Harness the Power of Social Media for your Hipcamp

Tweet, tweet, let’s get social!

Whether you’re new to Hipcamp or you’d like to give your existing listing a boost, we’re here to give you the tools to spread the word and reach more visitors in your local area.

First, let’s start with two very important links that you have attached to your profile page:

1. Expose campers to your new listing, get $10

What: Get $10 for every new camper that books your listing from your link.

Share: Click to view your unique referral link (tip: must be signed in!) Share directly from this page by clicking on the sharing icons listed, or copy the provided link and share it anywhere.

2. Refer a Hipcamp Host, get $100.

What: When your friend becomes a Host on Hipcamp and accepts their first booking, we’ll give them $100 cash and you’ll get $100 too.

Share: Click to view your unique referral link (tip: must be signed in!). Share directly from this page by clicking on the sharing icons listed, or copy the provided link and share it anywhere.

Where to share your referral links:

If you have an existing social media following, share the camper referral link on your personal or business accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page) to drive more awareness and bookings. Share the host referral link to invite fellow landowners to join Hipcamp.

If you do not have a social media following, there’s a good chance that there are local groups on the internet that would be interested in either becoming a Hipcamp Host like yourself, or visiting your property as a camper. Here are some examples:

Camping Facebook Groups

California Camping Facebook Group

Colorado Camping Club

Oregon Campers

North Carolina Camping

Landowner Facebook Groups

Homesteader’s Trading Post

5 Acre Living

SoCal Farm and Ranch Exchange

Small Acreage Sustainability & Homestead Living

If you know of any groups that you think would be a good resource for Hipcamp Hosts, please sent them to julie@hipcamp.com.

Pre-written examples for sharing:

To make it as easy as possible for you to share our your listing with the world, we’ve created some written examples that you can use to get started. Feel free to fill in the blanks, or add a more personal touch. You are the local expert.

Social sharing template:

  1. Introduce yourself: Your name, camp name (or link), and location (state).
  2. Why you’re excited about / why you love hosting campers on Hipcamp.
  3. How Hipcamp has helped, or is helping you realize your dreams.
  4. Important: include your unique referral link! If you have any questions about this, reach out to support@hipcamp.com.
  5. Somewhere in the update, tag @Hipcamp.

Social sharing examples:

For reaching campers

Hey there, [Name] from [Hipcamp Property Name] near [Location]. We just listed our property on @Hipcamp for camping. In addition to building our off-grid farm from the ground up, we’re looking forward to hosting campers. Sign up for Hipcamp via this link and get $10-off your trip to stay with us 🙂 [Your referral link]

For reaching landowners

Hey there, [Name] from [Hipcamp Property Name] near [Location]. We love hosting campers with @Hipcamp. In addition to building our off-grid farm from the ground up, Hipcamp has made it possible for us to share this beautiful place and defray the cost of taxes, upkeep and insurance! Sign up for Hipcamp via this link as a host and we’ll both get $100 when you accept your first booking [Your referral link] Peace!

Quick Tips

  1. As a Hipcamp Host, you can make $100 for every landowner that you refer! If you love hosting and recommend it, share out your link and you can make $100 when a landowner lists on Hipcamp and accepts their first booking.
  2. You can influence campers to book at your property and collect Hipcash. For every camper you refer, that makes a booking at your listing, you’ll get $10 in Hipcash to use to visit other Hipcamps.
  3. Make sure to include @Hipcamp in your message.

Let us know: Was this guide helpful to you? Tell us here.

Cover image: Haw Ridge, Mars Hill, NC by Erin + Caroline Mc Grady

Hipcamp is an online marketplace where you can list, discover, and book campsites and accommodations on private and public land. Hipcamp is your go-to guide to getting outside. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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