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Your Ideal Camping Trip, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Eager to plan your next camping trip but aren’t sure where to go? Just look to the stars, which hold all the answers to so many things, including your next outdoor getaway. That’s right, astrology isn’t just about predicting how your day will go or who your ideal romantic partner is—it can also use your sun sign’s unique qualities to guide your travel destinations. Not sure if you’d have more fun on a desert camping adventure or a mountain retreat? Just let your astrological sign be your compass to navigating the great outdoors.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Stepfanie A. at MOTION Recalibration Station, California

Aries: A desert escape packed with adrenaline-filled adventures

As the first zodiac sign, Aries are known for their fearless “leap first, think later” mentality, confidence, and insatiable craving for thrilling experiences, especially if they involve speed or competition. And, being fire signs, Aries campers tend to be drawn to warm, arid environments over chilly locales. So, it only makes sense that a desert camping trip with lots of opportunities for adventure, like rock climbing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, or challenging hikes, would appeal to the enthusiastic and upbeat ram.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Kairi Piir at Back 40 Outdoor Events, BC, Canada

Taurus: A mountain glamping retreat

Tauruses have an innate connection to nature, particularly to tranquil settings, which makes camping an ideal activity for them…but only if said camping involves their other love: luxury. Hiking 10 miles to a campsite? Not their thing. (And don’t try to convince the stubborn bull otherwise.) They’re all about the comforts of a glamping tent or stylish Airstream, which they’ll effortlessly enjoy as a cozy home for the weekend. As earth signs ruled by Venus, Taureses relish in picturesque surroundings and the earth’s most sensual pleasures, so camping trips involving crystal-clear lakes, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful beaches are all on their checklist. And let’s not forget food (like a Taurus ever could). Plan for gourmet meals cooked over the campfire—just look out for a site with a camp kitchen.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Kate Murray in Queensland, Australia

Gemini: A campsite at a national park during an astronomical event

Geminis approach vacations as grand opportunities for learning, adventure, and soaking up as much excitement as possible. The social butterflies of the zodiac thrive on constant stimulation, so they’ll be all in on a group camping trip to a National Park with lots of history and endless opportunities for exploration. Add s’mores and scary stories around the fire to satiate their mischievous side, or even better, plan the trip around a meteor shower or eclipse—an astronomical experience that appeals to Gemini’s dual-natured personality and will add a touch of celestial magic.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Virginia Pitts at Bishop Jerdan Conference Center, South Carolina

Cancer: A private campsite near a beach or lakeside haven

Cancers are naturally curious, deep thinkers who enjoy the simple things in life. As romantic water signs, they’re drawn to activities that involve relaxing near or in rivers, lakes, and the ocean—try swimming, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, or kayaking. These gentle crabs value their privacy and aren’t huge fans of splurging, so camping is the perfect choice as they’ll appreciate any holiday that doesn’t involve racking up hotel bills. And keep in mind: Just because they enjoy being near water does not mean Cancers prefer warm-weather travel; a Cancer is happy exploring a shoreline at any time of year.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Lisse Lundin in California

Leo: A remote destination or private glamping resort 

Leos are all about the finer things in life, so when it comes to camping, think private, remote, and untouched (plus, access to hot springs or a spa probably won’t hurt either). These fiery lions are some of the most adventurous and inquisitive souls out there. They’re also one of the most adventurous and curious signs, and they love a little chaos and having fun with friends, so if luxury camping isn’t an option, a laidback camping trip with a lively group should do the trick. Ruled by the radiant sun, Leos have a penchant for warm and sunny destinations. And here’s the twist—while Leos are a “fixed” sign, which might suggest inflexibility, travel is their exception. Spontaneity is their secret ingredient for a perfect camping getaway.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Katie Corley at Wildwood Farm Camp, Washington

Virgo: An eco-friendly destination with an opportunity for stewardship

Virgos crave intellectual stimulation and adventure and can have a hard time relaxing (which is why you’ll rarely find them lazing around on a beach). They unwind by being active and, as a grounded earth sign, want to absorb and learn about their surroundings, especially ones that bring them closer to animals or nature. They appreciate a camping trip with an itinerary (spontaneity isn’t exactly their thing) and are happiest when they can be hands-on and have a meaningful impact. Camping trips that involve stewardship activities to protect, restore, or maintain the lands or waters are an excellent choice—and many Hipcamp Hosts offer these activities on-site.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Rob Wilson at Chilcotin Holidays Wilderness Experiences, BC, Canada

Libra: A bustling national park or a dude ranch cabin

Libras love the great outdoors and are enriched by beautiful places. As an air sign represented by the scales, they enjoy trips that strike a harmonious balance between relaxation and socializing (heavier on the socializing). Places where they can partake in group activities and enjoy the water are ideal, though they’re not always so gung-ho about strenuous physical exertion and prefer more laid-back activities like a leisurely float in a lake or refreshing morning dip. Not all Libras love sleeping in a tent or even an RV as they have a taste for the finer things in life, but a cozy cabin should suffice (as long as it has luxuriously soft sheets). What truly sparks these social butterflies’ interest is novelty, so consider a unique experience like staying at a dude ranch where they can engage in group activities, make new friends, and relish in the charm of an unconventional adventure (maybe without having to sleep on the ground).

Photo by Lisse Lundin at Mount Tamalpais State Park, California

Scorpio: A secluded spot near the water with mystical secrets 

Scorpios are natural loners who view vacations as a chance for authentic connection and the opportunity to get away from it all (including civilization). Privacy is paramount for them, and discovering inspiring new places where they can enjoy solitude is their favorite way to recharge. They have an innate connection with aquatic environments, so any campsite that fulfills their criteria for seclusion and natural beauty, especially if it’s near water, will be a Scorpio’s dream come true. Seen as mysterious and enigmatic, Scorpios are often drawn to forbidden elements and unexplained phenomenons, so if a destination has mystical elements or a shadowy past, they’ll find that all the more intriguing. Ghost town camping, anyone?

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Virginia Pitts at The Deck and Cozy Container in California

Sagittarius: Anywhere with big skies, wide vistas, and opportunities for adventure

As the archers of the zodiac, Sagittarians’ hearts beat for adventure and the open wilderness. They thrive on soaking up knowledge during their travels and are the ultimate free spirits. These fire signs gravitate toward warm and inviting camping destinations and, since they need an outlet for their passion, energy, and enthusiasm, require a place where they can push their limits athletically (all the better if it isn’t an additional expense). Sagittarians are known to be financially “savvy” and deeply connected to astronomy, so sleeping under the stars is actually preferred over a fancy hotel. And the longer the camping trip, the better, assuming every day is different, with a wide variety of landscapes and activities that push their limits.

Photo by Kelsey Bumsted at Zion Wright Ranch Eco-Camp, Utah

Capricorn: A national park with equal parts challenge and safety

As an earth sign, Capricorns are grounded and practical, often with a deep appreciation for history. While they love exploring natural landscapes, their strong need for comfort and security steers them away from anything they deem overly risky. These are not thrill-seekers and spontaneity is definitely not their style—they instead value a well-thought-out plan. But, because of their results-oriented nature, “conquering” something significant, like a strenuous hike or checking off every landmark in a park will fill them with a sense of accomplishment. Interestingly, the symbol of Capricorn, a mythical goat with a fishtail that represents their affinity for both land and water, means they enjoy adventures that span both realms.

Photo by Hipcamp Art Director Julian Bialowas at Salmon Creek Ranch, California

Aquarius: An eco-friendly campsite with wifi

Don’t even think about boring an Aquarian with some conventional, touristy destination. These big thinkers relish in their uniqueness and have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Flexibility and spontaneity are the name of the game—just as long as they don’t have to sacrifice wifi or staying connected with the outside world. As an air sign, Aquarians are known to be intellectual and curious. Couple that with being represented by the water bearer, the healer who bestows life upon the land, and it only makes sense that they’re drawn to sustainable destinations. Look for campsites that align with their humanitarian and eco-conscious values and allow them an opportunity to make a difference and give back.

Photo by Hipcamp Photographer Michael Foster in Arizona

Pisces: A mystical retreat under the stars on the shores of a lake

These deep-thinking fish have big imaginations and dream of journeying to places steeped in magic and spirituality. As water signs, they find solace and enchantment by the shores of lakes or seashores, both idyllic and dramatic, and find comfort in the vastness of the cosmos. They prefer taking things slow, and when they say they enjoy camping, it often means car camping, as they appreciate a comfortable retreat with the option to be spontaneous if the mood strikes. As one of the most spiritual signs, Pisces gravitate toward destinations that offer a profound connection to the mystical. Whether visiting a spiritual landmark like a Sedona vortex or immersing themselves in a tranquil setting for meditation, Pisceans find immense joy in exploring the depths of their spirituality and connecting with the healing power of nature.

Feeling inspired by the cosmos?

It’s time to get out there and plan your next camping trip.

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