Balmorhea State Park

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About Balmorhea State Park

Nautical adventures galore await you at the 46-acre Balmorhea State Park in west Texas. Despite its modest size, 1.75 of these acres are allocated to the world’s largest spring fed (and chlorinated) swimming pool, which seeks to make up for the humble size of the park and prove that most things truly are bigger in Texas. In this pool patrons may enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, scuba diving and skin or free diving. The park is also home to restored cienegas or desert wetlands, which, once you get past the oxymoron, are actually pretty fascinating. Among these swampy marshes, you will see birds, endangered fish and other types of wildlife. With an outdoor sports lawn, picnic area and group hall, the park is ideal for your next family gathering.

Campgrounds in Balmorhea

Balmorhea Campground

1. Balmorhea Campground

Water, picnic tables and nearby restroom facilities are provided for all 34 of these Balmorhea State Park sites - but getting in a bit early might...

Texas: If you happen to find yourself traveling along I-10, this desert oasis is definitely worth the stop! With desert in the...
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Hipcamper Texas

If you happen to find yourself traveling along I-10, this desert oasis is definitely worth the stop! With desert in the foreground, mountains in the background and a 25ft deep natural spring fed pool, you can't go wrong! The best time to visit the park is early in the morning when the park is first opening. There are less people and more time to explore the Springs. Don't forget to check out the visitor center and support Texas Parks and Wildlife :)

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Hipcamper Forever

THIS IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITE SPOTS EVER!! Its so perfect, cool, awesome, breath taking, and perfect. West Texas is super hot and dry. It is very rare to find a good place to swim. This place is a literal. GO AT THE BEGGING OF SUMMER

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Hipcamper Anna

This was just a stop along the way for us on our journey to Big Bend, but it turned out to be wonderful! There isn't a whole lot to do, so it is perfect for those who want to relax by the springs or take leisurely hikes. One of the biggest draws for us though was checking out McDonald Observatory (about an hour away) that night! It was incredible learning about the stars and getting to see different areas of the night sky. I had an all-around pleasant experience with this part of the trip!

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Hipcamper michelle

Made a pit stop here on the way to NM, the water was clear and is exactly the color you see in the photos. Like coke glass. There was a few paths to wander and see the undeveloped part of the springs, but you don't stop here for the hiking! Great glimpses of nature, saw a HUGE turtle hanging out in the stream behind the hotel, the resident mascot perhaps? Great place to relax, swim, snorkel and scuba.

History of Balmorhea State Park

Company 1856 of the Civilian Conservation Corps built the pool between 1936 and 1941. It was constructed as part of FDR's New Deal during the Great Depression as a way to open up jobs for people needing work. The Civilian Conservation Corps also built San Solomon Springs Courts, which rents rooms available for overnight stays. Camping and recreational vehicle sites are also available.

The Balmorhea State Park Cienega Project recreated a desert wetland in the park. The cienega now serves as a habitat for endangered fish such as the Comanche Springs pupfish and Pecos gambusia as well as other aquatic life, birds and other animals.