Cedar Island State Park

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About Cedar Island State Park

One of several state parks in the St. Lawrence River watershed; Cedar Island sets itself apart with distinguishing and unique features. Shall we elaborate? You can only get to Cedar Island via water--canoe, kayak, or something contraption with a motor that floats. The docks where you can park your rig are also are popular among fishermen trying to get into deeper water--where the big biters are! Being one of the oldest parks in the region, it is a bit more rustic and… lets just say, ”down to earth.” The shores of the island are the stuff that killer photos are made of, definitely set your alarm to catch the sunrise and sunset when you stay at Cedar Island!

Campgrounds in Cedar Island

Cedar Island State Park Campground

1. Cedar Island State Park Campground

Island, right ahead! Cedar Island Campground is an oasis only available to those with access via boat. Visitors who appreciate quiet boating,...


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Cedar Island
June 5th, 2015
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