Larissa Runkle

Writer and climber, living on the road since 2018.

9 DIY Ideas to Repurpose Old Wooden Pallets

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3 Fire-Safe Grills for Your Land

Our favorite fire-safe grills to enjoy a good old-fashioned BBQ responsibly.

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How to Upgrade to a Glampsite in 4 Steps

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4 Easy Camping Structures to Build for Under $500

Here’s our short and sweet guide to four simple structures you can build yourself (yes you!) for less $500.

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15 Activity Ideas to Attract Campers

Attracting guests to your campsite is all about capturing their interest. Whether you’re open all year long or just for…

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Everything You Need to Know about Fire Safety

There are fewer things more satisfying than sitting around a campfire at night. After a day of hiking or exploring,…

2 years ago

Forest Bathing, Explained

Forget the CampSuds and ultra-light towel—this isn’t going to be that kind of bath. Although forest bathing has (unofficially) been…

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The Best Places To Rent Campervans and RVs in California

If you find yourself feeling trapped in one of the golden state cities, it might be time for a little…

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Best Places to Camp to See Fall Foliage

One of the best parts of fall (besides all the delicious pie of course) is the foliage. Think of campfires…

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