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A Hipcamp Host’s Guide to Making the Most of the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

On the morning of Sat. Oct. 14, 2023, a rare astronomical event will take place across the U.S. The moon will pass in front of the sun, creating a ring of fire eclipse visible along a 125-mile-wide path stretching from Oregon to Texas.

Known as an annular eclipse, this phenomenon won’t happen in the U.S. again until 2041, meaning thousands of nature enthusiasts are planning to flock to parts of Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas to see the famed ring of fire this October. This is an incredible opportunity for Hipcamp Hosts in areas along the path, who can earn money hosting these campers on the weekend of Friday, October 13! To create a magical experience for eclipse campers on your land, check out our top tips below.

Pro tip: Unsure if your land falls within the eclipse path? Check out our interactive eclipse map or visit your own land page, where you will see the badge below if the October eclipse will be visible from your land.

Optimize your listings

  • Update your land or site names to include the term “Eclipse Viewing.” This will make it easy for Hipcampers to find you! Just don’t forget to change it back after the eclipse.
  • Update your site descriptions to reiterate that the eclipse is visible from your land, and tell campers why your place will provide a special viewing experience.
  • Consider increasing your price for the nights of Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14 to make the most of the extra demand. To price competitively, search for Hipcamps near you with these dates selected.

Expand your earnings

  • Consider adding temporary additional sites if you can comfortably accommodate them. To keep things simple, you can block off dates for these sites outside of the eclipse weekend.
  • Consider increasing your capacity to accommodate groups.
  • Allow campers to book your entire property by creating a new site and syncing that calendar to all of your existing sites. Be sure to include “Property Buyout” in the site name.
  • Add Extras that will help make the eclipse special for Hipcampers. Can you offer farm-fresh eggs, or do you have eclipse viewing glasses for purchase?

Be a good neighbor and community member

  • If you’re accommodating more campers than usual, make sure you’ve accounted for additional parking and waste disposal.
  • Consider adding signs around your property so Hipcampers can easily find parking and amenities.
  • Talk to your neighbors ahead of time about the potential for increased noise and traffic.

To learn more about how to provide a safe and fun viewing experience for the annular eclipse, visit NASA.

Photo by Jason Howell

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