Mary Island State Park

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About Mary Island State Park

Take a leisurely ride through the waters of the Canadian shipping channel before arriving at Mary Island State Park. Only accessed by boat, Mary Island offers the ultimate weekend of secluded and wooded adventure! With astonishing views of the Canadian shore from craggy outcroppings, you might never want to gaze upon your neighbor’s house across the street again. But before you sadly leave, take the foot trails one last time to discover Mary Island State Park in all its glory. Then you can peacefully rest your head at night. Sweet dreams of island camping are knocking on your door!

Campgrounds in Mary Island

Mary Island State Park Campground

1. Mary Island State Park Campground

Mary Island State Park is one of the more rugged parks in New York, but the campground is comfortable as ever. Find yourself a cozy site amidst the...


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Mary Island
June 5th, 2015
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