5 Reasons Why Hosting on Hipcamp Is Better Than Other Homeshare Platforms

Hipcamp partners with landowners like you (who become Hipcamp Hosts) to connect your property with folks who are looking for places to stay and camp outside. All you need to get started is a flat spot where someone can pitch a tent or park an RV, or a structure (such as a yurt, canvas tent, or tiny cabin) for them to spend the night in.

There are so many reasons to become a Hipcamp Host and list your property to earn money for camping, glamping, and RV stays on Hipcamp instead of — or in addition to — other homesharing websites.

We went straight to the source, the Hipcamp Host community of thousands of landowners, to find out why they prefer Hipcamp to other booking platforms. We discovered that there are five ways that hosting guests for outdoor stays on Hipcamp is better.

1. Hipcamp connects you with a community of passionate landowners

Whiskey Ranch, CA, Photo by Lisse Lundin

Hosting campers, glampers, and RVs is a special offering that poses challenges and rewards that can be similar but also quite different from room, house, or apartment rentals.

When you become a Hipcamp Host, you are connected to a likeminded community of land and property owners both digitally and through in-person events like Hipcamp Host regional get-togethers and the Hipcamp Host Summit. You’ll receive an invite to join a private Facebook group where you can share your expertise, or receive guidance and mentorship at any time from your fellow Hosts and Hipcamp employees.

2. Hipcampers (i.e. your guests who book on our platform) have more realistic and reasonable expectations

The Desert Pensione, Joshua Tree, CA. Photo by Emily T.

Our Hipcamp Hosts often write in letting us know how different guests from Hipcamp are in comparison to the guests they receive from other booking platforms. Some even end up switching to Hipcamp entirely to alleviate frustration and unrealistic expectations that guests have from stays on other sites. Here are a few recent favorites:

“After a previous weekend of super needy/picky guests from another popular homesharing platform, these Hipcamp guests were a breath of fresh air! I’m learning that maybe when the word ‘camp’ is in the booking site name it attracts some really down to earth folks/guests.”
— Melissa, Hipcamp Host

“I have found that Hipcamp guests are much more laid back and realistic with their expectations. I just lost ratings on another platform for accuracy of my listing because people had to walk to the campsite from their car (and that is explicitly stated in my description).”
—Ariel, Hipcamp Host

“I find Hipcamp much better for my campsites. I had some difficulty with another homesharing site. The guests from that one expect more.”
—Mark, Hipcamp Host

“My worst guests have been from other platforms. They don’t read descriptions, they don’t even realize they are camping, and expect you to provide everything for them at a minimal price.”
— Bev, Hipcamp Host

3. Hipcamp connects you with a community of mindful outdoor enthusiasts

Yurt Home on a Horse Farm, NY. Photo by Ezekiel Gonzalez

When Hipcampers book outdoor stays on your property through our platform, we communicate our company values and camper expectations including our North Star: “Leave it Better.” If a Hipcamper does not follow our expectations and/or your campsite’s rules, they are removed from the Hipcamp community to ensure our community values are upheld and our hosts have peace of mind.

In addition, Hipcampers share a love for the outdoors, and they are excited to learn about your property. Do you have daily farm chores that need tending? Put it in your listing’s description, and chances are future guests may offer to help during their stay as they do for this Hipcamp Host in Washington state.

4. Hipcamp is a mission and values-driven company

Garden by the Sea, CA. Photo by Nic C.

Hipcamp’s mission is to get more people outside and upholds a set of values that set the foundation for an intentional company and community. Our North Star value: “Leave It Better” is infused across all aspects of the business.

5. Hipcamp is serious about supporting our Hosts

The Hipcamp Support Team

Hipcamp Hosts are relationships, not transactions. The Hipcamp support team can be reached through a variety of mediums. Find answers to your questions through the Hipcamp Help Center, ask a fellow host in the Hipcamp Hosts private Facebook group, submit a request to our support team, or send an email to support@hipcamp.com.

How to start earning extra money hosting campers on your land

Want to earn extra income to help pay for property taxes, home expenses, and future dream projects? Learn more about becoming a Hipcamp Host. (Use the promo code JOURNAL and get an extra $100 when you host your first Hipcamp guest.)

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