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Yaya's Land in Kentucky

Host Linda Heller says:

Yaya has considered herself the guardian of Beyond Yonder Mountain Farm for 24 years and was a local for some time before that. Located near Hazard and Hyden, KY, this 20 plus or minus acres rustic land has served as a homestead, a getaway, and a place for retreat and commune with friends. Yaya’s fascination with living simply off the land led her to Beyond Yonder, and her desire to share and learn from other like-minded individuals inspired her to create the Wild Yayas Women’s Retreat and Mountain Herb Festival. Mountain Herb has met yearly since fall 2001.“ As far as living situation, the land includes a rustic one-bedroom cabin with multiple kitchens and attic, electricity, garbage and landline phone service, Dish TV and Dish Net, drilled well, fire pit, outdoor shower, outhouses with composting toilets, and what Heller calls “the Taj Mahal of chicken coops”. There are miles of four wheeler trails. Access to Beyond Yonder is by 2 to 3 miles of gravel roads and is 18 miles to Hazard, Ky. and 15 miles to Hyden, Ky. You are 41 miles to I-75. Land features include a pond with cattails, 5-7 acres of grass area surrounded by woodland, and neighborly visits from turkeys, deer, and the occasional bear.

Posted on: September 11, 2017 15:01
Zip code: 33844
Number of listings to be photographed: 2

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