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These sites are also, optionally available stocked in two ways for $39 or $23 with amenities people forget ...saves you TIME AND LOTS of lugging. These sites are 10-14 minutes from parkin




These sites are also, optionally available stocked in two ways for $39 or $23 with amenities people forget ...saves you TIME AND LOTS of lugging. These sites are 10-14 minutes from parking. Details below.

STREAMSIDE OVERLOOK SITE is "ONLY" for one or two people, take note!!!

MOUNTAIN MEADOWS SITE can accommodate 5 people.

HOBBIT HOLLOW SITE can accommodate 6 people.

These 3 sites offer great value and drama

SITE 3 - THE HOBBIT HOLLOW SITE. It's perched right on the edge of salt marsh looking due south, with a big stone fire pit. This site has Two! Tent areas: one right next to fire pit (two person tent only) and one nearby for a larger tent or several, in a grassy knoll nearby surrounded by gorgeous trees. You have the choice of using one or both tent areas for the same price.


A NOTE FROM THE HEART on the Coronavirus: our campsites are huge and clean, with plenty of SPACE between them, there are NO crowds here. Bathroom tents are cleaned and sanitized regularly. We are the 'un campground' campground. Our rural area of Maine is a wonderful place with clean air.

ENJOY NATURE, ENJOY CAMPING! Inquire with questions, thank you.


THREE GREAT NEW SITES!  Site 1-Streamside Overlook, Site 2-Mountain Meadows and Site 3-Hobbit Hollow

These sites can be PARTLY FURNISHED with two options. For an additional $39 or $23 PER BOOK, FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE! We highly recommend this option. Details below

For those wanting a real Maine adventure and privacy, this is it.

To get to two of these two sites, you walk the same relatively flat logging road as the other sites: which is about an eight minute walk from parking. Then, you venture down a short, 20 foot hill with rock steps, to a small mossy island with giant 5 foot Ostrich Ferns. Take the left fork and really cool "boardwalk" to the dramatic Mountain Meadows Site which leads to a small waterfall. Take the right fork to the exciting and magical "2 level" Streamside Overlook Site.

To get to the HOBBITT HOLLOW SITE there are no steps but it's a longer walk, about 14 minutes. 

Site 1- Streamside Overlook: Once onto the small island, a one minute walk over rustic boardwalk trails takes you to a stone bridge over a small stream, to the Streamside Overlook site.  Once across, you are greeted by a neat fire pit right AT THE STREAMS EDGE, with space for chairs next to the stream. Then a short, 20 foot trek up a hill leads to your tent site! The site dramatically looks down to the woodland stream, the fire pit and off to a salt marsh to the right. In back of you are huge cliffs, giant moss covered rocks and privacy. It's an awesome site BUT NOT for those bringing tons of stuff. So, we can partly furnish it for you. NOTE: you may of course bring what you want, we are just trying to make it easier for you.

TWO OPTIONS TO FURNISH: OPTION 1: For an additional and optional $39 per Book, YOUR SITE COMES SUPPLIED WITH: a table, two chairs, cooking utensils (pot, sauce pan, cast iron skillet, bbq tongs, spatulas, steamer, plates, soup bowls, large cups, knives-forks-spoons-larger knife ( real ones! ) cooking grate for firepit, grate scraper, veg. peeler, kitchen scissors, 2 oven mitts, paper towels, condiments-salt, pepper, ketchup, sugar, 1 gallon of water and bundle of firewood. ( 10 pds. of charcoal can be subbed for wood...enough for 3 cookouts. ) WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS UPGRADE, THESE ARE ITEMS MANY FORGET...IT SAVES YOU TIME AND LUGGING AND PROVIDES ALL THE BASICS FOR A COOKOUT EXCEPT THE FOOD!

OPTION 2: JUST THE CHAIRS, TABLE, GRILL GRATE AND WOOD $23 The fees for this are collected here.

The tent area is charming but not super large due to grade, yet it will comfortably fit a two person tent or two one person tents. The site area itself IS VERY LARGE with dramatic rock ledges. !

Total walk from parking 12 minutes. We supply a four wheeled gorilla cart to get your stuff to sites. (it gets you most of the way) STREAMSIDE OVERLOOK SITE IS AMAZING!

Site 2-MOUNTAIN MEADOWS SITE is facing the salt marsh, waterfall and gigantic, mossy boulders. It has a huge footprint and genuinely feels like you are in a national park. Rock cliffs covered in moss are your dramatic backdrop. Trees along the marsh have been limbed up to give you a great view. A cool boardwalk access is the final trail. This is perhaps my most favorite spot on the entire property. It can also be supplied like STREAMSIDE OVERLOOK and has a truly beautiful fire pit  All of our sites are great, these two are showpieces! It's an awesome site BUT NOT for those bringing tons of stuff. So, we can optionally, partly furnish it for you as above. Let us know when booking. That fee will be collected here. NOTE: you may bring what you want, we are just trying to make it easier for you.

For an additional $39 per Book, YOUR SITE COMES SUPPLIED WITH: a table, two chairs, cooking utensils (pot, saucepan, cast iron skillet, bbq tongs, spatulas, plates, bowls, cups, knives-forks-spoons-larger knife ( real ones! ) cooking grate for firepit, scraper, veg. peeler, 2 oven mitts, kitchen scissors, paper towels, condiments-salt, pepper, ketchup, sugar, 1 gallon of water, and bundle of firewood. NOTE: 10 pds. charcoal can be subbed for wood, enough for three cookouts. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS UPGRADE, IT'S STUFF MANY FORGET, SAVES YOU TIME AND LUGGING AND PROVIDES ALL THE BASICS FOR A COOKOUT EXCEPT THE FOOD! OPTION 2: Just the chairs, table, cooking grate and wood. $23 payable here.   

Total walk from parking 12 minutes. We supply a four wheeled gorilla cart to get your stuff to sites. (it gets you most of the way)

SITE 3 - HOBBIT HOLLOW SITE. You venture to the back woods thru a gorgeous forest of pine, oak and a few beeches on a curving trail which leads to hollow, right on a salt marsh with a great view. You have the choice of two tent sites. One near the fire pit looking out to the marsh, suitable for a small tent... and another is on a grassy knoll just fifty feet away, fine for a large tent. There is running water at the fire pit area. As with the other two sites you can book this furnished, which we suggest. TOTAL WALK FROM PARKING 14 MINUTES. Take note: Local hobbits are friendly...no worries! Bathroom is only a 1--2 minute walk.


Our welcoming campsites are called Maine WILDWALKWAYS. You will love these genuine, back to nature tent sites with so many creature comforts, all in an amazing, unspoiled setting! Read our story about the beautiful camp sites and the gorgeous scenery of the area, then choose from 10, highly scenic private sites in 3 connected sections. Please scroll thru the pictures above to get a visual of the actual tent sites.

At WILDWALKWAYS, you are welcomed to a pristine, coastal forest in scenic, unspoiled Georgetown, Maine on the ocean. This quaint town is a gem of the Maine coast, near historic Bath, the enticing "mid coast" area. You won't find a more rewarding and affordable camping journey with so many natural "Maine" features. 

Your campsites are surrounded by a scenic lake, meandering rocky stream, active beaver pond, giant moss covered cliffs, majestic forest and more! All of this in a natural, untouched setting with pine needled trails ...the real Maine! You will discover Georgetown is the best of both worlds, as it has a northern, wilderness feel, yet is only 12 minutes to "civilization" in historic Bath, Maine. 

Even though 2019 was our first full year operating, we ranked a very high "7th BEST IN MAINE!" Campers were 100% enthusiastic and ALL sites were filled up often. Thanks to all who stayed, making the year a booming success! Plus, we've added two, spacious, exciting sites for 2020 and made many enhancements for an even better experience.

WildWalkWays is a unique and really cool small campground with seven tent sites total, in 3 sections with different price points. Our sites are PRIVATE & SPACIOUS WITH GREAT VALUE. Unlike many campgrounds, with sites jammed together without privacy, ours are spaced well apart for MAXIMUM PRIVACY. It doesn't feel like a campground ...it feels like a park. Even when every site is booked, campers tell us you genuinely get a sense of owning the Maine forest.


"I had the best camping experience I’ve ever had at the Cedar Meadows campsite, it was completely pushed into the woods and it was the biggest campsite too, we hung our hammock up and listened to birds chirping, you can’t hear anything but wildlife. Having a toilet a short walk away was a huge plus. Mark was the best host we could ask for. He was extremely polite and helpful, he brought us an axe upon asking for one and even left out some wood for us and helped us to the site. The beautiful untouched land is amazing and the site is big enough for a nice walk by the small waterfall and big cliff, well worth a visit here. If you want an extremely quiet and secluded campground away from big crowds and small sites, come here."

AT YOUR CAMPSITE   A lot of thought went into designing the sites for solitude, fun and privacy. Every camper has told us they loved the genuine camping experience. The 7 tent sites are spread over many acres, in our beautiful coastal forest, only three miles to the ocean. You can hear the surf many nights. Each tent site is unique, with views, stream, fire pits, peacefulness, cliffs, mossy boulders, wildlife and more. For your comfort, we have spread a thick layer of soft pine needles over each tent area, which makes for an incredibly relaxing, comfortable sleep. All sites have marked trees to hang hammocks from for added enjoyment. At WildWalkWays, you are in the real Maine woods with trees, deer and nature all around you but you are not isolated. Rest assured, there are no poisonous snakes or crocodiles! You will wake to the fresh scents of the pine forest and aromatic bayberry in the air. I know that might sound corny but it's true. 

CREATURE COMFORTS   There are quality, enclosed portable toilets a short walk from every site, with soft lighting near each one so you can find your way. They are cleaned and supplied daily. Each serves only 2 or 3 sites! Pine needled trails lead to these rest stations. They have lighting and a fan inside. Kinda cool and everyone loves them. EACH CAMPSITE has its own cold WATER faucet, right at the the tent site! A unique touch special to our sites.

SAFETY   Every occupied site has a few motion or solar lights to softly illuminate the area. In addition, the logging road used to access the sites has occasional solar or motion lights so you aren't totally in the dark, it is a very subtle effect. NOTE: We always have a few LED flashlights on hand if you forgot yours.

BOOKING  You can now check in as EARLY as 10 am for a small fee. (Inquire when booking). Regular book in time is 3 to 6 PM. 

COMMUNICATIONS  We communicate with campers after you book, thanking you and giving directions or answering any questions you might have.  When you get here, we provide FREE USE use of a four wheeled gorilla cart to get belongings to your site. Campers love it. You will get a handout on each site, basic information, local attractions and things to do. Please let us know of any requests before you get here and we will do our best to help you out. Feel free to ask anything or how we can help.

LAKE   There is a scenic lake on the property, bring your canoe! We offer Canoeing... Hiking... Birdwatching... Biking... Lake fishing and of course Camping. Rest by the lake, take in its beauty. Our area is known for truly amazing bird life, bald eagles soaring are a daily sight at the camp sites. 

PHOTOGRAPHY   This is a TRUE photographers paradise! GO NO FURTHER, It's as simple as that!

HIKE   All sites have direct, easy access to our scenic logging road that borders a 150 acre nature reserve and its hiking trails. Dramatic rock bluffs and moss covered ledges are near the campsites.  At WildwalkwaysTHREE, rock bluffs are part of both campsites!  

MEANDERING STREAM  There is a meandering stream close to all sites, with several small waterfalls.

MAINES BEST OCEAN SWIMMING NEARBY!  Famous REID STATE PARK and it's huge sandy beach is in this town, just 10 minutes away. At Reid, there is also the famous shallow "lagoon", where water temps are higher,  for a more comfortable swim. Small barbeque grills are there for free. (left side of Reid parking lot toward water) Reid is a jewel of the Maine parks and also a great hiking spot: check out the rock bluffs! Up the road a bit, is famous SEWELL POND for lake swimming and kayaking. It's a very scenic area. There is also a public boat launch nearby where you can launch your kayak into a protected ocean inlet with amazing views.

PLANT LOVERS  Our property is also the home of our famous rare plant nursery, Eastern Plant Specialties, filled with amazing wildflowers, giant rhododendrons and native plants ...a botanical paradise if plants are your thing! The largest collection of gorgeous rhododendrons anywhere in Maine lives here. Trails thru the gardens abound. We offer a guided tour during rhodo bloom season, May thru July, which can be reserved when you book. Yes, you can buy plants.

FOOD  The Georgetown general store is only two miles away on route 127 ...a nice walk or bike ride and it has a good wine selection. Bath, Maine finally has a good pizza place: Brunos Wood Fired Pizza on Front St. (ask for well done, they don't cook it enough) Here in town, there is a seasonal farm stand, farther down 127 south, offering local foods, wines etc. Also in Georgetown, don't miss Five Islands Seafood: This is a famous place, rated as one of the finest for lobster, with great take out food on the wharf. It is at the very end of 127 south. Feast on the best lobsters, burgers, chowders, etc. with picnic tables to enjoy your meal and one of the most amazing views in Maine! Don't forget, here at WildWalkWays, each campsite has a fire pit, with grates available for your own barbeque.

Also, we will have camping basics available, in case you forget: condiments, extra water, firewood, charcoal, paper towels, soap, etc

SPECIAL BREADS On most Fridays and Saturdays we will have some special breads from one of the finest Maine bakeries. Including the best Pain au levain I have ever had. Not as sourdoughy and incredibly crunchy and airy!!! I can eat the whole loaf plain! Limited supply. Reserve ahead.

HISTORY  The noted towns of Bath, Brunswick, Freeport and Wiscasset are only 12 to 25 minutes away.  Bath is a scenic and easy town to stroll around in with shops, cafes and history. The Bath Maritime Museum is a cool place, fun for kids and adults. Next town over is Brunswick, a bit bigger, home to Bowdoin College and also a great walking town. Freeport is well known for shopping, home of L.L. Bean. Heading up the coast is Wiscasset, highly scenic, famous for Reds Eats, shopping and scenery. 

CENTRALLY LOCATED  We are less than a days drive to so many Maine attractions. Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are less than 3 hours away. The take off spots for wonderful Monhegan Island are just an hour away. Popham Fortess is a fascinating old stone fort, a half hour away. There's much more.

AUTUMN COLOR  Don't forget the famous Maine FALL FOLIAGE, this is a great place to see it -- peak fall foliage is Sept 20 thru Oct 15. Our campsites are usually booked well before fall season, take note.





Campsite area
Bring your own tents
3 sites
Up to 6 guests per site
Moderate walk
No ADA access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
No pets
Potable water available
Kitchen available
No showers
No picnic table
No wifi
Pack it out
Have a question? Send Mark a message!
  • Check in: After 3PM
  • Check out: Before 2PM
  • Cancellation policy: Strict
  • On arrival: Meet and greet
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 9 months out
  • Response time: Within an hour
  • Response rate: 100%


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.


Logging road for biking plus additional trails on bordering nature reserve


We border a 140 acre nature reserve for hiking.


Our lake is great for paddling


There are two great swimming areas nearby...less than ten minutes away...freshwater at scenic Sewell pond and salt water in the...Read more

Wildlife watching

Deer, frogs, turtles, salamanders, beavers, herons, egrets, bald eagles and other wildlife make it their home here. Plus the oc...Read more



Natural features you'll find at Maine WildWalkWaysTHREE in Maine.


You are in a beautiful coastal forest


All sites within a gorgeous forest of oak and pine


Scenic lake with beavers, bald eagles, and more

River, stream, or creek

Meandering stream on property near all sites


Several small waterfalls on the site. One is right near Mountain Meadows Site


MOUNTAIN MEADOWS and STREAMSIDE OVERLOOK are accessed thru a really cool small wetland.

The vibe at Maine WildWalkWaysTHREE

23 Reviews

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If you stayed here and have some insider info for us, let us know!
Hipcamper Curtis

Nice wooded sites

Curtis M.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
September 1st, 2019

He was very available to text and call. Met me at the gate and provided a cart to take gear to site. It’s well wooded with ponds, pretty scenery. Quiet night sleep. I set up a hammock and a tent. Bring bug spray for mosquitoes. They weren’t bad in the site, but everywhere else.

Maine WildWalkWaysTHREEMaine WildWalkWaysTHREE
Hipcamper Christina

Private, clean, magical campsite

Christina M.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
May 25th, 2020

The very best camping experience I've had to date! We stayed at the Streamside Overlook campsite. It's a short and beautiful walk in from the parking area to the main site. The fire pit is directly next to the stream and completely surrounded by dense forest for complete privacy. The tent site is up a short hill on a soft, level pine bed. We fit our 2-person tent very comfortably at the top with a great view! The stars at night were incredible. Everything at the site is clean and the sites are thoughtfully set up for privacy/distance. Mark is a responsive and accommodating host whose property also boasts the most beautiful Rhododendron collection I've ever seen, fireworks of pink, white, orange, yellow flowers - some of which are his own unique breeding projects! It's a once-in-a-lifetime camping experience that we hope to repeat many-a-times in the future!

another angle of the creekside fire pitboth creekside fire pit and tent site above in one photoview of the tent site from the creek/fire pit areaenterring into the campsite across a small stone bridge
Hipcamper Mark
Response from Mark, the Host, on June 1st, 2020

Thank you so much. I greatly enjoyed both of you...so incredibly pleasant. You broke in our new, exciting, two level site. It seems like you had a blast, that's what makes this so rewarding. We will see you again soon! Mark

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper James

A magical place you won’t forget

James U.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
June 9th, 2020

WildWalkWays is magical. My family stayed for two days and didn’t want to leave. If you love nature and plants like we do this is the camp for you. Extremely beautiful views of lakes, rock formations, and a very interesting topography. Winding walkways through the woods and over bubbling streams offers an almost zen like atmosphere. Mark was a great host and made sure our visit was extremely special. Don't forget to admire the beautiful rhododendrons on your way in. Don’t hesitate about staying here. You won’t regret it!

Maine WildWalkWaysTHREEMaine WildWalkWaysTHREEMaine WildWalkWaysTHREEMaine WildWalkWaysTHREE
Hipcamper Mark
Response from Mark, the Host, on June 9th, 2020

Thank you so much. It's great to make friends with special campers. Totally enjoyed hanging out. Mark

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Nik
Nik G.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
July 14th, 2020

Pretty amazing sites—spacious, rugged, beautiful.
Mark was very nice and accommodating.

Hipcamper Mark
Response from Mark, the Host, on July 19th, 2020

Thank you Nik..we work hard at it and are always making small improvements. Come back when you can.

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Nelle

Relax in the woods

Nelle L.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
July 16th, 2020

We had a great time at WildWalkWays Three. It's a beautiful property and well maintained. There's running water and a fire pit at all sites and the bathrooms are clean. The descriptions are flowery and superfluous. Be prepared- there are late fees if you want to check in after 6pm.

Maine WildWalkWaysTHREEMaine WildWalkWaysTHREE
Hipcamper Mark
Response from Mark, the Host, on July 19th, 2020

Hi.. Yes the descriptions are flowery. As I grow flowers for a living that seems appropriate...lol. But they are accurate. There is some redundancy we are working on. Fees for later arrivals are clearly explained in the rules section. Plus we remind people of that before they come. I live here so that's to encourage early arrivals. So glad you enjoyed the stay. We work hard at it.

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Gabriel
Gabriel P.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
July 16th, 2020

Great time, so peaceful to be able to camp right by a brook and host was great.

Hipcamper Mark
Response from Mark, the Host, on July 19th, 2020

Thank you so much. Hope you can come back one day.

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper Vinny

Real camping in the woods

Vinny G.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
July 19th, 2020

Mark's land is beautiful. It was a pleasure to camp here. The sites are all unique. Other campers may be at the sites around you, but they are spaced out and scattered throughout the woods, so you do have privacy at your site. It truly felt like a genuine camping in the woods experience. Mark is a great host too and a friendly person all around.

Hipcamper Mark
Response from Mark, the Host, on July 21st, 2020

Thanks Vinny...you were great guests. I will keep you posted on the music festival concept. I think it would work! Mark

Remove vote :(
Hipcamper kevin
Kevin M.
recommends this listing.
(Site 2)
August 3rd, 2020

mark was a welcoming and friendly host, and it was easy to find this spot with the directions provided. site was private and had some really great scenery, but the large pile of downed trees right on site, and what appeared to be a discarded old bridge in view nearby did detract a bit.
it's a nice walk to the site, small bit of distance and not suited for large amounts of gear, which i expected and enjoyed. be aware of the potential for a significant mosquito population; most of the season has been fine according to host, but i timed my visit with a population explosion. couldn't manage the walk to or from site, loading motorcycle, etc. without a healthy dose of spray. the host can't be blamed for this issue, and you have to expect this sort of thing from maine woods occasionally. mark does spray at the sites, which improved the situation on location.
overall i enjoyed my stay, nice bit of privacy in an area of maine worth exploring a bit, and having a brook running nearby was a comforting sound.

Hipcamper Peter

Our second stay at mark's campsite

Peter F.
recommends this listing.
(Site 3)
August 3rd, 2020

This was our second visit to Mark's campground and the first thing we thought of when planning a summer vacation during COVID.

Once again, we had a terrific experience and really enjoyed the peace and quiet of the forest and nearby Maine waterfront attractions. We stayed at one of the new sites -- Hobbit Hollow -- and would definitely recommend, though we'll probably keep bouncing around get a feel for all the different sites.

It shows that Mark works really hard to make sure the sites are all comfortable and well arranged. He's an enthusiastic and conscientious host and wants you to enjoy your time and his beautiful property.

As we noted in our last review -- and the big draw for us -- is how private each of these campsites are -- and so different from the state campgrounds we used to visit,

We'll definitely return and recommend to friends. Enjoy!

Maine WildWalkWaysTHREEMaine WildWalkWaysTHREE


Best of 2018 Maine
9th place
WildWalkWays at Eastern Plant
United States
3 Sites

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