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Duct Tape: Your New BFF

Ahh, Duct Tape.

Nature’s answer to all your camping woes. One of the most important hacks that we could ever recommend is, simply, carrying the ever-necessary Duct Tape. Seriously people, this stuff saves lives. Our capitalizations are no error: it really is that damn important. So, where to begin?

Let’s start with the oldest (and we would argue, best) hack of all: wrapping it around your water bottle, knife sheath, or any article you will have easily accessible at any time for immediate access. Just slap it on any item (I prefer a Nalgene, as it adds that nice, rugged look to your water bottle that many campers love) before you head out, and you’re bound to find a use for it somewhere.

Our next use can be found in your shoes: specifically, wrapped around your feet. You know those pesky little things called blisters? We sure do, and hey, guess what, we also know that duct tape is a great temporary solution to this hiker’s enemy. When you feel those symptoms of an impeding blister (friction, burning, irritation, all that uncomfortable jazz), simply apply Duct Tape over the spot and boomshakalaka you are set. If the blister is already there, then we honestly can’t help you…Ha! Totally kidding, you thought Duct Tape would fail you then? One thing you will learn, padawan, is that it never fails. Simply protect your formed pustule from the DT glue by putting a circle of paper or gauze right over the blister itself, then just apply our gray godsend on top. Bam, no more blisters, and happy hiking!

Here’s yet another one for the books: use Duct Tape as a tool to trap bugs. Really. Nobody likes sleeping with bugs gettin’ all up in their bizness, so keep ’em at bay by simply hanging long strips of DT from the ceiling of your shelter.

If you’re also looking for a sweet cardio workout and insect trapper, wrap some Duct Tape around a tennis racket (sticky side out, clearly) and then head outside and practice your forehand to your heart’s desire.

Last but not least (and definitely not last in terms of the amount of possibilities), is using Duct Tape to repair ripped gear. We all know this as the normal usage, but Duct Tape is seriously one of the best tools around when you are in dire straights and need to prevent that camping trip from spiraling downhill.

Hole in your air mattress? Check. Rip in your tent or sleeping bag? Check. Pocket on your backpack split open? Check.

Use our favorite sticky friend to fix up any tear or hole in your camping gear. While this is just a very short list, it shows some of the endless opportunities provided by such a simple product. We hope this is enough to convince you of its magical universal abilities, and as always, may the Duct Tape be with you.

Hipcamp Staff

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