No Tent? No Problem: Cabin Edition

“No Tent? No problem” is a multipart series highlighting Hipcamp properties designed for an easy-in and easy-out. No one said camping had to be hard? Hipcamp offers a variety of camping experiences – from primitive campsites to cabins like these, Hipcamp’s mission is to help people get outside.

Live Oak Loft

Photo: Julian Bialowas

“The loft is through the garden and attached to an ancient live oak tree. It has lake views, water, a single bed (can be a double if needed), and is perfect for 2 people.

  • 3 hours east of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 2 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…a romantic pit stop before heading into Yosemite

Wondernut Farm Guest Cabin

Photo: Nic Castellanos

“Wondernut Farm is an absolute gem. Not only is it within striking distance of Yosemite (who doesn’t love Yosemite), it is inhabited by a friendly collection of animals and people alike. The landowners are terrific and go out of their way to make you feel welcome and a part of the community.

  • 3 hours east of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 4 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…a refreshing peek into grassroots farming

Sturtevant Camp Cabins

The Honeymoon Cabin

The Retreat Cabin

Photos: Alyx Schwarz

“Nearby is the game court, which can be set up for badminton, volleyball or croquet.

  • 1 hour north of Los Angeles
  • Honeymoon Cabin: accommodates 4 Hipcampers
  • Retreat Cabin: accommodates 6 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…family reunion: cabin-style!

Coyote Valley Camp Cabin

Photos: Ryan and Bernadette Morgan

“The perfect mix of wilderness and refinement. A little bit like camping—with an outdoor kitchen (with two-burner camp-style stove) and fire pit, a compost toilet, and solar panels instead of electricity—but instead of a tent you’ll bunk in a restored homestead cabin “bunkhouse” and take a hot-water shower.”

  • 2.5 hours east of Los Angeles
  • Accommodates 4 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…dabbling with the desert

Gold Creek Cabin

Photo: Doug Gribble

  • 1.5 hours east of Sacramento
  • Accommodates 12 Hipcampers, plus additional tent space available
  • Perfect for…an epic birthday bash in the woods

Mini Studio in the Ranch House

Photos: Eunique Fowler, Derek Bender

  • 3 hours east of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 2 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…curing writer’s block

Sky Ranch

Photos: Kelly Flournoy

Highlights include: plunge pool, working kitchen yurt, Yo-sem-i-te views!

  • 3 hours east of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 5 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…a pre or post-Yosemite meditation retreat

Muir’s Muse Retreat

Photos: Madison Kotack

“Open to hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Pack a lunch and make a day of exploring! Or just hang out on the deck, read a book and listen to the sounds of nature all around you.

  • 3 hours southeast of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 2-4 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…seeking forested-seclusion

Wilderness Cabins

Photo: Gianna Rankart

  • 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara
  • Accommodates 20 (five four-person cabins)
  • Perfect for…reliving your days at summer camp

Oz Farm Cabins

Newbird Cabin

Liberty Cabin

Tower Cabin

Springhouse Cabin

Rainbow Cabin

Photo: Michaela Ravasio, Pierre Alvan

  • 3 hours north of San Francisco
  • Each cabin accommodates 2, plus fee per additional adult
  • Perfect for…playing farm for the weekend

The Cottage at RiverSea West

Photos: Nic Castellanos

“Peace and tranquility: that’s how I’d describe the ambiance at the Cottage and its area.

  • 1.5 hours north of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 3
  • Perfect for…Russian River + Redwoods therapy

FlipJack Ranch

Photos: Karen Grubb, Robbin Colleen

“Located on 10 acres in picturesque Bonny Doon, this bed and breakfast is an enchanting place to relax, reconnect with nature, and experience life on a working farm.

  • .5 hour north of Santa Cruz
  • Accommodates 5-7 Hipcampers (Choose from the Cowhand, Cowgirl and Cowboy rooms)
  • Perfect for…farm-to-tabling

Yuba River Cabins

Photos: Kelly Flournoy

  • 1.5 hours north of Sacramento
  • Accommodates 6 Hipcampers (3 per cabin)
  • Perfect for…late-night skinny dips!

The Pond House

Photos: Fresh Off the Grid

  • 3 hours north of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 3 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…channeling your inner-Monet

Ocean View Ranch House

Photos: Katherine Van Hengel

  • 1 hour east of Los Angeles
  • Accommodates 6 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…surf ‘n’ turfing

Historic Hetchy Hetch Cabin

Photos: Tobias Green, Christianna Reinstein

  • 1.5 hours east of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 2 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…nestling down with a good read

The Cob House

Photo: Kyle Bradford

“You can hear the seals and waves…We have a forty acre sustainable farm. You can pick veggies or a few eggs for breakfast from our forty five chickens. In the fall you are welcome to harvest some fruit to eat off our one hundred fruit trees.

  • 3 hours north of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 2 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…peaceful solo retreats

Madrone Cabins

Photo: Sabrina Silk

  • 1 hour north of San Francisco
  • Accommodates 20 Hipcampers (4 5-person cabins)
  • Perfect for…a quick ‘n easy Marin getaway

Redwood Mountain Magic Cabins

Photo: Andrew Prokop

  • 30 minutes northaest of Santa Cruz
  • Accommodates 9 (3 3-person cabins)
  • Perfect for…a milky way escape from the city

Rustic Cabin Paso Robles

Photo: Staci Shepherd

“Cozy, rustic, romantic cabin completely renovated tucked away in the rolling hills of wine country.

  • 2 hours north of Santa Barbara
  • Accommodates 2 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for…weekend winos

Clear Creek Ranch

Photo: Aubree Larson

  • 3.5 hours north of Sacramento
  • Accommodates 4 Hipcampers per cabin (choose from the Upper, Middle and Lower Cabins)
  • Perfect for…getting the f*** away from it all

Speakeasy Lodge

Photo: William Reveley

  • 2 hours north fo Los Angeles
  • Accommodates up to 40 Hipcampers
  • Perfect for… huge birthday bonanza under the stars
Hipcamp Staff

Hipcamp is an online marketplace where you can list, discover, and book campsites and accommodations on private and public land. Hipcamp is your go-to guide to getting outside. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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