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25 Hacks and Tips to Help You Earn Extra Income on Your Land

Hipcamp partners with landowners like you (who become Hipcamp Hosts) to list your property on our platform so that folks who are looking for places to stay and camp outside or park their RV can find your land, which will help you earn money. All you need to get started is a flat spot where someone can pitch a tent or park an RV, or a structure (such as a yurt, canvas tent, or tiny cabin) for them to spend the night in.

The comprehensive list of DIY landowner and host hacks to help you get great reviews and earn more money

If you’re a crafty landowner, you probably know at least five ways to repurpose a wooden pallet or you might be able to create a composting toilet in under an hour

As more property owners join the Hipcamp Host community to earn money with their land, through creating their own unique campsites, they are also sharing numerous creative DIY homesteading, home home improvement, and hospitality ideas with each other. We’ve seen and heard about these ideas in our Hosts’ campsite listings (see the top Hipcamps of 2019, for example). So we created a comprehensive list of some of the most useful hacks, tips, and tricks we’ve come across ranging from the reuse of old materials for land improvement to crafty tips and tricks geared toward attracting more campers, glampers, and RVers. 

1. No kitchen? In a fire danger area? Provide guests with fire-safe grills

Why: Improve the experience of your guests, and teach them about fire safety.

How: Here are 5 Fire-Safe Grills for Your Land and Campsite

2. Build a composting toilet in less than 45 minutes

Why: Composting toilets are better for the environment than porta potties aka portable toilet rentals (but if you are interested in renting porta potties, that is an option). Check out the Hipcamp Toilet Awards for many more DIY toilet ideas.

How: Read Everything You Need to Know About Composting Toilets and How to Build a Composting Toilet in 45 Minutes

3. Provide DIY zero waste, eco-friendly soap for guests

Why: Your guests, and Mother Earth will thank you. We love this simple recipe from Happy Mothering made of castile soap, distilled water and essential oils: DIY Homemade Lavender and Tea Tree Liquid Soap.

4. Create signs out of found objects or reclaimed wood

Why: Make your camp easier for your guests to find.

How: Check out The Essential Property Signs for Hosting Campers.



5. Build a fire pit 

Why: S’mores, camp cooking, warmth, good vibes.

How: Check out these 10 DIY Firepits You Can Build on Your Land.

6. Make a fire pit out of a washing machine barrel (like the one below!)

The barrel from an old washing machine can be repurposed as a cool looking fire pit.

7. Hook up your outdoor fire pit to a propane tank for instant and continuous warmth 

Propane tank hooked to a fire pit at Camp Owl Pine, CA, propane fire pit. Photo by Michael & Cat D.

8. Repurpose tree stumps as seating and side tables

Tree stump furniture at Camp Owl Pine, CA. Photo by Lisse Lundin

9. No electricity? No problem! Use solar power to create lighting and ambiance

Why: Little details can make a big difference, especially lighting. Stringing up solar powered lights can make your property look more photogenic and help to attract more guests.


Camp Owl Pine, Photo by Madison Kotack
Camp Owl Pine, Photo by Corey G.

10. Build an off-the-grid outdoor shower

How: View a few of the top-rated outdoor showers on Hipcamp.

McGovern Residence, WA. Photo by Meredith B.

11. Provide guests with a DIY dishwashing station

How: Find a collapsible version here, or setup your own with a few tubs by following this handy guide.

12. Create a community supplies area

Why: Increase your good karma and great hospitality by creating a communal supplies space and encouraging guests to leave and/or take what they need. Sharing is caring!

Community supplies area at Camp Owl Pine. Photo by Julian Bialowas.


13. Provide games for guests

Why: Games are great when there’s inclement weather and outdoor exploration is on hold.

Camp Owl Pine by Michael and Cat D.

14. Create a “survival kit” for guests

Why: Help keep them covered in case they forgot essentials like bug spray, matches, toilet paper or emergency supplies.

15. Create a solar charging station

Why: So guests don’t have to hike back to their vehicles to charge devices.

How: Hipcamp Host Dave of Blackthorn Basecamp in Kansas created a thatched tiki umbrella (pictured below) and installed a solar panel, battery, and a box with USB ports and 12v outlets.

DIY thatched tiki charging station created by Host Dave of Blackthorn Basecamp in Kansas.

16. Provide shade

Why: Shade is an important factor when guests are choosing a campsite in hotter climates.

How: If your property’s environment doesn’t offer natural shade from trees, consider creating something like a shade sail (pictured below from The Desert Pensione in Joshua Tree) which is popular in desert areas for their flexibility in the elements and ability to provide solace from the sun.

Shade sail, as seen at The Desert Pensione Joshua Tree, CA. Photo by Madison Kotack.

17. Create a DIY chair or rocking chair out of a cable drum


18. Add a cot for an easy, affordable bed in off-grid cabins and glamping sites

A simple elevated bed can make a huge difference getting a good night’s sleep, and this is an amenity that guests will pay more for! Check out the Coleman Trailhead II model for only $35! It’ll pay for itself almost instantly, and then start earning you extra profits.

Cabin on Eagle Hill, CA. Photo by Madison Kotack


19. Turn a shipping container into a cozy, creative shelter


S K Y C A M P, CA. Photo by Madison Kotack.

20. Create an A-frame cabin that will pay for itself in no time!

Why: A-frame cabins are among Hipcamp’s most-booked and most profitable types of structures on our platform. Check out the A-frames that our campers count as faves.

How: Hipcamp’s most talked about A-frame, the Star A-Frame Tiny Cabin (pictured below) can be yours for $700-to-$3,000 and some elbow grease, according to its designer Derek Diedricksen. With his breezy plan, the tiny home specialist proves that A-frames can be affordable and easy-to-build. Plus, the cabin will quickly pay for itself and start earning you additional income when you become a Hipcamp Host and list your land for campers to book. Read our post on How to Build This A-Frame Cabin That Will Pay for Itself.

Star A-Frame Tiny Cabin at Cedar Bloom in Oregon.

21. Turn pretty much anything into a place for guests to sleep

How: Here’s a list of 7 Creative Campsites Proven to Generate Income including the water tank pictured below that was made into a glamping cabin. Check out The Glamp Tank.

DIY Water tank glamping cabin called The Glamp Tank, created by Host Jim at Songdog Ranch in CA

22. Offer a camping wagon for guests to easily transport supplies to and from their car

How: Here’s a top 10 list of camping wagons


23. Communicate with guests via SMS ????

Pro Hipcamp Host tip: When hosting guests on Hipcamp, you’re able to SMS with guests through your phone without needing a smartphone to access an app. This is a feature unique to Hipcamp that our Host community has said makes a big difference in why Hipcamp is superior to other hosting and home-sharing platforms.

24. Protect your toilet paper from the elements with a repurposed coffee tin

25. Provide guests with waste bags

Why: Help your guests to live the Hipcamp value of #LeaveItBetter by providing them with compostable bags for them to pack out their trash.

How: Here’s a pop-up trash bin you can provide for $1 using a foldable laundry basket and BioBags, which are a great option for compostable bags.

View all Hipcamp guides and hacks. Already familiar with one or many of these hacks and tips?

How to start earning extra money hosting campers on your land

Want to earn extra income to help pay for property taxes, home expenses, and future dream projects? Learn more about becoming a Hipcamp Host. (Use the promo code JOURNAL and get an extra $100 when you host your first camper on your land.)

If you’re looking for more creative ideas for building structures and campsites to add to your land to enjoy and to help earn more income, check out The Top 7 Types of Campsites Generating Income on Hipcamp.

Julie's first camping memory was driving across the country with her family on a 3-week road trip in their cerulean blue Chevy van at age 4. She lived #vanlife for 7 years, & strives to make the outdoors accessible, and inclusive to all. Her top three unessential camping items are: a speaker, LED poi, and LED twinkle lights for ambiance.

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