Hipcamp’s 2019 Nashville #LeaveItBetter Event

In October 2019 Hipcamp joined forces with imogene + willie and Trap Garden in Nashville to create an event that showcased our commitment to sustainable land use, stewardship education, and ecotourism as vehicles for land conservation with our growing community of Hipcamp Hosts.

Nashville is a city surrounded by hardwood forests, meandering rivers, and ribbons of farmland. While the city center certainly feels urban, you quickly get a taste for nature when you open a window and hear bird songs.

The event unfolded under a clear, cool sky. Giant oak trees swayed overhead, punctuating the peppering of shops and houses in Nashville’s quickly growing east side community. Scores of people wandered in off the street, smelling homestyle cooking, and hearing the conversations laughter. A feeling of openness, inclusivity, and friendship defined the night, as a collective of movers and shakers took to the stage to discuss how Hipcamp is helping connect people to nature and to share their individual approaches to Leaving it Better.

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Robert Horton, Founder of Trap Garden

Rob Horton has started a program that is working to solve the food desert crisis plaguing lower-income communities across the country and the globe. A food desert is a term that describes vast areas of urban centers where virtually no grocery stores exist only gas stations and other forms of fast food. This situation often predisposes lower-income communities to rely on less than nutritious foods rather than healthier options a grocery store would offer. With this truth in mind, Rob and his team are empowering local communities by giving them the tools to grow their own food.

Kristen Westerbeck, Marketing Director at Jackalope Brewing Co.

Kristen Westerbeck is a part of Nashville’s first brewery to can their beer! Now this may seem insignificant, but if you peel back the onion you’ll learn that Nashville, as a municipality, is far more capable of recycling cans than bottles. Kristen and her team noticed this when they started looking into the cradle to grave lifespan of a single glass bottle. When they learned that most never make it to the recycling plant, they knew they had to shift the paradigm, and they have.

Cassandra Prenn-Vasilakis, Hipcamp Market Management

Cassandra Prenn-Vasilakis manages Hipcamp’s team of Market Managers. This team supports Hipcamp’s Hosts, who are earning extra money by hosting campers staying on their land and enjoying the outdoors. Every day, Market Managers work to create the best possible experience for the Hipcamp Community — not only do they educate interested landowners on Hipcamp’s mission and what it means to be a Hipcamp Host and assist in setting up online listings, they also connect the wider Hipcamp Team to what is happening on the ground for Hipcamp Hosts by sharing Host stories and photos of the beautiful places that our partners build and share.

Tec Petaja, Photographer

Tec Petaja is a wedding photographer who has created a mobile photography studio. It’s the converted back end of a delivery truck, fitted with big glass walls and professional lighting. This studio on wheels is the lens through which he explores the rural communities his wedding assignments often bring him to. And with this unique setting, Tec is able to bring the indoors outside. His photography, and love for natural light is the vehicle by which Tec has been able to connect his clients to nature, regardless of the weather!

Thank you to our partners for collaborating on this #LeaveItBetter Event

Thanks so much to imogene + willie for opening up their backyard, providing firewood, and for effortlessly making the event look incredible!
Thanks to Jackalope Brewing Co and Red Eye Rye for sharing their delicious drinks and to Klean Kanteen for the stainless steel cups, making us very happy campers, indeed.

Social Print Studio hooked us up with printed materials and discount cards while Sticker Mule provided the stickers.

Last but not least, thank you so much to the talented Joshua Black Wilkins and Katie Schecter for keeping the party going with some incredible live music. Be sure to check out their music and see them live if you get the chance.

All photos in this post were taken by Jeromy Reaux.

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