Wekiwa Springs State Park

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About Wekiwa Springs State Park

There’s a magical place in the middle of Florida where the water stays a cool 72 degrees year round, even when the summer Florida sun seems to be melting everything down to a puddle. That place is called Wekiwa Springs, and if you haven’t been, you should visit immediately. In addition to the crystal clear springs (perfect for snorkeling), the scenic Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run provide the perfect opportunity for paddling. On land, hike through the 13 miles of trails that wind through river hammocks, swamps, and sandhills. There’s also eight miles of multi-use trails, which see heavy traffic from equestrians and mountain bikers. Keep an eye out for wildlife on your hike, including wild turkeys, the occasional black bear, and squirrels. Before you scoff at our inclusion of squirrels in our list of interesting wildlife, you should know we’re not talking about just any squirrel -- these are fox squirrels.If you squint a little, these squirrels kind of look like (you guessed it) little foxes, especially if you spot one with unique coloring. So cool. The only downside to Wekiwa Springs? The place gets packed on the weekends -- so came early and claim your spot. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect 72 degrees.

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Wekiwa Springs Campground
Danielle: If you're in to a little bit of a challenge, then primitive camping via canoe or kayak is definitely...


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Hipcamper Japa and Laks

Don't leave the masks and fins at home for this trip! Being located so close to Orlando this park makes for a perfect escape from the busier city life to a peaceful oasis. Grab a canoe or kayak and hit the Wekiva River. Plenty of gators await downstream.

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Hipcamper Danielle

If you're in to a little bit of a challenge, then primitive camping via canoe or kayak is definitely worth the trip! Wekiwa Springs is beautiful and the canoe trip to Otter Camp (the other is Big Buck Camp), while visually pleasing, was rather difficult with three people, one canoe (they told us there would be plenty of room!), all your camping gear and paddling upriver from WITHIN Wekiwa Springs. Do yourself a favor (depending on group size) and give yourself room....get the extra canoe! While difficult getting TO the site, coming back is a breeze. We passed so much wildlife, camped on the bank of the river, and star-gazed miles away from civilization and regretted only staying one night. This place is a must!

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Hipcamper Pantrus

i am not the " reviewer " type but it is beautiful place and campground , did the longer trail i took about 7 hrs , but i really take my time with trails , so i suppose it s a 5 hrs trail at most /// beautiful campground , beautiful main trail , was able to start train from campground .... thank you Wekika Springs !!

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History of Wekiwa Springs State Park

Forty-two million gallons of crystal clear water flow each day from Wekiwa Springs into Wekiwa Springs Run. The run joins with Rock Springs Run to form the beautiful upper Wekiva River. Creeks, later called Seminoles, are the most recent Native Americans to have lived here. Wekiwa means 'spring of water' and Wekiva means 'flowing water' in the Creek language.