Willamette National Forest

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About Willamette National Forest

The Willamette National Forest runs 110 miles along the Cascade Range in western Oregon. The landscape includes a stunning variety of towering mountains with volcanic peaks, densely forested slopes, and narrow ravines. Winding through the Forest are not one, but two Congress-designated “Wild and Scenic Rivers.” Willamette is also known for its cascading waterfalls and has more than 375 lakes. The forest is home to big game like black bear, Roosevelt elk, and cougar. And be on the lookout out for northern bald eagle and wolverine! Both species are rare, but can be spotted in the National Forest.

Campgrounds in Willamette

Salmon Creek Falls Campground

1. Salmon Creek Falls Campground

A local favorite, the Salmon Creek Falls Campground is a small piece of paradise (hint: think fairy wonderland). Imagine yourself swimming in...

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Scott Lake Campground

2. Scott Lake Campground

You know that photo that your friend posts to Instagram of a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and a diversity of fir trees--all of which...

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Elk Lake Campground

3. Elk Lake Campground

Do you like elk? Do you like lakes? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, Elk Lake Campground is the place for you! Located adjacent to...

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Limberlost Campground

4. Limberlost Campground

If you had to choose between drinking water and fire to warm yourself at night which would you choose? Well, at Limberlost Campground you don’t...

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House Rock Campground

5. House Rock Campground

Nope, it’s not a new genre of music, but it is a really cool camping spot! House Rock Campground is located where the South Santiam River meets the...

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Big Lake Campground

6. Big Lake Campground

A holy grail for water recreation seekers, this multi-use campground stretches across the western shore of–you guessed it–Big Lake. Boasting all...

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Frissell Crossing Campground

7. Frissell Crossing Campground

Today’s menu: angler’s delight. Far removed from the main road and set next to a picturesque babbling brook, the Frissell Crossing Campground is a...

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Trout Creek Campground

8. Trout Creek Campground

The well-shaded Trout Creek Campground sits in a forest of hemlocks and Douglas-firs, where the South Santiam River meets Trout Creek. A great spot...

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Olallie Campground

9. Olallie Campground

Which came first, the river or the creek? No need to answer because both parallel Olalie Lake Campground! Not to be confused with the Olallie Lake...

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Sand Prairie Campground

10. Sand Prairie Campground

Mmm, hazelnut, and no, we’re not talking about the coffee creamer. Spacious and scented, the Sand Prairie Campground is heavily wooded with...

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Paradise Campground

11. Paradise Campground

This place is paradise if you not only enjoy people watching, but people watching rafters catapulting down the McKenzie River’s famous white water....

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Slide Creek Campground

12. Slide Creek Campground

Oh the choices. Located just 50 miles from Eugene, the Slide Creek Campground has something to offer everybody. Anglers can catch rainbow trout,...

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Puma Campground

13. Puma Campground

It’s at the end of the road, folks. The Puma Campground sits literally at the end of the road and at the intersection of two creeks–pack the polka...

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Big Lake West Campground

14. Big Lake West Campground

This tent-only, little cub campsite next to Big Lake Campground offers a quieter, more secluded camping experience and a good chance for wildlife...

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Breitenbush Campground

15. Breitenbush Campground

Breitenbush Campground is located along the cascading Breitenbush River, where you’ll have easy access to fishing and hiking trails. An abundance...

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Shady Cove Campground

16. Shady Cove Campground

Shady Grove Campground offers campers a primitive camping experience along the Little North Fork of the Santiam River. Looking for some adventure?...

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Big Pool Campground

17. Big Pool Campground

Big Pool Campground is a small, shady, and splashy five site camp that offers wet ‘n’ wild water access and sustains heavy traffic during summer...

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Packard Creek Campground

18. Packard Creek Campground

Packard Creek Campground is huge and nearly fully accessible. Perfect for large gatherings, Packard Creek hosts 36-sites–about half sit directly on...

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Cove Creek Campground

19. Cove Creek Campground

The largest and newest campground on Detroit Lake, Cove Creek is a great spot for hikers; the nearby Stahlman Point Trail offers beautiful views of...

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Islet Campground

20. Islet Campground

Islet Campground is located near the sandy beaches of northern Waldo Lake. The wind blows consistently in afternoons, offering relief from the hot...

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North Waldo Campground

21. North Waldo Campground

North Waldo Campground is the most popular campground on Waldo Lake. With a drier climate than many nearby campgrounds, fewer mosquitos are found...

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Ice Cap Creek Campground

22. Ice Cap Creek Campground

You’ll find Ice Cap Creek Campground on a bluff up above the McKenzie River and Carmen Reservoir. The McKenzie, designated as a National Wild and...

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Coldwater Cove Campground

23. Coldwater Cove Campground

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of no motorized boats. Be overwhelmed by the serenity of the brilliant, turquoise water of Clear Lake, get...

Makenzie: Campground is right now Clear Lake. A great place for non-motorized boats and fishing!
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Piety Island Campground

24. Piety Island Campground

A room (errr. . . tent) with a view! The only way to reach the Piety Island Campground is by boat. Located in the middle of the northern end of the...

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Sacandaga Campground

25. Sacandaga Campground

Enjoy a touch of history at the Sacandaga Campground conveniently equipped with toilets and drinking water. Whether its the historic Oregon Central...

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Marion Forks Campground

26. Marion Forks Campground

Marion Forks Campground is a great spot for campers seeking some solitude. The campground and trails are less crowded than other areas in the...

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French Pete Campground

27. French Pete Campground

There’s nothing french about the French Pete Campground, but it is pretty cool. Escape the summer heat under the canopy of Douglas fir and Vine...

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Campers Flat Campground

28. Campers Flat Campground

Prance amongst Ponderosa pines you camping king or queen, you. Fish, hike, or cycle all within the vicinity of your forest fortress and take in the...

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Humbug Campground

29. Humbug Campground

Bah, humbug! Even Ebenezer Scrooge would find it difficult to be grumpy here! Humbug Campground is located on the gorgeous Breitenbush River in an...

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Southshore Campground

30. Southshore Campground

The Southshore Campground is located on the glistening Detroit Lake. The campground has easy access to a boat ramp, and the Stahlman Point Trail is...

Ben: There are several great tent sites right on the edge of the lake.
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Dolly Varden Campground

31. Dolly Varden Campground

Three drive-up and two walk-in sites mark the Dolly Varden Campground on Fall Creek. All campsites sit on the water, are well spread out and...

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Gold Lake Campground

32. Gold Lake Campground

Embody american hero Huckleberry Finn at Gold Lake Campground. Hike to a primitive log shelter circa 1940s followed by river rafting and fishing...

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McKenzie Bridge Campground

33. McKenzie Bridge Campground

McKenzie Bridge Campground is kind of a big deal. You have picnic tables, toilets, drinking water, nearby boatin’, river and stream fishin’. Sounds...

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Blair Lake Campground

34. Blair Lake Campground

Fish for Brook in the alpine air at Blair Lake Campground; or go the herbivore route and eat all of the wild huckleberries that grow in the late...

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Broken Bowl Campground

35. Broken Bowl Campground

Bunker down for a night or two at Broken Bowl Campground before heading down the 13. 7 mile Fall Creek National Recreation Trail to enjoy mature...

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Lost Prairie Campground

36. Lost Prairie Campground

The Lost Prairie Campground is located along Hackleman Creek, nestled among towering trees of spruce, and Douglas fir. This campground is great for...

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Shadow Bay Campground

37. Shadow Bay Campground

You can find Shadow Bay Campground on a bay at the southern end of Waldo Lake, surrounded by a towering forest of conifers. This spot is quieter...

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Kiahanie Campground

38. Kiahanie Campground

Don’t move too fast at the Kiahanie Campground or risk distrupting the perfect quietness of this fly-fishing nirvana. It is rarely crowded and has...

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Yukwah Campground

39. Yukwah Campground

You’ll find the Yukwah Campground on the banks of the South Santiam River, surrounded by a forest of second growth Douglas-fir. This is a great...

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Indigo Springs Campground

40. Indigo Springs Campground

Be tickled by the tininess of Indigo Spring’s three-site campground set in a stand of Douglas fir trees. Located near the origin of Indigo Springs...

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Lost Lake Campground

41. Lost Lake Campground

Lost Lake is no lost cause, in fact it’s quite the popular destination for fishers and hunters who are looking for a good catch! Fishing is catch...

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Blue Pool Campground

42. Blue Pool Campground

The Blue Pool Campground is close to the highway, but local attractions and activities trump the truckstop vibe! Tenters gain extra reprieve by...

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Lakes End Campground

43. Lakes End Campground

Get your landlubbin’ self on a boat, and go explore Lakes End Campground! These 17 sites are popular with people looking for a remote, removed from...

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Bedrock Campground

44. Bedrock Campground

Recently shaped by fire and restored in 2005 (reconstruction of amenities and habitat revival), Bedrock Campground is the place to BE during summer...

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Trail Bridge Campground

45. Trail Bridge Campground

Trail Bridge Campground is so hot right now. Not temperature hot, but like Hansel hot, it’s high in demand! Find the 46 campsites, including 27...

Makenzie: Right down the road is Smith Reservoir, if your into fishing at all then stop by this place and throw the pole in!
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Alder Springs Campground

46. Alder Springs Campground

Let’s cut to the chase: extreme camping isn’t for everyone. If your packing list looks like a liquor store run, you might want to consider a...

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Skookum Creek Campground

47. Skookum Creek Campground

Skookum Creek Campground is a popular starting point for backcountry hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. Nine tent sites with water and fire...

Secret Campground

48. Secret Campground

Shhh. It’s a secret. Except that it really isn’t because there isn’t a ton of tree cover and the sites are kind of close together. But don’t...

Timpanogas Campground

49. Timpanogas Campground

Timpanogas Campground is located in a high elevation stand of silver, grand, and noble fir. You can find activities for all seasons! Enjoy hiking,...

Santiam Flats Campground

50. Santiam Flats Campground

The Santiam Flats Campground is located where the North Santiam River meets the Detroit Lake. Once a more rustic area, the recent additions of...

Fernview Campground

51. Fernview Campground

River views don’t get much better than this! Fernview Campground is perched high above a scenic portion of the South Santiam River. Follow the...

Whispering Falls Campground

52. Whispering Falls Campground

The Whispering Falls Campground is located on the North Santiam River, surrounded by a forest of towering trees. Don’t have a date? No probs; as...

Riverside Campground

53. Riverside Campground

Riverside Campground is located… on the riverside! Near the North Satiam River, this is the perfect location for those seeking a quiet getaway,...

Lookout Campground

54. Lookout Campground

Lookout Campground Ahoy able bodied seaman (and women)! Set your anchor at Lookout Campground for a long weekend, lakeside getaway. Situated...

Black Canyon Campground

55. Black Canyon Campground

Black Canyon Campground is going up pretty much every weekend of the summer so arrive early to stake your spot. Luckily, your chances aren’t too...

Cougar Crossing Campground

56. Cougar Crossing Campground

Don’t be confluenced by the junction of the McKenzie River and Cougar Reservoir–there’s plenty of hiking here too. Semi-open and dotted by mixed...

Mona Campground

57. Mona Campground

Mona Campground Attention anglers, commodores and landlocked mermaids: welcome to aquatic paradise. OK, so it’s not near the ocean but the...

Hoover Campground

58. Hoover Campground

Hoover Campground, located on the Detroit Lake, is the perfect spot for a family getaway. Enjoy hiking, boating, and fishing just for the day, or...

Sunnyside Campground

59. Sunnyside Campground

Shady grove my little love… Break out the pic ‘n’ guitar at the Sunnyside Campground after a long day of wildflower and wildlife viewing. Situated...

Delta Campground

60. Delta Campground

Surrounded by water and connected through trails, the Delta Campground is huge! With a total of 38 sites, an amphitheatre and Delta Day use area,...

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Hipcamper Ben

There are several great tent sites right on the edge of the lake.

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Hipcamper Makenzie

Campground is right now Clear Lake. A great place for non-motorized boats and fishing!

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Hipcamper Makenzie

Right down the road is Smith Reservoir, if your into fishing at all then stop by this place and throw the pole in!

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Hipcamper Terra

We visited on a Monday night in early April which turned out to be the right recipe for a deserted campground. Not only was it free but it was just us and a few day-time fishermen.

Our campsite came equipped with a peninsula that extended out into the lake and was perfect for both kids and fishermen. The campsite itself is located back in the trees on an old concrete pad. It's also a great spot for large gatherings (spots for 5+ rvs) but would make for open and exposed quarters with strangers if the campsite is full.

Expect moderate noise from traffic on the nearby highway, especially for the sites on the east side of the campground. The tent-only walk-in sites also looked nice.

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Hipcamper Don

I just wanted to know why Makenzie in his/ her review, wants me to throw my pole into the lake?

History of Willamette National Forest

The Willamette National Forest is named after the Willamette River, which begins on the Forest. (The "Wallamt" was the Indian name for a place on the river near present day Oregon City.) The Willamette National Forest was established originally as part of the Cascade Range Forest Reserve designated by President Grover Cleveland in 1893, and was administratively organized in its current form as a National Forest in 1933. It has been managed by the Forest Service within the U.S. Department of Agriculture since 1905.