Eel Weir State Park

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About Eel Weir State Park

Sitting on a bend along the Oswegatchie River and 2 miles from Black Lake, Eel Weir State Park is a fishing buffs paradise. Small and secluded, get yourself situated at the campground on site, unload the poles, canoe, and pitch your tent on one of the waterfront grassy knolls. While you await for the fish to start bitin’, take a peaceful bike ride or let the river serenade you to a snooze. Take note anglers, the bass game at this community hole is on fleek. It’s about time you hook yourself that hawg you’ve been dreaming of!

Campgrounds in Eel Weir

Eel Weir State Park Campground

1. Eel Weir State Park Campground

Small and secluded, Eel Weir State Park Campground is a little known gem on the Oswegatchie River for those looking to really get away from it all....


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Eel Weir
June 5th, 2015
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