Coles Creek State Park

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About Coles Creek State Park

Hugging the shores of Lake St. Lawrence, Coles Creek State Park is water-loving outdoor’s men (or women’s) dream. Here, you’ll be treated to the area’s scenic boating endeavours and rod-tugging fishing outings. And, better yet, you’re able to bring your quadrupedal family members with you―just not in the park’s designated picnic areas, unfortunately. As far as amenities are concerned, Coles Creek State Park is well-equipped with modern day amenities like showing units and playgrounds geared toward the younger demographics. Coles Creek State Park is a fantastic outlet to bond with Mother Nature―and bring your best friend too. But just make sure that friend’s on a six-foot or shorter leash.

Campgrounds in Coles Creek

Coles Creek State Park Campground

1. Coles Creek State Park Campground

Coles Creek State Park Campground is a mix of shaded and open campsites near the beach of Lake St. Lawrence. This is a great spot for kids, with a...

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Coles Creek
June 5th, 2015
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