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Bierbaum Pepper Farm Experience in California

Host Marcella & David Bierbaum says:

In October of 2016 we began our journey to create our small farm. With absolutely no experience and coming from a tiny condo in the city we decided to leave that life behind and buy 11.1 acres in the middle of no where! But we are learning as we go. We have lemon, limes, peaches, grapes, blueberry, oranges, pepper tress, olive trees and blackberries. Not everything is old enough to produce fruit yet but we're getting there.

We started off with 15 chickens and have hatched our first chicks this spring! 19 healthy chicks! We have 4 Nigerian Dwarf Goats that we will be breeding in June 2018 to produce milk so we can make cheese and goat milk soap but soon we will be expanding to grow all kinds of hot peppers and growing hops to create our own craft brews. With a name like Bierbaum, how could we not make good beer?

Bierbaum is German for Beer Tree. Legend has it that our ancestors were brewers of beer who stacked the barrels in huge pyramids that looked like trees. Hense the name.

Since we are in the middle of wine country we figure that a good beer might be the perfect palate cleanser at the end of the day. We aren't there yet but we have lots of plans! This was an empty lot that was first purchased in 2014. We are the second owners of the property and want to be as self sustaining as possible. We are on a well and are getting solar panels by July! We will be building up the camp sites as well, gradually adding more amenities as we go. Right now it's just the bare bones but again, learning as we go. 

Posted on: May 14, 2018
Zip code: 92544
Number of listings to be photographed: 2

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