Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest

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About Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest is made up of 1.8 million acres and spans from the Western Cascades to the Siskiyou Mountains. With somewhere between 60 to 100 inches of rain per year this escape is filled with a diversity of green and a lone Rogue River. Port Orford Cedar and Douglas fir practically litter the mountainous, and meadow landscapes. Lakes and streams (200 miles of them) aren’t too uncommon, and the forest boasts the tallest Pine tree in the World (we’re not kidding folks). The Ponderosa Pine stands at 268.35ft, which is a little bit taller than your average industrial wind turbine.

Campgrounds in Rogue-River Siskiyou

Hamaker Campground

1. Hamaker Campground

Life at sea level may be easier, breezier and more beautiful than Cover Girl when you spend a few days and nights at Hamaker Campground’s 4,000...

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Ludlum Campground

2. Ludlum Campground

With mega hiking and fishing opportunities, Ludlum Campground is for anyone that craves variety in their outdoor adventures. Located right next to...

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Wrangle Campground

3. Wrangle Campground

Conservation Corps of yesteryear, we commend you. At Wrangle Campground, you’ll find five basic campsites as well as several picnic tables, a...

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Bolan Lake Campground

4. Bolan Lake Campground

Hop in the car Lassie, we’re going on a camping trip! You’ll either be stoked or scrooged by the fact that this campground is dog-friendly (we’d...

Alex: The road turns into gravel miles before the campsite. Be ready for any sorts of road conditions, as it's basically a backroad!...
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Doe Point Campground

5. Doe Point Campground

Break out your bucket hat ‘cause Doe Point Campground sits on the northern shore of the aptly named Fish Lake. It features 25 campsites with picnic...

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Squaw Lakes Campground

6. Squaw Lakes Campground

Eat your hearts out, mountain men. Squaw Lakes Campground’s 17 walk-in sites (150 feet to one mile) sit along the beautiful mountain lakes and...

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Huckleberry Mountain Campground

7. Huckleberry Mountain Campground

You may not run into a well-mannered blue dog with a Southern drawl, but you can actually pick berries at Huckleberry Mountain Campground. Resting...

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Natural Bridge Campground

8. Natural Bridge Campground

A camp along the Upper Rogue River, Natural Bridge Campground offers 17 campsites with fire pits, picnic tables and plenty of places to go...

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Miller Bar Campground

9. Miller Bar Campground

Located near a large bar along the Chetco River, Miller Bar Campground lets visitors create tent villages almost anywhere they choose. Trailblaze...

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Ludlum House Group Site

10. Ludlum House Group Site

Ludlum House is a two-story, minimally furnished house that’s ideal for large groups up to 30 people. While you’ll be indoors, there are no beds so...

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Lobster Creek Campground

11. Lobster Creek Campground

Lobster Creek Campground makes an idyllic spot for boating and fishing with its large gravel bar, but it also plays nice for picnickers, swimmers...

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Parker Meadows Campground

12. Parker Meadows Campground

Right off Parker Creek, Parker Meadows Campground boasts eight campsites (3 tent, 5 trailer) with picnic tables, fire pits, drinking water and two...

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Watkins Campground

13. Watkins Campground

A lakeside resort gone crunchy is what you’ll find at Watkins Campground. These five first-come, first-served sites (4 individual, one group) sit...

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Briggs Creek Campground

14. Briggs Creek Campground

Named for packer George E. Briggs, who slung supplies for early miners in the area, Briggs Creek Campground has just three campsites sans toilet,...

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Eden Valley Campground

15. Eden Valley Campground

You know the Garden of Eden, but do you know the Valley of Eden? Eden Valley Campground has everything you can imagine--minus readily available...

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Sam Brown Campground

16. Sam Brown Campground

Legend has it that Sam Brown was one of the first African-American men to settle in southern Oregon and he worked as a barkeep right here. With a...

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Foster Bar Campground

17. Foster Bar Campground

History buff, are ya? You may enjoy setting up camp on the historic Foster Bar Campground, site of the final battle in the Rogue River Indian wars....

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Sixmile Campground

18. Sixmile Campground

Named for the six miles it takes on Illinois River Road before reaching camp, Sixmile Campground has four walk-in campsites with picnic tables,...

Melissa: The drive into sixmile campground was scenic and peaceful. Approximately 8 miles from town, the road is slow and windy. Sixmile...
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South Fork Camps Campground

19. South Fork Camps Campground

A dispersed camping site for tents and small trailers, South Forks Camps Campground contains more secluded grounds in its upper section and a...

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Redwood Bar Dispersed Camping

20. Redwood Bar Dispersed Camping

Near the banks of the Chetco River, Redwood Bar Dispersed Campground offers recreational opportunities galore. Spend the days swimming, floating or...

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Beaver Dam Campground

21. Beaver Dam Campground

Leave it to Beaver Dam Campground to give you some quality time with Mother Nature. This small campground has four campsites (2 tent, 2 trailer)...

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River Bridge Campground

22. River Bridge Campground

With generous site spacing, River Bridge Campground offers 11 campsites with picnic tables, fire pits and two shared vault toilets. This locale is...

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Union Creek Campground

23. Union Creek Campground

Even though Union Creek Campground is pretty big—we’re talking 74 campsites—you’ll still have some semblance of privacy, since the sites are well...

Ann Marie
Ann Marie: The family was split about this one. I thought it quite lovely. Our spot backed up to Union Creek and I love the riparian plant...
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Whiskey Springs Campground

24. Whiskey Springs Campground

No, you won’t find any potent potables to make a cocktail with near Whiskey Springs Campground, but you will find plenty of hiking trails and a few...

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Willow Prairie Horse Campground

25. Willow Prairie Horse Campground

Across from a beautiful meadow, you’ll find Willow Prairie Horse Campground, whose 10 equestrian sites come equipped with four horse corrals each....

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North Fork Campground

26. North Fork Campground

If you need some digital detox, remote North Fork Campground should help you disconnect. Nestled in old growth forest, there are three campsites...

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Store Gulch Campground

27. Store Gulch Campground

With campsites along the scenic Illinois River, Store Gulch Campgrounds would have made Bob Ross break out his canvas. There are four campsites and...

Alex: Don't miss out on swimming in Store gultch, which features a HUGE jumping rock and beautiful sandy beach! It's a little rough...
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Laird Lake Campground

28. Laird Lake Campground

Ahoy, a nearby lake, and not just any lake--it’s one of the few in the area, so you’re a lucky duck! Do all of the things near this quaint, 4 site...

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Sru Lake Campground

29. Sru Lake Campground

Camp here and you’ll have a two-acre lake right in your backyard. Pretty tempting, right? Sru Lake is perfect for swimming and fishing (especially...

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Grayback Campground

30. Grayback Campground

With a one-mile loop trail and swimming opportunities, check out darling Grayback Campground. There are 39 tent sites with fire pits, picnic...

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Chinquapin Group Campground

31. Chinquapin Group Campground

With facilities to accommodate up to 75 people, Chinquapin Group Campground is the bee’s knees for family reunions, school field trips and scout...

Rock Creek Campground

32. Rock Creek Campground

You’ll have a rock-ing good time at Rock Creek Campground (see what we did there?), situated on the banks of South Fork Coquille River. Hunt for...

Sam Brown Horse Campground

33. Sam Brown Horse Campground

A horse campground is a horse campground, of course! So bring your mane (wo)man, and take to the treasure trove of nearby trailheads that welcome...

Jim Creek Group Campground

34. Jim Creek Group Campground

Nestled beneath the spiky green needles of an old growth Douglas Fir forest, you’ll find Jim Creek Group Campground, which hosts one group campsite...

Abbott Creek Campground

35. Abbott Creek Campground

Being up the creek isn’t always a bad thing. Scenic Abbott Creek Campground has 25 campsites and you can even choose from secluded or group sites....

River Bench Campground

36. River Bench Campground

A hike-in camp, River Bench Campground is located on a river terrace under with forest shade. You can’t park your van down by the river, so park at...

Buck Creek Campground

37. Buck Creek Campground

Hike, bike or drive around the wilderness surrounding Buck Creek Campground to take in all its natural beauty. The campground sits off of the...

South Fork Campground

38. South Fork Campground

Is hiking old hat for you, or would you still consider yourself a newbie? No matter your skill level, you’ll find the perfect trail near South Fork...

Nook Bar Campground

39. Nook Bar Campground

Named for it’s location near Nook Creek along the Chetco River, Nook Bar Campground is a prime spot for non-motorized boating, fishing and getting...

Spalding Pond Campground

40. Spalding Pond Campground

A primitive camp (meaning you gotta bring water, take your trash elsewhere and wee in the woods), Spalding Pond Campground has four sites with fire...

Little Falls Campground

41. Little Falls Campground

A nice retreat for friends or the fam, Little Falls Campground has just three tent campsites with picnic tables, fire pits and one shared vault...

Carberry Campground

42. Carberry Campground

Fall asleep to the tinkling of water over rocks with your tent pitched next to the petite Cougar Creek, then spend the day splashing away in the...

Jackson Campground

43. Jackson Campground

Jackson Campground could be the perfect place to intro yourself to camp life! In addition to being open all year, there’s a camp host all year long...

Butler Bar Campground

44. Butler Bar Campground

You name it, Butler Campground is here to serve you. Drinking water, toilets, and activities galore are available at the 7 non-reservable campsites...

Fourbit Ford Campground

45. Fourbit Ford Campground

Sleepy and secluded, Fourbit Ford Campground is a picturesque site just a short jaunt from Willow and Fish Lake. There are seven campsites with...

Oak Flat Campground

46. Oak Flat Campground

Set along the Illinois River, Oak Flat Campground gives guests a chance to get totally tubular and float the day on by. Fishing, hiking and...

Quosatana Campground

47. Quosatana Campground

Rogue River represent! Quostana Campground features 43 campsites with fire pits and picnic tables. Don’t worry about that number cramping your...

Daley Creek Campground

48. Daley Creek Campground

Located right where Beaver Dam and Daley Creek meet, Daley Creek Campground has six campsites (3 tent, 3 trailer) with picnic tables, fire pits and...

Farewell Bend Campground

49. Farewell Bend Campground

With 61 campsites complete with fire rings, drinking water and picnic rings, Farewell Bend Campground is the stuff of a champion weekend. Adjacent...

Ann Marie
Ann Marie: My family loved his campground. The sites were spacious and divided by trees and brush so they were quite private. Most sites...
Imnaha Campground

50. Imnaha Campground

Imnhaha Campground offers just four tent sites, but comes equipped with drinking water and vault toilets. you may be interested in checking out...

Mill Creek Campground

51. Mill Creek Campground

If you’ve been looking for a spot to fish with your best canine pal, Mill Creek Campground welcomes you (leashes, please). It has ten campsites...

Daphne Grove Campground

52. Daphne Grove Campground

Six dollas make ya holla at Daphne Grove Campground! That’s right, this primo spot costs the same or less than that stack of firewood you’ll pick...

Island Campground

53. Island Campground

We’re just gonna put this out there--Island Campground is in the middle of the forest, not a body of water! It does neighbor the South Fork...

Myrtle Grove Campground

54. Myrtle Grove Campground

Get in the groove at Myrtle Grove Campground, a prime spot next to the South Fork of the Coquille River. This campground makes a great home base...

Sunshine Bar Campground

55. Sunshine Bar Campground

Even typical grumps take on a sunny disposition at Sunshine Bar Campground, thanks to its prime location next to the uber beautiful Elk River. When...

Harr Point Campground

56. Harr Point Campground

Got a boat, or two legs that won’t mind a workout? Then Harr Point Campground is the place for you. Only accessible by boat or by hiking the...

Hart-tish Campground

57. Hart-tish Campground

Talk about a room (or tent) with a view: camp at Hart-tish and you’ll be rewarded with uninterrupted views of the majestic peaks of Red Buttes...

Tipsu Tyee Campground

58. Tipsu Tyee Campground

The best things in life aren’t easy, and Tipsu Tyee Campground is no exception. Hike 1. 25 miles in or pull up your boat and discover five rustic...

Beaver-Sulphur Group Campground

59. Beaver-Sulphur Group Campground

Sometimes finding a campground that can fit your whole gang can be harder than getting a pass to Half Dome, but not at Beaver-Sulphur Group...

Cave Creek Campground

60. Cave Creek Campground

Just a short trip from Oregon Caves National Monument, Cave Creek Campground is fully legal with its 18 campsites featuring fire pits, picnic...

Josephine Campground

61. Josephine Campground

Josephine Campground is a rustic camp set above Josephine Creek and the Illinois River. It’s got six campsites with fire pits, picnic tables and...

Secret Creek Campground

62. Secret Creek Campground

So long as you pinky swear not to tell too many people, we’ll tell you that Secret Creek Campground offers a cool refuge even during summer...


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Hipcamper Alex

The road turns into gravel miles before the campsite. Be ready for any sorts of road conditions, as it's basically a backroad! Don't worry, though. It's worth it!

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Hipcamper Alex

Don't miss out on swimming in Store gultch, which features a HUGE jumping rock and beautiful sandy beach! It's a little rough of a hike down, but completely worth it from June-September!

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Hipcamper Melissa

The drive into sixmile campground was scenic and peaceful. Approximately 8 miles from town, the road is slow and windy. Sixmile is a little but past the day use area, where you'll see pit toilets along the road and a fee station. About 50 ft off the road, there are a small number of campsites with fire pits and picnic tables. The campsites are very primitive but the atmosphere is amazing. The sites are right along the Illinois River, aka the most stellar river ever! The water is pretty warm, still, and crystal clear. It was completely isolated and we didn't see anyone else camping there, even though it was labor day weekend. We did see a few day use fellows along other parts river in the area.

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Hipcamper Ann Marie

My family loved his campground. The sites were spacious and divided by trees and brush so they were quite private. Most sites backed right up to the Rogue River. There were cool rock formations for the kids to run around on, a play area withy great structures, and the sound of the river lulled us to sleep at night. That and they had the cleanest campground bathrooms I have ever seen! We are already planning a trip back.

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Hipcamper Ann Marie

The family was split about this one. I thought it quite lovely. Our spot backed up to Union Creek and I love the riparian plant life. The kids love being next to the creek, but it was very buggy. One day I would love to come back to the area and hike on the Union Creek Trail.

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History of Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest is one of the most floristically diverse forests in the Western region of the United States.

The name Siskiyou comes from a Cree Indian word for bob-tailed horse.

Until 1932 the beloved Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest was known as Crater National Forest. The Forest was established by America’s first ecocentric president, Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 under that silly Crater name (Rogue sounds way better).

The Rogue has a much more interesting history in addition to its name change. In 1944 during World War II, a Japanese airplane dropped bombs on the forest, the incident was known as Lookout Raid and was the first bombing on American soil.