The Hipcamp Toilet Awards

Let’s face it: the more time you spend outside, the more comfortable you’ll be talking about poop. (Listen to this classic Dirtbag Diaries Podcast, “I Poo, A Love Story,” if you haven’t already.) While dropping trowel in the wilderness is daunting at first, doing your business outside as nature intended can be one of the most liberating parts of camping. Right? Right?!?!

In all seriousness, this list celebrates our Hipcamp Hosts, who do the dirty work to set up toilets, outhouses, and golden thrones of all materials, shapes, and sizes at their campsites.

Hipcamp Hosts: All campsites listed on Hipcamp must have access to a toilet, whether provided by the Host or the Hipcamper. If you’re unable to provide a toilet onsite, you have a few options. Read up on the official Hipcamp Toilet Policy for more details.

Without further ado, below are many different toilet options to inspire the next addition to your campsite.

Top: Dragons Gate Gardens and Wilds, WA & Cherry Creek Mountain Ranch, CO; Bottom: One Body in Christ Ministries, VA

Mooning is Underrated

Fun fact: Moon-adorned outhouses have been around since Colonial times. When many people couldn’t read, crescent moon shapes were the symbol for women’s outhouses, while men’s outhouses were marked by stars. The cutout shapes allowed some light to pee—err, peep—into the outhouses when there were no windows. It is believed that the moon shape has persisted (though one Hipcamp outhouse has a star) because women’s outhouses more often stood the test of time than men’s.

Top to bottom, left to right: Wondernut Farm, CA; Sundog Natural Building School, CA; The Joshua Tree Bom, CA; The Gypsy Ranch, CA; RAK Oasis, MI; Under the Cedars Retreat, WA

Best Toilet Signage

Signs are a quick and easy way to make your campsite safer, easier to navigate, and more friendly.

Top: Healing Hills, WI & Whispering Winds, MN; Bottom: Sundog Natural Building School, CA & Peaceful Hearts Mountain Ranch, CA

Clean ‘n Simple

When you’re trying to get in and get out, there’s something comforting—relaxing, even—about a clean, simple outhouse design.

Clockwise, starting top left: Sundog Natural Building School, CA, The Otter’s Den, TX, Frog Hollow Homestead, CA; Jackalope Ridge, CA

The Bare Minimum

Be it a simple porta-potty, a toilet tucked behind some bushes, or just a box out there for everyone to see, lots of campers aren’t afraid to get bare with the bare minimum.

Gleaming Airstream Overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge, CO; High Road Santuario, NM; New Earth Farm & Goods, NE

Toilet Thrones

Elevated above the ground, these are thrones made for queens and kings of the campsite.

Clockwise, starting top left: Golden Skyfall, MT; The Viking Longhall, OH; Whispering Winds, MN; Camp Lazuli, VT

Most Au Natural

One with their campsite, these outhouses seem to blend seamlessly into their environments.

Top: The Joshua Tree Bom, CA; Bottom: Michaelyn and Andy’s Homestead, WA
Desert Mountain Majesty, CA

Style Points

From an extraterrestrial capsule in the desert to a boho-chic tapestry tavern, these hip outhouses are ready for the funky.

This is Outdoor Living, CA

And then there’s…Drake.

This toilet is so epic, it had to have its own category. Not quite sure if this is an ode to the Canadian rapper, a definitive proclamation that his music is sh*t, or a just a happy surprise waiting for you in the loo. Who knows, but we’re here for it.

Types of Toilets for your Campsite

Here are some of our best recommendations for campsite toilets to install. You can read more about Hipcamp toilet requirements here.

1. Compostable crappers

Make the most of the poo—build a composting toilet. Composting toilets use the natural processes of decomposition and evaporation to recycle human waste. Free fertilizer, y’all!

Read: How to Build a Compostable Toilet in Less than 45 Minutes

2. An easy peasy porta-potty

Simple, fast, and cheap. Plus, you won’t have to service this john yourself. Porta-potties are a perfect first toilet to add to your campsite for simple maintenance.

3. Portable loos

These can come in all shapes and sizes, from a traditional toilet to what essentially looks like a litter box for your bum.

4. Urine-diverting system

These toilets separate liquid waste from solid waste for you.

Read on for more on camping bathrooms

This is an important topic, you’ve got to admit.

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