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The Garden Of Eden in Texas

Host Garden Of Eden Tx says:

This three and a half acre plot of land was generously provided for the purpose of being an ecovillage by Shellie. After being the shepherdess to this land for sixteen years, Shellie was inspired by Quinn's vision, purpose and dedication to donate the land to further his dream of creating a sustainable ecovillage. 

Sustainable evolution seems to have been an essential part of the spirit of this place from its inception as a human habitat, suggesting that this is perhaps a quality that is intrinsic to the land itself. 

The large main house began as just a small one-two room home, put together of some odds and ends of building materials, things that were cheap or free, or things in great abundance like shutters and doors. It has been expanded multiple times by two subsequent owners, each incorporating some odds and ends and leaving little oddities like windows from room to room, and a view of a former exterior wall at the threshold of the attic. 

The layout is a bit odd and the light switches are never where you would think they should be, yet therein lies the charm that first called to Shellie's heart. She has said that they visited dozens of homes seeking to purchase, but she knew instantly that this was Her House.  

Once covered with tidy mowed grass and planted gardens, this place was lovely and artfully crafted by Shellie, yet fundamentally unsustainable and even wasteful, as standard American living generally is.  

Around 2009, together Quinn and Shellie began composting and thus creating the soil that would someday nurture and grow nutritious organic food. The raised beds in the monster truck tires were the first installment of the massive gardens that now stretch out and dapple the entire plot.

In 2011 additional inhabitants began to move in, some staying for several months, and only the cream of the crop making it for a year or more. 

Posted on: June 27, 2018 19:49
Zip code: 76060
Number of listings to be photographed: 4

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