How to Become a Hipcamp Field Scout

Field Scouts are experienced photographers and camping aficionados who shoot and verify the accuracy of private Hipcamp listings, in addition to providing feedback for site improvement.

We encourage anyone with a love of the outdoors and photography experience to apply for our Field Scout program. We’re specifically looking for photographers who know how to tell stories with their photos—landscape shots are great, but we love to see humans interacting with that landscape even more.

Interested in becoming a Hipcamp Field Scout? Read on to see if you’re a good fit.

What you need:

  • DSLR camera or digital camera equivalent
  • Online photography portfolio
  • Hipcamp profile

If you don’t check these three boxes, we will not be able to approve you as a Hipcamp Field Scout, as the role is primarily for experienced photographers. But don’t fret! If you’re an avid camper and still want to get involved with Hipcamp, we’d love for you to join us in our invite-only camping program, Terra Incognita.

You’re an experienced outdoor photographer? Great! Here are some tips on the types of photos we’re looking for.

Good style fit:

Not a good style fit:

Subjects and Setting
  • Your subjects include people, tents, and objects around camp.
  • Your setting is outside and you’ve included the most photogenic natural backdrop.
  • No subjects within the landscape
  • Your subjects are overly or unnaturally staged. We like to avoid stock photo vibes 😉

Lighting and Composition

  • Photos taken during the Golden Hour—that time right before sunset (or right after sunrise) when the lighting is soft and red.
  • Ability to shoot nice, wide photos of an entire area with different subjects inset (people, a tent, landscape), as well as detailed, shallow depth-of-field shots of camp subjects.

  • Photos taken in the middle of a sunny day, when there are harsh shadows and washed out colors.
  • Interior photos are taken at night (of a cabin, yurt, or other rustic accommodation). Interior photos should always be taken when it’s very bright outside with the maximum amount of natural light reaching the interior.
  • Photos are landscape-only or portrait-only.


  • Bright! (Bump up the exposure a little.)
  • Lens distortion has been corrected.
  • Natural color balance, highlights, and shadows.

  • Unprocessed photos
  • Dark post-processing and filters
  • Unnatural highlights (i.e. highlights have been lowered too much)
  • Too much clarity (keep it below 10)
  • Too much saturation or unnatural color balance, especially when applied to skies and sunsets

Favorite Field Scout photos:

To better explain the types of photos we’re looking for, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Field Scout images from recent trips around the country.

Think you’d be a good fit? We’d love to check out your application. Apply below!

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