5 Different Types of Campsites You Can Make Money From

Image from Cedar Bloom, OR by Ann N.

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When you think about camping, certain images probably come to mind. Maybe it’s a scene from a classic summer camp flick, an extreme adventure tv show, or even fond childhood memories (be sure to thank mom, dad, grandma, pop-pop or whoever introduced ya).

But the truth is that all camping doesn’t look the same. It’s choose your own adventure, with options for every personality and experience level. Here are five different camping experiences you can create, or maybe even are ready to offer!


While usually lacking the amenities of many other camping sites (drinking water, toilets, fire pits), undeveloped or rustic sites are not necessarily harsh or dangerous. The key for campers is to come prepared with food, water, sleeping gear, and first-aid supplies. Many of these sites are used in conjunction with hiking or backpacking, so packing efficiently is a must. While these sites may not be the best choice for families or solo excursions, people can experience camping just like our foremothers and forefathers did.

Hipcamp Host tip: Give your campers a quick checklist of items to consider bringing. Make sure expectations are super clear about what is provided, or not provided when campers arrive at their campsite.

Image from Moonlight Miracle Mountain, CA by Kimberly C.

Image from Mt. Shasta 360, CA by Juliana L.

Image from Billion Dollar Views in God’s Country, CA by Andy F.

Classic campsite

What most people may be familiar with, the classic campsite usually offers parking and a little space for comfortable car or tent camping. These sites are popular because they allow people to haul their food, gear, and other supplies right to where they need them to be. Many also often have amenities like fire pits, bathrooms, supply stores, and showers nearby. This is great choice for anybody — families, couples, even friends who don’t camp on the regular.

Hipcamp Host tip: Think of the details: a welcome guide, reminder on fire safety, and s’mores sticks can keep everyone safe and cared for. How can you offer something different that everyone tells their friends about?

Images from Get Lost at Glen Isle: Tent Sites, Colorado by Caitlin F.

Image from Trinity Outpost, California by Katie C.

Image from Fresh Air on Cobb Mountain, Calofornia by Natalia M.

RV (recreational vehicle)

Just like you might expect, these campsites give you space to post up your RV. They vary in amenities with some having electric/water hookups, but are a great choice to bring the comforts of home on the road with you, with nature quite literally at your doorstep. As an added bonus, RV camps can provide the camaraderie of community, whether that means sugar for your morning coffee, new hiking pals, or guitar singalongs, spooky stories, and s’mores around the campfire.

Hipcamp Host tip: Offer guidelines on parking locations and limitations to make sure vehicles can navigate any tight turns and fit comfortably. Add a few games like corn hole or horseshoes to the property. If the spaces can be near a water or electricity source, all the better!

Image from Mountains, private, close to town 1, MO by Caitlin F.

Image from Sky Mountain Yoga Retreat by Kim W.


Excellent for newer campers or when you just want to turn up the comfort dial to a capital C, camping structures come in many forms, including log cabins, ranch houses, and vintage trailers. Ranging from barebones options where you BYO bedding and cookware, to fully furnished and stocked, structures are a primo way to camp in the cooler months, include the kiddos, or cook up a bonafide feast to satisfy that outdoor appetite.

Hipcamp Host tip: Extra structures on your property might already be suited to host campers. If not, a quick repair can be well worth your time and effort. Building a new structure is also a fun way to put your skills to the test.

Images from Star A-Frame Tiny Cabin, OR by Ann N.

Images from Crystal Creek Cabin, OR by Sara S.

Image from Cabin on Eagle Hill, CA by Madison K.

Image from Caboose House in beautiful NY by Juliana S.

Images from Wooden Tent in the Woods, MN by Brittany S.


The boutique hotel equivalent of camping, glamping (glamorous camping) often features luxurious amenities like comfortable beds and furniture, heating, electricity, wi-fi, and more. There are also a number of creative options out there including geodesic domes, romantic yurts, teepees, and safari tents. While they often cost a bit more, the style, comfort, and great night’s sleep allows you to charge a little more too.

Hipcamp Host tip: Many Hosts have learned how to build small domes, yurts, and tepees using extra space on the property they already live. Contact a fellow Host who has one to find out how!

Image from Khaya Jabula Ranch, NM by Kat W.

Image from The Cutest Casita on Earth, CA by Natasha S.

Image from Serenity Glamping, UT by Taylor H.

Image from Imogene Pass Catered Glamping, CO by Kimberly C.

Own land? Earn money on Hipcamp. Host our community of nature lovers to earn extra income for property management, home expenses, and dream projects. Learn more here.

Kiran Umapathy, writer, runner, and mixtape connoisseur, Kiran is a firm believer in forest bathing, skinny dipping, and leaving everything better than you found it. Follow his shenanigans on Instagram.


Writer, runner, and mixtape connoisseur — Kiran is an avid believer in forest bathing, skinny dipping, and leaving everything better than you found it.

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