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Finding Your Desert Zen at Joshua Tree

Daily bustle of life can disrupt the inner peace and leave you feeling unbalanced and disconnected. I find myself getting outside to counteract those daily stresses and reboot my system. Like a fish, I live for the water and retreat to surfing, swimming and diving as often as I can. Now that fall has hit and the temperatures have broke, desert dwelling is where I like to escape to for a little extra recharge. Just a short 2.5 hour drive inland from San Diego or Los Angeles, you’ll find the unique desert escape of Joshua Tree. An overnight under the stars is a sure way to send me back to daily living refreshed and ready to take on the world.

For all my Southern California neighbors who need a quick escape to clear your head or those looking for a place to run away to for a few days to soothe your soul, here’s three ways to find your zen in Joshua Tree.

1. Put Your Head in the Sky

There’s a never ending magic here from sunset to sunrise where every hour is the golden hour and the skies stretch further than your eyes can see. You’ll never see the sky the same way anywhere else. You’ll spend very little time with your eyes closed because the transformations you’ll find in the sky, from dusk till dawn and after dark will keep your eyes locked on the skyline and leave you more refreshed than a full night of sleep indoors.

2. Take a Sound Bath

Just 20 miles north of Joshua Tree you will find a unique experience that is incomparable to any place else. Integration is a resonant tabernacle and energy dome sited on a geomagnetic vortex located in Landers, California. You’ll be guided through a meditative experience from the moment you step on site. Take a nap in the hammock garden, drink from the natural well and drown out the chaos of your mind through a 60 minute sonic session consisting of a crystal singing bowl live session inside the sound chamber. This is one nap you’ll wish you’d have taken sooner. You’ll leave floating from the chakra aligning therapeutic effects of the vibrations amplified by this unique structure in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Make sure you book in advance to reserve your spot and arrive early so you can take the time to wind down and settle into the full experience.

3. Pitch A Tent

Although there’s a number of sweet desert casas to unpack your bags and call home for a few days, nothing compares sleeping out under the stars. Joshua Tree National Park can be hit or miss to find a campsite, especially this time of year. But just a few miles down the road you can pitch your tent at a HipCamp private landshare site like Zen Dome, without the crowds or hassle. This outdoor hidden gem will afford you the luxury to take a dip in the pool, outdoor shower or bath before kicking back under a giant shade tree and losing track of time.

Eunique Deeann is a content curator + experience maker inspiring outdoor connections. You can follow her storytelling across her Instagram or website at Stranded on Land.

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