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7 Creative Campsites Proven to Generate Income

We’ve talked about types of basic campsites you can create for all camping tastes and experience levels. But if you’re looking to express even more of your personality and style, here are six creative camping experiences you can host. Campers across the nation will be queuing up before you know it!


Ladders, secret passwords, and a sense of freedom from parents that “just don’t understand.” Were you lucky enough to have a treehouse as a kid? Now you can keep the dream alive for urban dwellers and big kids that never had the chance. Sure, it could involve a blueprint and a little bit of craftiness, but you’ll have ample opportunity to share it with your friends and fam too!

Photo by Julie Weinzetti, The Sanctuary Treehouse.

Photo by Erin + Caroline McGrady, for more inspiration see Leaf Treehouse.

Tree tents

Love treehouses, but looking for something more mobile and less of a time commitment? Try perching a tree tent in a grove of trees, over a babbling brook, or up in the hills for a mountain sunrise. They’re available in a variety of styles from the more traditional to hammocks, tepees, and cocoons.

Bonus: Hipcamp hosts receive access to a discount for Tentsile Tree Tents. Want in on that sweet deal? Sign up today and start hosting campers in your trees!

Photo by Ted Kim, for more inspiration see Tree Tent Glamping.

Photo by Katie Cooney, for more inspiration see The Tree-House Tent.


Have an old bus lying around collecting vines? It’s a shame to see vintage vehicles locked up in an auto graveyard because replacement parts are hard to come by and manufacturers can’t justify servicing them anymore. But you can play a part in their reincarnation — transforming them into the grooviest pads imaginable. An old bus makes a compact shelter that you can hollow out and refinish into way more than a humble abode.

Photo by Maegen Leake, for more inspiration see Bus House Hostel.
Photo by Sophia Garcia, for more inspiration see The Feral Skoolie.

New & vintage trailers

Continuing the love for our four (or more) legged friends, owning an RV isn’t something that makes sense for everyone’s budget or space. That’s where you come in! Adopting a new or vintage trailer is the perfect opportunity to create accommodations that campers will swoon over. Why not give yours a special theme and let the interior decorator in you have a new hobby?

Photo by Emilia Wronski, for more inspiration see Bumblefoots Hidaway.

Photo by Leah, Tony & Matt (Photo Team), for more inspiration see Airstream of Dreams.

DIY or reuse existing structures

Chances are if you have land, you have a funky old structure—whether it be for living like a small cabin or water like this tank—sitting around collecting rust or cobwebs. Interesting structures like this converted tank on Jim’s land provide shelter for campers and can be an extremely low-effort way to drive additional income. It doesn’t have to be fancy, the inside of Jim’s water tank is similar to a yurt with a loft that provides campers with two 4″ queen-sized sleeping pads. Otherwise, it’s bring your own bedding (sleeping bags) pillows, etc, for a low-maintenance and highly creative option for campers.

Photo by Madison Kotack, for more inspiration see Glamp Tank Site.

Photo by Madison Kotack, for more inspiration see Glamp Tank Site.

Photo by Jenna Carando at Wild Redwood Waterfall @ Rancho Rio, CA


Got ranch? No, we’re not talking about the dressing, but for those of you lucky enough to have a home on the range, have you ever considered opening it up to guests? They make for ideal group camping where campers decide who gets a comfy cabin and who spends the night stargazing before slipping off into the best sleep of their lives. And, if you feel so inclined, ranches are primo places for hayrides, hoedowns, horseshoes, not to mind meet ‘n’ greets with your friendly animal friends.

Photo by Michelle Park, for more inspiration see Dockley Ranch.
Photo by Andy Fortson, for more inspiration see Largo Rim Ranch.

Beach camping

If the sound of the tide rolling into a slammin’ sunset is serenity, you’re not alone (c’mon you knew that). But what you may not have thought about is carving out space along the water for your hospitality. Beach camping is highly sought after and doesn’t have to be oceanfront property. Rivers, lakes, and coves are fair game and give you an opportunity to set up a safe space for campers to tell spooky stories by the bonfire.

Photo by Kent Johnson, for more inspiration see Camp Rockaway.
Leah, Tony + Matt (Photo Team), for more inspiration see Luxury Tiny Beach Cabin.

Hey you! We sincerely appreciate you sticking with us until the end. Got a camp experience you’re jonesing to create? Get started here.

Writer, runner, and mixtape connoisseur — Kiran is an avid believer in forest bathing, skinny dipping, and leaving everything better than you found it.

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