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Host Campers and Improve your Land this Earth Day

This year’s Earth Day weekend, April 20 – 22, overlaps with the Lyrid’s meteor shower, which gives outdoor lovers not only one but two reasons to get outside.

Participate in Hipcamp’s #StarsAndStewardship Earth Day weekend by organizing a day or two of volunteering and stewardship on your land in exchange for a discounted night of camping for stewards ($5 per person per night). Designate your own projects, and we’ll help get the word out to bring stewards and campers your way to help improve your land.

Event Overview

To participate, create a new listing through the host dashboard specifically for your own Stars & Stewardship campout (more details below). Create your listing using our sample Earth Day listing—we’ll help connect you with campers and stewards.

Hipcampers will arrive for the weekend either Friday night or Saturday morning (you decide when creating your campout listing), ready to help out with the projects you have outlined for Saturday. Hipcampers stay for the Lyrid’s meteor shower early Sunday morning, then head home at the designated time.

Hipcamp hosted a similar event in 2016 exclusive to California. View our 2016 blog post for inspiration for your own listing and projects here.

Note: Only Hipcamps that are live on the site are eligible for a stewardship day. We can’t guarantee that your campout will have attendance, but we can guarantee we’ll help get the word out!

How To Participate

1. Create a new Hipcamp listing specifically for Earth Day through the host dashboard. Use this sample listing as a guide.

Make sure the listing name includes “Earth Day.”

Use the Hipcamp Stars & Stewardship graphic as the cover photo of your listing. Use up to 5 pre-selected photos from a previous stewardship event as supporting photos. View and download the cover photo and supporting photos. Do not request a Field Scout for your Earth Day listing.

Listing description, to include:

  • Project description(s)
  • Campout schedule
  • Accommodations
  • What to bring
  • Special events (optional)

2. Mark your calendars.

On your new Earth Day listing, mark your calendar availability according to your schedule: April 20-22, or April 21-22. Block off the dates for your campout from any other listings.

3. Make sure your listing price is set to $5 total for up to 1 Hipcamper per site. And the number of clearly designated sites you have is the total number of campers you can allow.

Use the $5 per camper per night towards additional amenities to help the weekend run smoothly: like offering a big camp dinner for all stewards, extra port-a-potties or trash removal.

Need help? Email

Preparing for the Weekend

1. Spread the word

This is your time to shine in your local community! Invite your neighbors, post in local Facebook groups, get local outdoor lovers excited to visit your land and leave it better.

View our Social Media Sharing Tips for Hipcamp Hosts.

Use the copy below to get the word out. Feel free to copy or edit this sharing copy to fit your campout:

Earth Day and the Lyrid’s meteor shower fall on the same weekend! Join us on @Hipcamp for stars and stewardship at [Property Name]. See full campout details and RSVP: [Link to listing]#Hipcamp #StarsAndStewardship

Hey friends! Help clear the land of all the dead trees and bush before an amazing summer of camping. We’re planning a @Hipcamp campout for Earth Day (April 20-22) and are happy to provide all food, water, and nights in the tipi or farmhouse with a big camp dinner as a thanks. Plus, Lyrid’s meteor shower Saturday night! RSVP here: [link to listing!] #Hipcamp #StarsAndStewardship

2. Prepare your land and your stewards!

Here’s a checklist of questions to make sure you, your land, and your stewards are ready for the weekend.


  • What work do I need done and how many people will it take?
  • Do I have someone I trust to help lead or supervise the project if necessary?
  • Do I have enough tools for everyone to participate?
  • Are the details of these projects clearly defined in my listing?

Food + Water:

  • What will people eat while they are camping here?
  • Will I be able to prepare 1-2 meals for stewards, or should I enlist a friend, family member or local business owner to help me?
  • Where will people eat? Do I need to find additional seating or tables?
  • How will people eat? Should I tell stewards to bring their own plates, cups and utensils?
  • Do I have enough safe drinking water for stewards? Is it easily accessible, or should I provide large water dispensers in common areas?
  • Are food expectations clearly defined in my listing?


  • Do I have enough room to host the number of stewards I’ve put on my listing?
  • Will I need extra porta-potties for the weekend?
  • Will I need additional help for trash removal?
  • Are the signs and directions to my property clear?
  • Should I enlist any additional friends, family members or neighbors to help me sign-in stewards when they arrive?
  • Are the accommodation options clearly defined on my listing?


  • Are there any additional safety precautions I should consider before the weekend begins?


  • How else can I make this weekend fun for stewards? Should I buy s’mores kits and have a big bonfire? Can my friend’s band play a few songs? Can I also offer complimentary ATV rides, sunset hikes, or group activities?

Hipcamp is an online marketplace where you can list, discover, and book campsites and accommodations on private and public land. Hipcamp is your go-to guide to getting outside. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. #FindYourselfOutside #LeaveItBetter

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