A Taste of Idaho Farm Life: A Can’t Miss Stop Between Yellowstone and Grand Teton

We arrived at Ewe n Me Farm fairly early in the morning. The drive from West Yellowstone to Teton, Idaho was a peaceful one, driving through old towns, across rivers, and surrounded by tall pine trees. There were several RV campgrounds along our route, but we couldn’t wait to experience a night camping in farm country.

As soon as we pulled in, we were greeted by our wonderful host, Carol, and set up camp in a lush green pasture. It was perfect! Grain fields stretched as far east and west as we could see. And to our right, the sheep were finishing up their breakfast.

We set up camp on the edge of the pasture at Ewe n Me Farm.

After setting up the RV and eating a quick lunch, we met a family who was also camping at Ewe n Me Farm and decided to go float the nearby river. Our host gave us the local’s insight on where to go: start the float at Del Rio Bridge in St. Anthony and get out at Sandbar Park – you’ll see the diving board and waterslide.

So, we packed the floats into the cars and drove about 10 minutes down the road to Snake River.

The Snake River is calm enough even for giant Toucan Pool Floats.

River floatin’

The river float couldn’t have been better. The water was a little chilly at first, but the sun quickly warmed us up. This was only our second river float, but this part of the river was calm with just a few tiny rapids – if you could even call them rapids – to keep things interesting.

The river float took us about an hour and half, and at the end (where you see the diving board), there’s a great park to hang out at and play in the river. We spent the rest of the afternoon going on the waterslide and jumping off the diving board. After being away from the beach for so long, we just couldn’t pass up afternoon in the water!

Being from the beach, we are river floating novices, but here’s a few things we learned:

  • Bring a rope for everyone to hold on to, so you stay together.
  • Sunscreen! It may not seem that hot, but when you’re floating on the river, you will get burned.
  • Tire tubes are you best float option, but Toucan pool floats can survive calm river floats.
  • Water shoes or strap on sandals will save your feet if you have to stand up on the rocks during your float.

The flat landscape makes for great views of the sunset.

Painted Sky

After our afternoon on the river, we headed back to our campsite at Ewe n Me Farm. The sun was starting to set, and we could feel the brisk air moving in. We arrived back to the RV to see pinks and purples filling the sky.

We couldn’t help but stop and watch the sunset over the wheat fields. As the colors faded into night, we caught the smell of a campfire. There’s really no better way to end a day of driving, river floats and incredible sunsets than with a campfire.

We joined our hosts and our new river floating friends around the fire to learn more about the Idaho farming life. You can tell they love what they do – providing food for the rest of us! And we love them for that.

As we walked back to the RV in the dark, we couldn’t help but notice the stars. So many stars! Being away from any major cities, surrounded by farmland, let’s these stars shine bright. We marveled for a moment, and then headed to bed.

There’s nothing better than campfire coffee with new friends!

Campfire Coffee

The next morning we crawled out of bed to find our host had already started the campfire, which meant coffee was not far away. We sipped coffee and ate breakfast by the fire as the sun started to heat up the day. Knowing we had to get on the road soon, we visited with the sheep for a moment. We couldn’t leave Ewe n Me Farm without petting the sheep! They were a bit skittish at first but warmed up to us after a while.

Our campsite neighbors couldn’t have been cuter!

We went back to the RV to get ready for the next leg of our trip thankful that we decided to stop at Ewe N Me Farm. Positioned between Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, we got a little taste of the Idaho farm life. I have to say, it was pretty great!

Laura is currently traveling the US in a renovated 1994 RV with her husband and 3 three dogs. You’ll usually find them hiking, fishing or exploring National Parks.

Hipcamp Staff

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