Our Favorite Pictures from the Solar Eclipse

WOW—we’re still awestruck. Over half of our team made it to the path of totality to see this incredible celestial phenomenon. We’re finding ourselves researching the 2019 eclipse in South America, and the 2024 eclipse that will pass from Maine to Texas. Many eclipse chasers were born this week, it seems. The best way to keep your Eclipse buzz going, of course, is to oogle amazing photos that Hipcampers and photographers across the internet captured on Monday. Here are our favs:

Our Favorite from the Web


Our Favorite Hipcamper Photo

“Look, the moon! ? #eclipse2017 #hipcamp” — @jonimarques

Most Inspiring Caption

“I know something like this may be redundant, but it’s also very necessary. The same image may be posted thousands if not millions of times over, but that’s the point; this was a monumental event. Today, millions of people gathered from across the world to watch a moment of collision in the cosmos. As our source of light dwindled, the sound of cheering and fireworks filled the darkness. For a few moments, the hearts of the nation were connected to something bigger than ourselves. We were put in our place, as we witnessed something rarer than lightning and more magnificent than any storm. What matters now is not to let the wave of enthusiasm for space and science return to what it was before today. Our space programs need funding, our precious blue marble of a home needs to be saved through conservation, and we are the only way that change begins. I hope today’s eclipse had a lasting impact on those that accept or deny the conditions we’re currently living on, and that it may lead to further understanding on how to fix our issues.” — @lostfoxcollective

Best Capture of Partial Eclipse Shadow

“The shadows from the tree leaves on our pinhole projector might have been cooler than the projector’s projection. Na mean” —@floridaskunkape

Best post-eclipse pic

“A much needed waterfall massage after sitting in the car for hours on end slogging through eclipse traffic. @hipcamp #SasquatchMeadows” — @ian_d_williams (your own private waterfall, bookable on Hipcamp)

Best Eclipse Glasses Photo

I was pretty mesmerized by the Solar Eclipse, I’d like to say this was staged, but… ” – Field Scout Evan Kubena (@alaskangeles) at Organic Farm Camp, OR

Best Eclipse Glasses Photo – Fam Edition


Best Eclipse Glasses Photo – Pup Edition

Hipcamper Cara Martinez at T-J Ranch, Idaho

Best video

“Couldn’t find my phone tripod quick enough, so just balanced it against a Tapatio bottle on top of my car and time lapsed. Good times at the eclipse, and so glad I was able to book through Hipcamp ?”@laura_barnum

Best Eclipse Haiku

“Solar Eclipse 2017
Twilight afternoon
The moon rules the day briefly
Totality path”


Best Eclipse Road Trip Pic


Our Favorite Fantasy Shot

Uh, is this photo even real?! A lot of people asked that very same question, but we can assure you it is. Bay Area-photographer Ted Hesser (@tedhesser) snapped this epic shot at the climbing mecca, Smith Rock State Park, outside of Bend, Oregon. This shot is undoubtedly shaping up to be the most iconic photo of the day. You can read the story behind the photo here.

Best Hipcamp Staff Pic

Taken in Salem, OR — @ceatran

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PSST! Don’t know what to do with your eclipse glasses now that the big show is over? Please consider donating them to schoolchildren in South Africa and Asia for safe viewing of solar eclipses in 2019. Please mail yours to this partner of Astronomers Without Borders at:

Explore Scientific
1010 S. 48th Street
Springdale, AR 72762

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