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10 Reasons to Brave the Cold for a Winter Camping Trip

Glamping and camping in winter can be a surprising pleasure if you go about it in the right way. Here are our top 10 reasons to visit campsites that are open even in winter.

1. Peace and quiet

While the summer sun can bring campers intheir droves and fill every site to breaking point, winter sees the calmer, quieter side of camping. Space to roam, no screaming children and a true sense of traditional, outdoor living allows you to feel wonderfully ‘lost in nature’. In winter you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to feel like you’re camping somewhere remote, you simply need to get outdoors.

2. Dog-friendly stays

Plenty of folks love camping with dogs and often taking your poochy pal along can be a real deal breaker. A lot of sites, while accepting dogs, are restricted by the fact that, during summer, most beaches in the UK don’t allow them. Winter is the perfect time for dog friendly camping. Plenty of sites accept them, most beaches will do to, and a little brisk exercise will do wonders to warm you up!

View all campsites that accept dogs here.

3. No bugs

Had a Scottish camping gem in mind all year? Missed the boat to go this summer? Worry not, for those hardy enough to head out in the winter months there is one happy guarantee… No bugs. Midges, mosquitoes, horse flies, wasps – whatever your fear, there won’t be any near – a happy bonus of winter camping.

4. Cosy pubs

Camping isn’t all about being outdoors. In fact, when it comes to winter an awful lot of it is about being indoors, whether its castles and stately homes or long walks that end in the comfort of a village pub. Fires roaring, wellies by the door and hearty winter roasts with sticky toffee pudding. Now that’s how you do winter camping!

View all campsites with a pub within reach here.

5. Affordability

Half price glamping, discounted weekend breaks, free breakfast hampers… you name it and we can guarantee there’ll be a site out there offering. Winter is a fantastic time for snapping up good deals. Glamping and camping sites all slash their prices, and glamping sites throw in handy extras like bumper baskets of logs and winter warming dinners. It’s the perfect low cost option.

6. Last-minute availability

We’ve all had that camping trip where we thought we could turn up on the weekend and there’d be plenty of space, only to arrive to a “sorry we’re full” sign swinging from the gatepost. The beauty of winter, though, is that you can keep your eye on the forecast right up until the weekend and when you’re sure it’ll be dry simply make your booking and pootle along.

7. The changing scenery

Summer in Britain isn’t exactly ugly but it’s easy to overlook the power of our winter scenery. Leaves turn to a burning autumnal red, crisp frost sparkles in the morning sun and waterfalls pour under the force of new found water. In the summer we enjoy the parks with weekend picnics and late night barbecues but in the winter we often shy away. Camping forces you back out into the Great Outdoors—there’s no better way to appreciate it.

8. A perfect time for glamping

Been eying up that yurt all summer but couldn’t convince yourself (or your significant other) it was worth it? Well, hey…wintertime is a ready-made excuse. Woodburners roaring, lanterns strung up in all directions and huge double beds scattered with cushions and 50 extra blankets. If you’ve been trying to convince your other half to go glamping all summer then now’s the time to ramp it up again. Trust us. You won’t regret it.

View all winter glamping sites here.

9. Lying in

The caw of morning birds, the sun breaking through the tent flaps and the sound of children booting a football dangerously in your direction are the staple of summer camping and with the sun rising at 6am it’s not exactly a recipe for shut eye. Cosy nights in the pub give way to lazy mornings waiting for the sun to rise in winter, a simple camping pleasure only assured at this time of year.

10. Bragging rights

At the end of the day, if you go camping in winter you’re officially a cool camper. And that, of course, gets a serious thumbs up from us.

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