Siuslaw National Forest

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About Siuslaw National Forest

The Siuslaw National Forest is the best of the best as it goes from ocean to forest with coastal mountains, sand dunes, and beaches in between. The forest is made up of 630,000 acres with four major rivers full of salmon and steelhead. Native prairie grasses fill meadows and valleys in the midst of mountains. There are rare wildflowers, western hemlock, sitka spruce, and fresh water to be juxtaposed with the mighty Pacific ocean. If you haven’t thought, ”dang this place is wild,” then why won’t we just go ahead and say it: The Siuslaw National Forest is a very wild and diverse region with many different types of ecosystems. It has the highest point in the Oregon’s Coast Range, Mary’s Peak (4,097 feet). Top that!

Campgrounds in Siuslaw

Cape Perpetua Campground

1. Cape Perpetua Campground

From steep cliffs to rolling hills, and soft sand dunes to verdant forests, Cape Perpetua Campground has got access to every blissful nature escape...

Phillip: I stopped here for the first night of traveling down the southern Oregon coast in late August, and it was a nice place. I...
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Tillicum Beach Campground

2. Tillicum Beach Campground

Ditch the alarm clock that’s set to wake you up with nature sounds and experience the real deal with the whooshing of Pacific waves at Tillicum...

Lori: Book early in the year if you want a weekend spot anytime after March. This place isn't huge so it fills up fast. Plus, all us...
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Marys Peak Campground

3. Marys Peak Campground

You want breathtaking? We’ll see you at Marys Peak Campground. Holy Nature does this place offer the view! And, it’s no surprise, as this 6-site...

Jeremy: Sure you could drive most of the way to the peak but then you miss out on most of the amazing hike.
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Tyee Campground

4. Tyee Campground

Stationed on the northern banks of the Siltcoos River, Tyee Campground is all about beautiful simplicity. Offering a mix of secluded and...

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North Fork Siuslaw Campground

5. North Fork Siuslaw Campground

Anyone who’s ever tried dispersed camping, raise your hand. Ok, now sit tight for a sec while we explain to everyone else that this is the name for...

Ray: This campground really only has 4 usable sites, and only 2 are even worth camping in. There are no picnic tables, garbage...
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West Winds Campground

6. West Winds Campground

Located behind the pearly gates of off-roaders’ paradise, West Winds Campground is a 20-site RV haven for those who plan to have an action-packed...

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Rocky Bend Campground

7. Rocky Bend Campground

If you’re anything like us, you can appreciate a good minimalist campsite. And, Rocky Bend Campground is exactly that. It’s reservation-free, open...

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East Dunes Campground

8. East Dunes Campground

Those looking for a piece of land to crash on between off-roading excursions can find just that here at East Dunes Campground. This place has a...

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Waxmyrtle Campground

9. Waxmyrtle Campground

Off-road the day away, then tumble-roll your way to one of the classic campsites at Waxmyrtle Campground. Since you’re functioning at stuntman...

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Rock Creek Campground

10. Rock Creek Campground

If dogs are a man’s best friend, there’s no way you want to leave your pup behind. So go ahead, bring ‘em to one of the 15 tent, auto, and trailer...

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Horsfall Beach Campground

11. Horsfall Beach Campground

Some campgrounds are tucked away in a forest, others perch atop a scenic mountain. But Horsfall Beach Campground lies right on the Pacific Ocean....

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Wild Mare Campground

12. Wild Mare Campground

Hay, hay, horse campers. Looking for your happy place? Well, then, hunker down at one of the 12 single plots or 12 RV sites at Wild Mare...

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Sandbeach Campground

13. Sandbeach Campground

If off-roading is your bag, you’ll feel right at home at Sandbeach Campground. Boasting 81 RV sites, this campground will woo you with its drinking...

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Bluebill Campground

14. Bluebill Campground

Dunes enthusiasts, unite! And then, divide back up again to venture off for a hike, horseback ride, or off-roading adventure. Your meetup point?...

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Sutton Campground

15. Sutton Campground

Hiking is the name of the game at this awesome campground. It provides access to some seriously scenic trails, which can be found on the...

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Blackberry Campground

16. Blackberry Campground

This camping spot is scrum-diddly-umptious, alright! Blackberry bushes make their home on the forest floor while towering cedars and Douglas fir...

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Hebo Lake Campground

17. Hebo Lake Campground

Shady spots for kicking back? Check. Family-friendly? Check. Half-mile trail for your rambling pleasure? Jeez, Hebo Lake Campground’s got all the...

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Carter Lake Campground

18. Carter Lake Campground

After a quick visit to the nearby Pacific coast, make your temporary home among the shore pines (ooh), sitka spruces (ahh), Douglas firs (ohh),...

Horse Creek Campground

19. Horse Creek Campground

Here at Horse Creek Campground, horses are a camper’s best friend. Surprised? Well, at least act like it! This great locale has a count of 15...

Eel Creek Campground

20. Eel Creek Campground

Ever tried to race to the top of a dune? Yeah. Rough. Walk, don’t run, to the John Dellenback Dunes Trail, which guides you from the forests of Eel...

Horsfall Campground

21. Horsfall Campground

Horsfall Campground is the place to be for OHV adventures in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The Horsfall Dunes riding area is your...

Alder Dune Campground

22. Alder Dune Campground

If you need serenity now, sneak over to Alder Dune Campground. Native shrubbery provides peace ‘n’ quiet during your stay at one of the 39 single...

Big Elk Campground

23. Big Elk Campground

Simple and sweet, Big Elk Campground can host up to 8 single site campers and 12 RV-traveling crews. It doesn’t have toilets, but it does offer...

Tahkenitch Landing Campground

24. Tahkenitch Landing Campground

Who’s ready for a water-centric stay at Tahkenitch Landing Campground? All the classic sports and pastimes are welcome on Tahkenitch Lake, while...

Tahkenitch Campground

25. Tahkenitch Campground

Tahkenitch translates to “lake of many fingers,” and we have a reason for each phalange why we love this locale. Coastal forests, a trio of hiking...

Spinreel Campground

26. Spinreel Campground

If you’re just rolling into the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, there’s a good chance you’ll want to check out the visitor center. After...

Baker Beach Campground

27. Baker Beach Campground

Compared to some of the larger beach campgrounds in the area, Baker Beach Campground is a modest outpost along the Pacific Ocean. With only a...

Sully: Pretty bare bones, just a porta-loo, no showers and only a few sites, but nice and quiet with roomy sites if you luck out! Plus...
Dry Lake Horse Camp

28. Dry Lake Horse Camp

For the truly rustic camping experience we all know and love, point your compass toward Dry Lake Horse Camp. Be sure to bring water for both your...

Lagoon Campground

29. Lagoon Campground

It’s true, this site is situated right by a lagoon—Siltcoos Lagoon to be exact. Let the radness of that sink in as you stroll the mile-long trail...

Driftwood II Campground

30. Driftwood II Campground

OHV-lovers are no newbs to getting caught ridin’ sandy on the dunes right by the Driftwood II Campground. What do they love so much about this...

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Hipcamper Lori

Book early in the year if you want a weekend spot anytime after March. This place isn't huge so it fills up fast. Plus, all us locals like it too!

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Hipcamper Phillip

I stopped here for the first night of traveling down the southern Oregon coast in late August, and it was a nice place. I reserved online for $35. This was so nice to know that I had a spot reserved. The fog hung right on the coast but made a nice evening with a campfire and smores. Some of the campsites have little privacy, but site 15 has a nice trail that puts it secluded in a small clearing. (plus it is nearby to water and bathrooms) I did not get a chance to hike the trails nearby, but for my car camping trip this was perfect!

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Hipcamper Rosi

The Cape Perpetua area is one of my favorite places on the planet. There are choices for easy or challenging hikes. Exploring Cook's Chasm, Spouting Horn, Devil's Churn, and Thor's Well at high tide will get your heart pumping with the power of the ocean.

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Hipcamper Katy

Campsites are a little close together but the incredible coastline and fabulous sites within easy hiking distance more than make up for it. Several campsites are more hidden off the road with thick vegetation providing privacy and a lovely river rushing by. Lots of well maintained trails for all levels of expertise and incredible coastline. Thor's well was by far my favorite.

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Hipcamper Jeremy

Sure you could drive most of the way to the peak but then you miss out on most of the amazing hike.

Hipcamper Ray

This campground really only has 4 usable sites, and only 2 are even worth camping in. There are no picnic tables, garbage service, or amenities of any kind, just a single drop toilet that is often lacking proper cleaning and supplies. This campground used to be ok, now it is largely overrun by long-term (homeless??) campers, often has trash, and just has a way more sketchy vibe than it did years ago. Lots of locals use this as a party spot too, so you can expect random late night drive thrus and disruptive visitors at all hours. Overall its not at all worth the long drive to the campground, especially when the sites are all often now full.

Hipcamper Erin

Disgusted to see what has happened to this campground. Camped here in July 2016, used to be a destination for our local family campouts, but no longer will be. Trash everywhere, a burned up tent and other suspicious debris left in one of the sites, broken glass, etc. The set up is weird now too, many of the sites are not apparent, so it seems like a free for all as to where you can camp, which makes it awkward. Some weird acting campers who appear to have set up long term (as previous reviewer stated). No attendant or ranger made an appearance to even check the bathroom during our stay. They should make this place a pay site and clean it up for those who actually want to enjoy it as a campground.

Hipcamper Sully

Pretty bare bones, just a porta-loo, no showers and only a few sites, but nice and quiet with roomy sites if you luck out! Plus it's only $13 a night. Make sure to stop at Haceta Head Lighthouse while you're in the area!

History of Siuslaw National Forest

Siuslaw National Forest was established in 1908 created by the ecocentric President Theodore H. Roosevelt as a gesture to preserve America’s natural beauty.

The Siuslaw combined the Tillamook Forest Reserve and acreage from the Umpqua Forest Reserve.

Before and a little bit after the land became a National Forest, Americans were homesteading it in the area.

The name, Siuslaw, originates from one of the three Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians. In addition, Siuslaw was also an Yakoan language spoken in surprise, surprise Southern Oregon.

For more information, browse the Siuslaw National Forest Collection, here.