A Teepee, Horses and a Creek—oh my!

Ted’s property in eastern Colorado is simply beautiful. Take your pick of tent camping in the field along a creek, or step up your glamping game with the teepee. With firewood provided, easy access from the road, and enough space to spread out and relax, you can’t go wrong staying a night or two here. (Or a week, just saying.)

The space

I took the opportunity to crash for the night in the teepee. It’s incredibly spacious with enough room for at least 2 queen sized air mattresses (one is already provided!).  The air mattress lays on top of a platform with plenty of extra space for bags, a doggie bed, and coolers if you wish. The teepee has vents that Ted will show you how to open, so the fresh air can swirl around you as you sleep.  If you get cold, close them up, and you’ll be warmer. I felt safe and content in the teepee. This is a great place for a solo camper, as well as families. Dogs are welcome too!

If you decide to camp in the field, it is literally just a field. But a beautiful field. Bring everything you’ll need for a comfortable sleeping experience like sleeping bag, pad, and rain coverage.  You’ll be alongside the creek, and walking distance to the fire ring.

This camp site does not require any special type of vehicle to access it. You’ll take highways, and country roads to get there. Access is easy and reliable with a gas station just down the highway. During the winter months, I would imagine the country roads being snowy but most likely plowed.


There is ample firewood provided, a fire ring (currently 1 fire ring to share between campsites), and plenty of citronella candle sticks. He also provides a lantern in the teepee for extra light at night. The crackling of the fire is simply amazing paired up with the babbling creek right alongside the fire. You will hear airplanes above, but not loud enough to ruin the ambiance. I had such a relaxing experience here.

Cook your dinner on the fire, or bring a camp stove. If you have a portable table, I would consider bringing it, as more surface space is always a plus when camping. You’ll enjoy a camp-cooked meal al fresco. You may even have a horse want a nibble off your plate!

There is a bathroom with a toilet and running water, however it is a walk to get there as it’s up in one of his barns.  Bring a headlamp for those middle of the night bathroom trips!


I had a great time playing with my dog and Ted’s dog Ellie in the field. Watch out for burrs though! The sunset is quite incredible with this view, so we just hung out and witnessed the beauty.  You also have tons of space for a game of frisbee, and I bet you could find two trees close enough for a slackline.

For activities outside the property to complete your trip, there is a Wild Animal Sanctuary about 2 miles away. When you sleep at his creekside horse ranch, you will wake up to the sound of Tigers! Where else can you do this in Colorado?!? Ted and his family have a pass and offered to take up to 5 people total.

On your way to and from Denver, stop at Barr Lake State Park for miles of nature trails, birdwatching, boating & fishing, plus a Nature Center.

Enjoy this property! I know they’ll be making updates to the area, and continue to enhance the experience for their guests.  I’m excited to see the changes they make – I’ll be back for sure!

I am a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer. My fiancé, Shea and I love to travel and explore new spaces and environments – usually and frequently ones not marked on a tourist map.

Hipcamp Staff

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