13 Patches And Pins That Inspire Us to Get Outside

Maybe you’ve been keen on adding flair to your gear for a while, but now it’s totally trending and we can’t say we’re mad about it either. Here are 13 patches and pins that inspire us to get outta town. Read to the end and you’ll find out how to enter to win your very own Hipcamp patch!

I. Life of Adventure Pin by AsildaStore – A life of adventure is a life well lived. Also available as a patch.

II. The Northwest Collection 2 by Kimberlin Co – Be kind, stay wild and get dirty. This adventure is fueled by the Camp Coffee Club.

III. S’mores Patch by Patch Nation – Be ready for National S’mores Day when it rolls around next year (August 10th). You’ll want to book the ultra cozy Liberty Cabin on Oz Farm.

IV. Road Tripper Patch by Hannah Rosengren – ‘Tis the perfect gift to surprise your partner-in-crime with before your next adventure.

V. Traveller’s Crest Patch by Explorer’s Press – Finally a patch that understands you. Some of us really are born to roam.

VI. Lost At Last Lapel Pin by Explorer’s Press – It’s taken a lifetime, but you’re finally lost and couldn’t be happier.

VII. Camping Club Patch by Mokuyobi Threads – Let ‘em know that “In Da Club” can mean far more than 50 Cent ever meant it to.

VIII. Get Moving, Have Fun Patch by Mokuyobi Threads – Looking for a great spot to be livin’ la vida van and get in a surf sesh? Try San Elijo Campground.

IX. Psychedelic Research Team Pin by Moon Collective – Did you know mushroom hunting peaks at Salt Point State Park in the fall?

X. Bigfoot Lapel Pin by Night Watch Studios – Pick up the pin and head on over to Sasquatch Meadows, one of Hipcamp’s first Land Share Campgrounds.

XI. Smokey the Bear Patches by Woodland Enterprises – Take some responsibility for the outdoors and Smokey will be proud. Did you know he has a museum in New Mexico?

XII. Desert Pin Pack by Valley Cruise Press – The sunny skies, cacti, and stargazing make desert camping one of our favorite pastimes. If you’re planning a trip to Joshua Tree, consider Sky Valley Camp.

XIII. Hipcamp Patch by Hipcamp (duh!)

Jonesing for that Hipcamp schwag, are ya? Lucky for you we’re giving away a Hipcamp patch to five (5) peeps who tip us off to other rad patches or pins in the comments of the corresponding Instagram post (keep an eye out for it!) because we couldn’t possibly list them all.

UPDATE: We have winners! Congrats to the following patch enthusiasts: @klinnema, @capulinflicker, @caseydanae, @sarahlindseyhobbs, @erinrush5.

Words by Kiran Umapathy

Born in London (and working on getting that accent back), Kiran Umapathy subscribes to Helen Keller’s belief that “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” California stole his heart and won’t give it back. Follow his shenanigans on Instagram.

Kiran Umapathy

Writer, runner, and mixtape connoisseur — Kiran is an avid believer in forest bathing, skinny dipping, and leaving everything better than you found it.

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