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Stars and Stewardship: Show Local Hipcamps Love this Earth Day

Do something good and watch meteor showers? Sounds like the best weekend ever. This year’s Earth Day weekend, April 20 – 22, overlaps with the Lyrid’s meteor shower, which gives outdoor lovers two incredible reasons to find themselves outside.

How does it work? Hipcamp Hosts are participating in our #StarsAndStewardship Earth Day weekend by organizing a day of stewardship on their land in exchange for a discounted night of camping for stewards (that’s you!). Find out if there is a campout hosted near you by checking the list below. This listed is updated each day.

If you can’t find an Earth Day campout listing near you, consider reaching out to a nearby host and asking if this is something they would be interested in organizing. To do this, simply message the host from the listing page and mention, “Hi there, I would love to volunteer to help you with any projects you have in exchange for a discounted night of camping this upcoming Earth Day weekend, 4/20-22. Is this something you would be interested in? Check the Hipcamp journal for full details about how our community is encouraged to organize stewardship events at local Hipcamps. Hope to talk soon,”

Events Overview

Hipcampers will arrive for the weekend either Friday night or Saturday morning (this depends on the listing, each one is unique!), ready to help out with projects. Hipcampers stay for the Lyrid’s meteor shower early Sunday morning, then head home at the designated time.

How To Participate

1. RSVP your spot! Find a participating Hipcamp at the bottom of this post.

To participate, search “Earth Day” to find a listing near you, or check back to see if this post has been updated with new campouts.

RSVP by clicking ‘Direct Book’ on the listing and selecting the dates that you plan to attend. Reference the campout for when to arrive, each one is different. Check out as you would to book a campsite through Hipcamp.

2. Review the details of the Earth Day Campout listing.

Most campouts will be BYO gear and supplies, unless noted otherwise. We recommend planning like you would for a normal camping trip, and getting ready to get your hands dirty.

Make sure to check:

  • Project description(s)
  • Accommodations. Are you required to bring your own tent and camping gear? Mess kit?
  • Check-in and check-out time.
  • What to bring, what to wear.
  • Make sure the listing name includes “Earth Day”

3. Mark your calendars.

The charge of $5+ allows hosts to provide additional amenities or supplies for the weekend. If you RSVP, please plan on attending, or letting the host know if you can’t make it.

4. Spread the word.

Invite your friends, neighbors, post in local Facebook groups, get local outdoor lovers excited to go camping, watch meteor showers, get to know your local community, and most of all…leave it better!

Share your stoke with #StarsAndStewardship and @hipcamp.

View all Earth Day events listed by state below. This listed is updated every 24 hours.


Earth Day at Murchison Farm
Murchison Farm | Capacity: 40 | Projects: 2
1. Clean areas for camping
2. Build fire rings

New York

Farming Earth Day Campout
Magic Forest Farm | Capacity: 11 | Projects: 3
1. Plant trees
2. Inoculate mushroom logs
3. Cleaning brush

Northern California

Earth Day WORK OUTside Camp w Stars
Mare Island Preserve | Capacity: 15 | Projects: 2
1. Graffiti be gone
2. Goodbye French Broom (removing invasive species)

Earth Day at Mendocino Magic

Mendocino Magic | Capacity: 25 | Projects: 3
1. Clearing brush
2. Develop water bars
3. Suggest your own! Garden always needs green thumbs 🙂

Animal Habitat Earth Day Gathering
Trinity Wilderness Outpost | Capacity: 55 | Projects: 2
1. Building houses for bats, owls, and woodpeckers
2. Picking up trash in the National Forest Campground

Earth Day at Oz Farm
Oz Farm | Capacity: 40 | Workshops: 2
1. Mushroom cultivation
2. Herbal medicine

100 Year Old Mtn Garden – Earth Day
1955 Trail Chief Pop-Up | Capacity: 2 | Projects: 1
1. Help us discover rock paths and planters from the 1920s on our historic two acre property

Earth Day Campout
C.J’s Hideaway | Capacity: 5 | Projects: 3
1. Clean campsites and level sleeping areas
2. Help assemble tables and decks
3. Trail clearing

Earth Day Campout, April 22-23
Camp Cruz | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 1
1. Spring cleaning and prep for Domegia builders workshop

Southern California

Peaceful <3s Earth Day Extravaganza
Peaceful Hearts Mountain Ranch | Capacity: 15 | Projects: 1
1. Help us prep for our Earth Day Extravaganza

Desert Tower Earth Day Campout
The Desert Tower | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 1
1. Cover up ugly well pipes

Rusty Can Ranch – Earth Day
Rust Can Ranch – Camp Tree | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 2
1. Reclaimed art installation.
2. Painting a 2500-gallon water tank.

Old Yosemite Earth Day Smoke Out
Southgate Summit | Capacity: 20 | Projects: 1
1. Brush and tree trimmings need to be discarded in multiple burn piles. So what we are looking for are campers to carry or drag the branches to the pile area to be burned. We do NOT need anyone to cut anything or add branches to the fire, just bring it to the burn area. (What to bring: very sturdy boots; tough jeans; leather work gloves; long sleeve shirt; hat; sunglasses; camping gear; change of clothes; cooler with snacks and drinks; camera/phone charger; body wipes.)


New Camp Sites Earth Day Campout
Rapture on the Rio | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 2
1. Clear space for new campsites
2. Collect firewood

Earth Day: Ski, Build, Play
Holy Cross Refugio | Capacity: 6 | Projects: 5
1. Document route / are inventory. Help improve waypoints!
2. Help carry remote cabin supplies
3. El Refugio cabin tune-up
4. Firewood outhouse build
5. Harvest firewood

Earth Day Farm Improvement / Clean Up
Thunderbird SpiritRanch | Capacity: 6 | Projects: 1
1. Spring cleaning along creek

OddUsSee Hideaway Mountain CO | Capacity: 6 | Projects: 5+
1. Sticks-n-limbs that tend to be strewn over the winter can be gathered and laid by the firepit. The main firepit needs to be a few more feet below ground level.
2. Inside the dome will need to be readied for springtime by sweeping and tidying up. Also, weather permitting, cracks in the dome’s shell need caulked.
3. Create a labyrinth or two.
4. Create a garden-tower or two.
5. We also have an infinite list of ‘Need to Do’ projects.


Earth Day at Goat House Farm
Goat House Farm | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 3+
1. Wildflower planting
2. Collecting fallen branches and clearing winter leaves
3. Spring cleaning the barn
4. Snuggling baby goats


Earth Day Campout
Forgotten Foods Farm | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 1
1. Build firepit
2. Look at wildflowers!


Earth Day Tree Stewardship
The Poplar Grove | Capacity: 2 | Projects: 1
1. Plant saplings in the Arboretum and elsewhere on Three Roods Farm under the guidance of Farmer McGregor

Earth Day Pasture Regeneration
Harvest Village – Farmstay | Capacity: 4 | Projects: 2
1. Trail clearing
2. Tree transplanting


Earth Day Campsite Creations
Little Beau’s Backyard | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 2
1. Campsite clearing
2. Trailblazing

Earth Day at Towering Oaks
Towering Oaks at White Raven | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 3
1. Clear paths of leaves
2. Re-paint fences
3. Clear fire-pits


Earth Day 2018 Stars & Stewardship
Grins & Pickin’s CampFarm | Capacity: 44 | Projects: 4
1. Recycling 2nd hand picnic tables by sanding & giving them fresh paint designs
2. Removing invasive plants during a hike by cutting grapevine & wild roses
3. Transplanting trees for shaded campsites
4. Help prepare the Feed the Hungry Garden for planting


Earth Day Campout & Meteor Shower
Tadpole Manor in Deadwood | Capacity: 4 | Projects: 2
1. Riprarian restoration
2. Prep the garden for planting


Earth Day on a Rescue Farm
Triple Dream Farm | Capacity: 2 | Projects: 3
1. Build a simple greenhouse
2. Revamp simple goat shelter
3. Paint mini horse barn, repair and rehang barn door (carpentry knowledge a plus!)

South Dakota

Earth Day at the Compound
The Compound | Capacity: 1 | Projects: 1+
1. Planting, fencing, construction, and picking up sticks. Don’t forget to bring gloves, boots, and some warm clothes!


Earth Day at Turtle Hollow Farm!
Turtle Hollow Farm | Capacity: 10 | Projects: 1+
1. Every day farm activities including looking after the chickens and chicks, collecting eggs, sheep care, barn/shelter building, gardening, foraging and anything else needed.


Earth Day on a Little Happy Ranch
Ranchito Feliz | Capacity: 6 | Projects: 2
1. Help expand campsites
2. Improve drainage


Earth Day Camp: Upriver Permaculture
Upriver Enchanted Forest | Capacity: 1 | Projects: 1
1. Planning to clear area for fruit and nut trees.


Spring Cleanup Earth Day Campout
Platte River Campground | Capacity: | Projects: 1
1. Spring cleanup @ camp

Hipcamp is an online marketplace where you can list, discover, and book campsites and accommodations on private and public land. Hipcamp is your go-to guide to getting outside. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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