First Camper Club Success Guide

How’d we get so lucky to connect with an adventurer like you? As a First Camper, you’ll be scoping the freshest land on our site, and we think that’s a pretty big deal. To help you succeed, we put together a quick guide on taking the best photos and writing the most useful reviews possible.

The better your trips, the more you get featured by us (sweet, sweet glory), and the more you’ll help shape the future of this program. How cool is that?

Check out our guide below, and drop us a line if you have any questions at all. Make us proud out there 🙂


Take great photos 📸

We all have an inner photographer—here are some quick style hacks to access yours:

  1. Avoid using photo editing apps like Huji Cam that put a vintage-looking filter on your photos—keep it natural.
  2. We strongly prefer landscape (horizontal) oriented photos. Turn that phone to the side 🙂
  3. The brighter the better! Avoid taking photos at night.

To remain in First Camper Club, you’re required to upload 5 photos after each trip. To crush this, we suggest taking these 5 types of photos:

  1. An overall, zoomed-out view of the Hipcamp
  2. The area where you sleep
  3. Cool features on the propertylike a creek, for example!
  4. Landscape surrounding the property
  5. Amenities or Activities available at the Hipcamp

Scroll down to see examples of each.

1. An overall, zoomed-out view of the Hipcamp

For Kendall!


2. The area where you sleep

For Kendall!


3. Cool features on the property

For Kendall!


4. Landscape surrounding the property

For Kendall!


5. Amenities or activities available at the Hipcamp

For Kendall!

Write a killer review 📝

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential future camper: What would you have found useful? List the things that you found noteworthy, such as:

  1. Amenities you enjoyed
  2. Nearby attractions
  3. Features of the property you liked
  4. Host interaction
  5. Helpful tips

Here is an example of a great review:

My husband and I stayed at Ardor Wood Farm this weekend and loved every second of it – it was the perfect escape from the Black Friday madness! The campsite was very easy to find and signs were in place to help us find everything from parking, to the campsite, to the bathroom. There was about a mile of unpaved, very bumpy road before arriving, but we made it without any trouble in our old cargo van. If it has rained recently you may want to call ahead or drive a 4×4. There are several cleared areas on the property to pitch a tent, but the main campsite is located just a short walk back into the woods. There is a great fire pit and level ground for setting up camp. The entire property is surrounded by beautiful trees, wildlife, and walking trails which are perfect for campers of all ages. There is also a very clean outhouse with an odorless, composting toilet. This really is a beautiful campsite and Karen was extremely hospitable. We would highly recommend Ardor Wood Farms!

Easy enough, right?

Check out new these First Camper Club Hipcamps, waiting to be discovered, and book your next adventure.

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