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Hay Zee Mountain Ranch in Colorado

Host Jon Harrington says:

Perhaps you have seen the TV show, South Park. We are in the center of South Park, Colorado. Many people I met out here could have been characters in the show. Perhaps that is why it was the inspiration for the comedy. Like one neighbor once told me, "There's two types of people out here. Neighbors and Strangers. If they wave when they drive by, they are neighbors. If they don't, they are strangers." 

This is ranch land in the middle of mining country. On a clear day you can see the San de Christo Mountains 70 miles away. The last lynching near here was in 1968. There was a cowboy who had treaty with the Utes to hunt buffalo here in South Park and at the same time fought Apaches further south. He died in 1964. 

We bought this land in 1985 and dug many aspens years ago. It has regenerated many more, but it is just a place for us to camp when we want to get away. The trees and views are the greatest assets. The seclusion is a bonus. The Bristlecone Pine Trees are estimated to be over 800 years old. Look at the meadow where it narrows down from the wide prairie to the north. You could imaging it being a favorite place for Native Americans to drive the buffalo into the funnel for others awaiting in the trees. 

One site to check out is on the dirt road in. You can see some dugout structures on the side of the hill. They were underground homes of the homesteaders who tried to survive growing potatoes. My guess is that they came when the grass is green thinking it was like Kansas. They just weren't aware they were at 9,500 ft. I would suggest you bring your own food and supplies as the closest general store is in Hartsel 12 miles away. 

Posted on: May 24, 2018
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