outdoor amphitheater perfect for live music or weddingsHome-made picnic tables sprinkled throughout the pine forest for use of anyone staying on the property. That building in the background is the community kitchen/hangout area.Campsites (you choose the site!) are all nestled in this gorgeous pine forest, in close proximity to the community area - a perfectly manicured lawn, kitchen/hangout area, and fire pit.Quaint men's and women's restrooms with the cutest custom touches.

Privet Spring Fed Creek

in Matt B.’s Land Treehouse!!, Texas
Ashlee N.
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August 2nd, 2017


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