2017 Hipcamp Holiday Wishlist

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Instead of putting out a holiday gift guide this year, we decided to encourage ways to gift smarter—sharing gifts that focus on experiences, not things, and buying practices that are better for the environment and better for your wallet. (See our purchasing guide!) Well, we had our holiday party last night and must admit we’re deep in the holiday spirit, so we wanted to share some of the experiences and gifts we’re hoping for this holiday season.

“A nature adventure somewhere warm with great surf. Always.”

– Alyssa Ravasio, Founder & CEO

Loves nature and the internet. Created a degree in Digital Democracy, passionate about helping shape how the internet impacts our planet.

Private Beach Farm, CA—where you wake up next to your own private surf break! (Lisse Lundin)

“A Shady Boy awning for my van. These are great for car camping trips where you may be in an exposed or wide open area with no shade near your site. Pull this bad boy out and you have instant, cooling shade.”

–Jon “Jon Jon” Eckstein, Senior Software Engineer

“A backpacking tent! Something compact and lightweight that can hold 2 people. I’m not sure what the best one is, so would love to get advice from the team, but have heard Teton and Kelty backpacking tents are good ones.”

–Emily Meersand, Head of Sales & Supply

Lover of yoga, photography, real estate, the ocean, and the Outer Sunset. You can find me teaching and practicing yoga all over SF!

When Pigs Fly Farm, WA (Erinn Hale)

“A meteor shower stargazing trip. I have a telescope I’ve never used (!!) and the light pollution here in Atlanta is way too much for stargazing. I want to go to “big sky country” and really experience personal smallness as I stare at the Milky Way.”

–Alicia Anderson, Head of SEO

Mythology geek. Sci-Fi & SEO nerd. Country girl living in Atlanta. Data: wrote 2 novels, hiked 256 miles of the AT, spotted 26 black bears.

“Motorcycle safety course! Have been on my list for a while and I would love to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely.”

–Ryan Au, Software Engineer

From Hong Kong. Love traveling and trying random things with friends (if I can rally). Always down for an adventure!

“I’d love to do a week-long backpacking trip with some friends on the Lost Coast this winter. I’ve never been so I’m eager to see what all the fuss is about! (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for minimal cell service.)”

–Madison Kotack, Head of Field Scouts

Grew up in Canada, now writing and taking photos in San Francisco. Lover of all things dogs and outdoors (especially trail running.)

Grand Teton National Park (Julie Kukral)

“An Avalanche 1 Safety course because I really want to get into the backcountry this year!”

–McKinzie Schulz, Host Acquisition

Midwesterner & dark chocolate connoisseur who loves to run, enjoys a good herbology session and will do anything for some good fall foliage and a pumpkin flavored anything.

“BBQ Smoker! I’ve been making small batches of home-cured bacon for years now. Great treat for camping trips, or holiday gifts. The thing is, my jury-rigged home bbq can be a liiitle dicey at times. One year I hope santa brings a heavy-duty, A-grade , 1/4″ steel, offset Texas style bbq smoker pit.”

–Leo Herrick, Senior Software Engineer

Bay Area native, technologist, lifelong lover of the outdoors. After closing his laptop he’s happiest on the open road with camping gear in tow.

Rodeo Wall, Jackson, WY (Julie Kukral)

“A Membership to Ascend PGH. I have such great memories of climbing my first rocks in Colorado, and I loved every scrape, bump, and cramp I got in the process! Unfortunately, I’ve let myself get really rusty over the years, and I’m itching to get some of my strength back. Pittsburgh has an awesome indoor climbing facility now, and I’ve been eyeing their holiday membership specials. Time to chalk up and get back in the harness!”

–Tess, Data Science Intern

“Effective mosquito repellent. My wife hates mosquitoes. That’s an understatement. She can’t stand to be anywhere near them and they are disproportionately attracted to her. It makes hanging out outside really unpleasant for her since we have loads of them in the backyard and pretty much everywhere we go in the midwest. I am wishing for a better, safer, repellant than deet for Christmas.”

–Pat Carolan, Senior Software Engineer

Midwesterner. Dad, husband, data guy. Can’t be too far from water for too long. Skier, kayaker, sailer, cycler.

Simple Fare: Fall and Winter. Cookbooks are one of my favorite items to gift to friends to family and to receive as they keep on giving! Recipes can be attempted, practiced, mastered, and then altered with your own spin over many years and will be something that is held onto for a lifetime. It’s also just fun to recreate dishes from famous restaurants at home (Even when you fail miserably, always learn something!)”

–Julian Bialowas, Head of Design

Born in Montréal and raised in the Canadian Rockies. When he’s not behind the lens or screen you can find him in the mountains.

Jackson, WY (Julie Kukral)

“A week where I have zero connection to the internet, and lots of snow to shred.”

–Julie Murrell, Host Success and Community

Passionate about storytelling, community building, bloody marys, and breakfast. Got sucked into this whole #vanlife thing. It’s kinda cool.

“Visiting every National Park has been on my bucket list since college, so this holiday season I’m hoping for an America the Beautiful Pass so I can start crossing them off my list!”

–Cassandra Prenn-Vasilakis, Host Outreach

Born and raised in NYC, prefers being able to see the stars. Loves trail food, wool socks, and getting more people outside.

Yosemite National Park (Tiffany Nguyen)

“An outdoor heater for the roof deck. I know it’s not the most energy-friendly, but sometimes it would be awesome to be able to chill/work up there longer in the evening. Also would be great for the holiday party.”

– Pierre Alvan, Software Engineer

Raised near the French Alps, passionate about human-centered design, crowd-sourced problem solving, environment protection, and cheese.

“A new pair of downhill ski boots. I’ve been eyeing these for a while, because used gear is great when you’re first starting out, but can come at a huge comfort cost.”

– Sarah Nelson, Host & Camper Experience

East-Coast raised, Colorado transplanted. I live for campfire stories, trail chat, summit selfies and hammock camping.

Entry into the Trek Across Maine.”

–Tyson Jacques, Head of Customer Experience

Northeasterner who loves art, gadgets, data, and his kids. And bourbon. Nothing beats sunsetting at the beach.

Lakeshore RV Camping, Paradise Shores, CA (Madison Kotack)

Julie Murrell’s van.

–Julie Kukral, Social and Content Marketing

Writer, creative and skier based in Jackson Hole, WY. Without a doubt will always order the spiciest options on the menu.

Hipcamp Staff

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