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9 Reasons Why RVers Use Hipcamp

Hipcamp makes it easier for RVers to find epic campsites and plan more memorable road trips

Known for its unique outdoor stays, Hipcamp also offers thousands of camping options for RVers from traditional campgrounds to private land. These limitless choices expand the world of RVing and make it easier to find places to stay, even last minute. 

Hipcamp has numerous free features that simplify the booking process, save you time, and offer exciting new camping ideas. Here’s why Hipcamp is the go-to resource when planning your next RV trip.

Reason #1: Wide variety of RV camping options

Hipcamp was created after an exasperating experience using a public campground booking system—a feeling RVers know too well. Wanting to provide campers with easy access to the outdoors, Hipcamp removes booking frustrations by offering an extensive campground inventory, all under a single familiar interface. 

RVers now have a plethora of options to choose from. There are traditional RV campgrounds alongside public campground listings so you can easily compare your options. And there are eclectic campsites on private mountaintops, ranches, and orchards.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Caroline Whatley at Pisgah Forest Mountain Meadows

Reason #2: Easily book last-minute sites

Time for a spontaneous getaway to reinvigorate the soul? Or do you need to move camp sooner than planned? Either way, Hipcamp makes last-minute planning a breeze with its filter to search for campsites by availability. With one quick tap from the homepage, you can see all the properties available tonight, this weekend, or next weekend. No more clicking on multiple listings to find out they’re all booked.

Reason #3: Snag popular campsites on public lands

Hipcamp’s core value is to connect people with the outdoors, and nothing brings us closer to that than camping on our public lands. However, finding an available site at popular campgrounds can be disheartening. This is why Hipcamp partners with Campflare for availability alerts, which send you notices for any sold-out U.S. campground that’s reservable on 

This includes all national parks, national forests, and some state parks including ones in California that are available on ReserveCalifornia. Simply select your desired campground and dates, and Campflare will automatically send push notifications when a site becomes available. It’s annoying to have to refresh your browser every 15 seconds, but now we do it for you! 

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Jess Amrich at Range RV Campground, Utah

Reason #4: Curated campsites 

Planning vacations should be exciting, but choice overload is a real thing. Hipcamp curates collections of properties based on popular searches and filters to make it convenient to find the right campsites for your trip. 

Numerous collections are available directly from the homepage of carefully selected Hipcamps neighboring national parks, by lakes, near hot springs, and more. There are also additional collections such as big-rig friendly, pets allowed off-leash, important bird areas, Star Hosts, and more.

Reason #5: Personalize searches for your rig

Hipcamp allows you to really customize your search details. One of our favorite features for RVers is the ability to enter your rig’s dimensions to filter sites that match your needs. 

There are seven RV types to choose from, whether you’re traveling in a travel trailer, pop-up camper, or Class A. Then enter your vehicle length, including your toad or tow vehicle. This will filter all the Hipcamps that allow your style of rig and remove any worry about showing up only to realize the site is too small for your RV. Plus, these specifications are saved to your profile so you only have to enter them once!

Reason #6: Filter for specific amenities 

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a campsite with all the amenities and other times you’re willing to forgo some of the conveniences for a unique experience. You can filter Hipcamps by amenities such as electric hookups, water hookups, sewage hookups, campfires allowed, pull-through site, concrete pad, and Wi-Fi. Check all the boxes, none, or mix and match to find an assortment of properties that offer the comforts you want.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Katie Corley at Reservoir Peace, Mississippi

Reason #7: Map layers for connectivity (and other important details)

Another way Hipcamp helps you plan better trips is its map layer feature. There are three overlay categories with 17 filters to choose from, ensuring you book the perfect campsite. 

The data coverage map includes all four major cell carriers and Starlink to ensure digital nomads can continue working. You can use the dark sky overlay to catch the next meteor shower or the National Scenic Byway overlay to find camping near popular routes. 

The overlay feature also enables campers to find Hipcamps or public campgrounds that are near or inside one of our many types of public lands. The EV and dump station overlays display the closest stations, so you don’t have to worry about low batteries or overflowing tanks.

Reason #8: Beyond typical campground amenities

Some Hipcamp hosts offer extra services in addition to their sweet campsite setups. Click on a property’s site to see the extras offered; this will vary from host to host. It can be as simple as a bag of ice, useful equipment like an RV leveling kit, or something delicious like a farm-fresh veggie box. Don’t be surprised to see some hosts offer something more extravagant like a game of paintball or float trip—actual float and shuttle included!

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Brian Kinney

Reason #9: Easier planning for large groups

Traveling with an RV caravan? You can easily book larger properties or multiple sites at a smaller one for your party by using one of Hipcamp’s three filters. The first one is to simply select the total number of guests in the guest search field. The second is to head to filters and click on “Great for Groups” and Hipcamp will automatically display all the campsites that meet your requirements. The last one is to search the group events collection to view available sites where you can reserve the entire property for yourself.

Whatever your camping style and needs are, Hipcamp makes selecting and reserving sites convenient with these awesome features. Now you can easily change it up by dry camping near hiking trails one weekend and pamper yourself the next with full hookups—and maybe even access to a hot tub!

Ching Fu is a nomadic freelance writer and photographer whose work is focused on outdoor adventure, travel, and our natural world. Since 2015, she’s been a full-time RVer living exclusively off solar power without burning a drop of propane with her partner and two dogs. Always on the lookout for alpine lakes and new mountain bike trails, she still loves constantly waking up in new places.

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