Don’t Let Rain Dampen Your Camping Plans: Hipcamp Now Offers a Weather Guarantee for Camping Trips

Continuing to make your camping trips memorable despite Mother Nature’s plans

We know all too well the wave of panic when you hear the pitter patter of rain drops on your tent or how disappointing it can be when rain washes out your much-anticipated camping plans. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Hipcamp now offers a Weather Guarantee.

Now, if it rains on your trip, we’ll automatically reimburse you for your trip cost. It’s peace of mind for a small fee and no claims or paperwork are required.

Curious about how we come up with new features here at Hipcamp? We caught up with Hipcamp’s product manager, Mike Kolarik, to learn more about why the team’s so excited about bringing this feature to campers.

How often does rain affect camping trips?

While campers cancel trips for a variety of reasons, the most common by far is the weather. According to our data, weather is the reason behind 20 to 40% of cancellations! And, who knows how many people decided not to book because they were worried about weather spoiling their trip?

How did this feature come to life?

We worked with the great folks over at Sensible Weather, a group of climate scientists, technologists and designers dedicated to understanding climate risks. Combining their expertise with our own understanding of campers’ needs, we were able to develop a product to help more people get outside with peace of mind.

How does this feature help Hipcampers?

The Weather Guarantee is an optional purchase during online booking that proactively reimburses up to 100% of the total trip cost if rain is forecast during their stay. Reimbursements are made automatically, with no claims required. And, what’s more is that campers can still enjoy their trip! They’re still reimbursed even if they decide to brave the elements.

How does this feature help Hipcamp Hosts?

Whenever a camper adds a Weather Guarantee to their booking, whether they know it or not, they’re protecting their Host as well! That’s because when campers cancel bookings due to weather, any refunds they receive would normally come from the Hosts’ earnings. With the Weather Guarantee, not only does the camper get reimbursed completely, but the Host also keeps all of their earnings.

Anything else you want to share?

Yes! We’re excited about the potential to bring the feature to more countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as covering other weather events, such as extreme heat and air quality.

Any other new features you can tease?

Stay tuned for more weather-related features that will bring real-time weather forecasts and historical weather to our campers to help them make the best decisions. We’ll also roll out more options for trip protection unrelated to the weather.

That’s all from Mike! Ready to book your next Hipcamp with a Weather Guarantee? Learn more about this new feature below.

How does the Weather Guarantee work?

When you book a qualifying Hipcamp stay, you’ll have the option to add the Weather Guarantee to your booking for a nominal fee. If there’s forecasted rain during your stay, you’ll automatically get money back. The fees and reimbursement amount vary depending on your booking and the terms will be laid out for you to review before purchasing.

Here’s an example of what that looks like:

What types of weather does the Weather Guarantee cover?

The Weather Guarantee covers precipitation determined by the official daily NOAA forecast for each day of your camping trip. Don’t worry, Sensible checks in to let you know if your stay qualifies for reimbursement.

How much reimbursement do I receive with a Weather Guarantee?

Weather Guarantee payout amounts vary and are defined at the time of booking your Weather Guarantee. You’re eligible to receive a daily payout equal to the average daily cost of the qualifying reservation, meaning you might receive multiple payouts throughout your trip that equal your entire trip cost.

Can I still go on my Hipcamp booking if I get a reimbursement?

Yes, the Weather Guarantee doesn’t result in any cancellation of your trip, and you only get reimbursed for forecasted rain if you keep your Hipcamp reservation. That means you can continue with your camping plans, even if you get a reimbursement.

What’s the difference between a Weather Guarantee and insurance?

Weather Guarantees aren’t insurance products. Traditional travel insurance policies cover catastrophic events that cause cancellation of your trip. While insurance products typically cover cancellations leading up to a trip (such as sickness or injury), Sensible guarantees specific weather during the dates of your trip, protecting you in the event that the forecast doesn’t align with the guaranteed conditions.

For more info on how the Weather Guarantee works, visit our support page for more information

Book your next Hipcamp with peace of mind

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