10 Incredible #AdventureMoms to Follow on Instagram

As one of Hipcamp’s mothers once wrote, Everyone has Mother: Mother Nature. And while we always want to give thanks to Mother Nature for all that she has given us, we also highly value our human mothers of all kinds—any strong woman who nurtures, loves unconditionally, and fosters healthy relationships. 

No matter who this brings to mind—maybe even Mother Nature herself!—we’re here to add a few more seriously impressive nature-loving moms to your Instagram feed. We’re celebrating adventure moms, camp moms, outdoor moms, and more—any woman taking part in the adventure that is motherhood and sharing the outdoors along the way. Give them a follow!

Beth Rodden (@bethrodden)

If you know anything about climbing, Beth Rodden is no doubt a household name. At 14, Beth was the youngest woman to climb a 5.14a (an advanced grade climb) and to this date is one of the only women in the world to have redpointed a 5.14c trad climb. That’s a lot of climber speak, but even if you don’t know anything about the sport, we’ll tell you this: Beth is one grade-A badass human.

In 2014, she opened up another chapter of her life when she gave birth to her son Theo. You can read her piece “I’m Climber, and a Mother, and Doing Great, Thank You” in the New York Times.

Chelsea Murphy (@she_colorsnature)

In Washington state, Chelsea hikes, bikes, and camps with her family—and lucky for us, she shares tips on kids’ snacks, pregnancy, packing, and more on Instagram. In addition, she shares insights on Black motherhood, raising mixed race kids, and ways to make the outdoors welcoming to all.

Tash Holt (@our.sunkisseddays)

This Aussie mom travels across South Australia and beyond with her husband Matt, two kids Isobel and Ryan, plus their family dog Bliss. In their caravan, Tash documents what road life is like and shares some of the best kid-friendly outdoor destinations in the country.

Shannon Robertson (@rambleonwild)

In California’s Eastern Sierra, Shannon keeps busy sacking peaks with little ones in tow. “This truly is what I live for. The days when my little kin and I can go roam and wander through the mountains, push through limits, experience growth and celebrate our Mother Earth.” Shannon is also a commercial pilot and has teamed up with @bornwildproject, which connects families with wilderness and is also worth a follow.

Sachi Thornley (@sachi.thornley)

A Hawaii transplant living in Utah, Sachi shares her life with her “tribe of Wildlings,” and the fam regularly spends time outside in their Boreas Camper. Her little one, Penny, is a childhood cancer survivor, and Sachi keeps things honest, heartfelt, and real on Instagram.

Zahrah Mahmood (@the_hillwalking_hijabi)

Zahrah has been hiking and hillwalking all over Scotland for years, both because she loves it and to advocate for the importance of Muslim representation in the outdoors. She actively chooses to wear her hijab while doing outdoor activities and hopes to empower other women to explore the outdoors whether they wear one or not. She now also brings her toddler on many of her hikes and shares some top-notch tips on getting outside even with a little one.

Roxanna Kooistra (@intherivervalley)

Roxanna is a professional photographer, search-and-rescue team leader, and mama to four. Luckily for her family, they live in British Columbia just a stone’s throw away from pretty much any outdoor activity you can imagine. Chances are you’ve seen some of Roxanna’s photography—she works with brands like Mercedes Benz, Oru, Keen, Superfeet, Osprey, and GoPro…just to name a few.

Evelynn Escobar (@evemeetswest)

It’s unclear if Evelynn could possibly be any more impressive. Even before her toddler Isla was around, Evelynn earned a degree in journalism and founded Hike Clerb, a women’s outdoors club based in Los Angeles, running the club’s monthly BIPOC-centered hiking sessions in nature spots around the city. Now the nonprofit’s executive director and a mom, she works with a number of outdoor brands to get BIPOC women outside together. 

Tanya Vanthuyne (@vanthuynee)

Tanya is an adventure mama living in Alberta, Canada, who works with GoPro to inspire the next generation of campers and adventurers. She’s regularly on the slopes, in the water, and all over Canada’s incredible scenery. Her boys have definitely inherited the outdoor bug.

Brooke Froelich (@brooke.froelich)

Brooke is definitely getting the most out of her life in Colorado. She hikes, mountain bikes, skis, and also has two cute kids who come along for most of it. She’s also a pro photographer and runs WildKind outdoor programming for families in the state.

Looking to get outside with Mom too?

Let’s get you out there to make some memories.

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